American Idol Results: Top 6 Votes Revealed Tonight On FOX

American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest

Tonight on FOX the American Idol results will be revealed. Viewers will learn whether or not Lazaro can keep his unexpected momentum going from last week’s Top 3 position or if he’ll join the rest of the male contenders with an elimination.

Our American Idol 2013 predictions indicate tonight’s Bottom 3 singers will be Lazaro, Janelle, and Amber. With just six singers available to pick from, it’s hard to imagine Candice, Kree, or Angie falling in to the danger zone just yet.

Along with the results, viewers will get to enjoy the return of American Idol’s own Scotty McCreery and Kelly Clarkson during tonight’s show starting at 8PM ET/PT. Kelly will be singing her new single, “People Like Us.” Listen to the song in the video below then join us tonight for a live recap where we’ll find out who was voted off American Idol tonight.




  1. I feel that they will eliminate Amber then the judges will save her because duh, they praise her like she’s the best singer in the world. And then after that, Lazaro will be eliminated then Janelle then no one knows the fate of the remaining 4 contestants but I’m pretty sure t will be Angie and Candice finale.

  2. Obviously Lazaro should go home after his two disastrous performances last night. His first song was the worst I have ever heard sung on Idol, and I use the word “sung” loosely. However, with unlimited phone voting still the rule, special interest groups may keep him alive by spending two hours each on the phones voting.

    • I agree with you. I am not much of a singer and even I heard when he missed the key change. It was awful.

      Am I the only one who feels like they stacked the deck with guys who would fail just to get a female winner this year?

      • No your not alone I feel it was fixed that way also & probably because of all the whining over the past two yrs when a guy won but those two guys are doing amazingly well with their careers!

    • If he sung, the Carpenters’ song (Close to You) during auditions, he would not have even gotten a yellow ticket to Hollywood, There is no way he will be doing anything in music AFTER the AI Tour. And I bet the producers wish they could drop him from that even now. There IS no way he will get a recording contract with his poor showing on this show. He is not even good enough to sing in a choir.

      • Because the judges were so taken in by the stark contrast of his speaking voice vs. his singing ability, he would have made it to Hollywood without a doubt. But youre right, he is going to be sorely dissappointed after he leaves the show, I’m afraid.

      • Remember, Colton Dixon and Jennifer Hudson were top 7 eliminations for their seasons. And Lazaro is NOWHERE close in talent to these two.
        It is save to say that Colton and Jennifer will be around for a long time to come. Whereas Lazaro will go down in the history books as the worst AI contestant that made it to the finals.

  3. Can the producers stop Mariah Carey’s embarrasing rambling on and on and on…..who knows what she says, or is trying to say…really dampens the program. The producers need to do something about that!

  4. Sorry sorry for say this too, but Lazaro presentation yesterday was pretty bad, I like him for his simplicity and tenderness gives me its limitation to speak, certainly has talent, but at this stage of the competition, he is not at the same level of the others.
    Hopefully this program will help him to realize his dream.

  5. Thank God Lazaro has gone. My only regret, and America should be ashamed.Amber on the bottom with Laz!???, I hate to think the ugly head of racism has reared itself again.I don’t think many people could handle voting for two(2) women of color. Shame shame SHAME! I hope the people that are really listening and voting for the BEST singers(plural) will think of being true to themselves and let that evil that has seeped into some of your votes will be removed.

  6. I must say Candance was far better than anyone last night so, as far as I see it she should win the idol….Kree, Angie, Janelle, are controllable singers and Amber is still young to develop but Candance she has arrived and is ready

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