American Idol Ratings Down But Strong For 2013 Season

American Idol 2013 judges

Reports of American Idol’s demise seem to be greatly exaggerated. The latest round of ratings for this past week’s auditions are strong and encouraging for the series now in its 12th season.

Numbers are coming in lower for week 2 over the premiere nights’ numbers, but that’s normal and to be expected. What’s important is that Wednesday’s auditions in Charlotte drew over 16 million viewers while the Thursday’s trip to Baton Rouge drew almost as many with 15.6 million viewers. Those are big numbers!

With one more week of auditions we’re still waiting to see how the show handles its ratings once American Idol 2013 moves on to Hollywood and Las Vegas. FOX will need to keep the interest high as we head toward the first live shows in March. We’re hoping they’ll do this with great talent rather than diva drama. What about you?

Source: TV By the Numbers – Wednesday & Thursday




  1. Nicki Minaj is why I’m boycotting this year’s American Idol! That hideous Muppet can’t sing and therefore, shouldn’t be judging the singing of others! She has flushed American Idol’s judging integrity down the toilet!

    • I’m sure there are a lot of reasons not to like Nicki as a judge but simply because you feel she can’t sing really isn’t a relative reason. Born with the gift of a great voice does not necessarily qualify you to be able to judge talent, nor be able to develop talent.

    • Nikki Minaj is foremost a rapper, she just happens to be able to sing and she wrights most of her own material……she is the mosy honest judge we’ve seen since Simon Cowell.

  2. I have been a faithful viewer from the begining. I just took this season off my DVR recorder. I can’t take it . I am very disappointed because I always enjoyed the show . If you make it back next season , PLEASE get rid of these judges, except for Randy of course. You may win me back

  3. The only reason there were so many viewers was b/c we knew Scotty McCreery was going to be shown. If it wasn’t for that I would NOT have had it on. It’s all about the judges this year (primarily NM) and I’m very disappointed in that. It should be about the talent.

  4. I never watch AI before, but this season, now I am a fan thats because Mariah Carey is there… They put NM to get more ratings, specially millions of teenagers like her… this is to have more viewers… NM has 18M followers on twitter… 🙂 If they want somethin like NM they shouldve put Lady GaGa!! Gaga is much talented, she writes her own songs too like MC, and she got a voice… 🙂

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