Top 6 Week: Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013?


Last night on American Idol 2013 the Top 6 sang two songs each and the judges were in love with Amber Holcomb and really let Lazaro Arbos have it.

What’s really interesting about that is, it’s probably going to have opposite effects on the voting results tonight. I’m not saying Amber will go home, but I think she’ll be in the bottom two and it won’t be beside Lazaro.

Like every week, it’s time to make my predictions on how the votes could play out tonight. As always, these are NOT my opinions. They’re just possible ways the results could play out based on how America might have voted.

American Idol 2013 Top 6 Results Prediction

100 Percent Safe: Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller

Most Likely Safe: Lazaro Arbos

Possibly the Bottom Two: Janelle Arthur and Amber Holcomb

Most Likely Going Home: Janelle Arthur

Scenario #2

100 Percent Safe: Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller

Possibly the Bottom Three: Janelle Arthur, Lazaro Arbos and Amber Holcomb

Most Likely Going Home: Amber Holcomb

I just don’t see it being Lazaro this week even though that’s what everyone producing the show wants. What will be really crazy is if they have a bottom three and Lazaro isn’t in it. That means Kree, Angie or Candice would be there. They’ll probably only have a bottom two, though.

Do you think I’m wrong and that Lazaro will be heading home tonight? Or will it be Amber or Janelle?




  1. One of the girls :Amber or jahnelle will get the least amount of votes and she’ll get the safe than on the next week Lazaro will head home

  2. Bottom 3..

    1. Lazaro

    2. Janelle

    3. Amber

    Going home Jannell/Amber but the judges saved them..especially amber.. but for me lazaro should go home..!!

  3. I’m OK with Janelle going home, as she did not stand up to the other girls this week. Lazaro should have never been in the top ten. The judges have created a monster here. I guess people are voting for him because they feel sorry for him? The competition is not about overcoming life obstacles, it’s about possessing unbelievable talent. Can’t do anything about it this season, but if it’s similar next time I’m not watching it. Too painful.

    • I agree that this week was not one of Janelle’s best, but as long as Lazaro is still competing I would not agree with sending Janelle home before Lazaro. Lazaro’s first song was painful to listen to. The second was better but not in the same league with any of the girls. Also, Angie’s first performance was not that good. Being able to play an instrument while performing should be a plus, not a must. It seems like Angie needs the piano to get a good response when she performs. The judges even tell her to go back to playing the piano. People are still identifying with her performing her own song. Should one great performance carry a contestant the whole way through to the finals?

  4. For me, it has been for quite a while, Candice has to be the winner this season. No doubt. Now of course I can’t be blamed for stupidity and the American people being tone deaf but in order of quality, Lazaro first, then Janelle, they are both 13 in a dozen. It will be a battle between Amber and and Angie who goes next and Kree and Candice battle for the first place which should be won by Candice and Kree will have a major career as well.

  5. Lazaro has a beautiful voice and seems to be a really sweet person BUT he is out of his league.I hope that he goes home tonight doesn’t get the sympathy votes.This is only going to hurt him in the long run.Better singers have been sent home where it should have been Lazaro.The girls that left are amazing and one of them should be the American Idol winner for 2013 NOT Lazaro.

  6. If Janelle goes home tonight i will cut the TV OFF!! I am tired of Niki bad mouthing her every week and cutting her down!! She is a great performer. If Lazaro stays–AI is a disaster!

    • I agree 100% Janelle is not a bad singer and honestly I don’t think that Candice is all that. I seriously doubt she will sell a ton of cd’s is she wins.

      • this comment is clearly motivated by something less than true honesty. I have no favorite. However, anyone with ears can ear that Candice is the best singer on AI state. Get a clue, and stop being malicious, it stifles the spirit.

  7. Lazaro does seem like a sweet kid and I am sorry he has a bad stutter…however even a nice voice has to stay on key. Plus, he has had a hard time remembering the words to several songs. The real thing he has going for him is the teenybopper vote. He is cute as can be and it’s the young gals who do most of the voting.

  8. Lazaro is a great kid with a great story. But, a wet sponge has more passion than he does That first song last night, for me, the single worst performance in the history of American Idol for a Top Ten. AWFUL. I could have downed 4 bottles of 5 Hour Energy drink and still dozed off. It was terrible! Send him home and let the girls battle it out.

  9. My top 3 are Candice, Kree and Amber. Angie is pretty, got a good voice and performs well namely when playing the piano but she is at least one step down the above mentioned 3.

  10. I really feel Lazaro should have went home a while ago. Although I like him, and I know he’s had a lot of struggles, I do commend him. I really do hope America gets it right this time though and Lazaro goes home. I thing the bottom two will be Lazaro and Janelle. I don’t believe the judges will use their save on either one if that is the case.

  11. I honestly don’t see why everyone thinks Janelle had the weakest vocals last night other than Lazaro, is everyone out there tone deaf or what? Janelle is simply one of the best singers on the show! Angie is simplistic, boring and you always know exactly what to expect, Kree is very good but she is split between genres, but she is an excellent singer and Candice is a one who sings the blues very well, if that is your cup of tea. I happen to like country and that is what Janelle does and she does it excellently. Amber is the pop girl and she does that well. We really don’t have a rocker this year which is very sad. Oh well. So to sad that one of the girls performed more badly than the other is being unfair. The only one who truly performed badly was Lazaros. He butchered the Carpenter song (which is one of my all time faves). He is the only one who needs to go home.

  12. I have never seen a singer of such low caliber in the top 6. Yes, I am talking about Lazero. Yet, I think he is going to remain in the top 3 for a few weeks still. I know, beyond crazy, but it is happening.

    and Amber are good, but Amber is forgettable and Candice is not that
    likeable. They won’t last past top 3 – I think it will be Kree and Angie
    in the top 2 at the finale.

    Janelle? Haven’t figured her out yet. Could go either way, depending on whether she survives tonight.

  13. I stand by my prediction from yesterday. Janelle will be in the bottom with Lazaro or Amber and she will get voted off and saved. The judges have two more weeks to use the save and if not this week they will HAVE to use it next week on whoever gets voted off, even if it’s Lazaro. Imagine how mad producers would be if the judges were forced to save Lazaro. Regardless of anything, I don’t think tonight is his night to go, but he may make another appearance in the bottom 3.

  14. Actually, my prediction from yesterday was that we would have a “shocking” result like Angie or Kree getting voted off. Of course, they will get saved if this happens.

  15. Night was basically what I expected at this point. Top 4 “singers last night in my opinion;

    Candace- No freaking brainer she was brillant and absolutely murdered the second song. I’m listening to the judges comments and it hit me. She is a young Ella Fitzgerald. I’ve been trying for weeks to put my finger on it. 🙂

    Amber- Clearly the 2nd best last night. Her 1st performance was elegant and timeless. Second was sadly only the 3rd best of the night as Candace was 1 and 2. I don’t get the comments on her being bottom 2 this evening. She’s top 3 with a bullet. Growing more than anyone on the show!
    Kree- Here’s the good news she was clearly the 3rd best last night. Unfortunately 3rd doesn’t make the final. Kree isn’t going backward just Candace has been fantastic and Ambers coming on like gang busters.
    Angie. Sad really to watch her dropping off. Minaj was right about 1 thing this season and that’s Angie should never leave the piano. 1st song was poor by her standards. Second song though good wasn’t as good as the judges thought. 2 of the bottom 6 songs of the night IMO.
    Janelle got swallowed up by superior talent I’m sad to say. You cannot help but like this woman. When I saw this song list I knew her night was riding on The Dance. I thought she was better than the judges thought she was. I’ll say more after reviewing Lazaro.
    Lazaro. What other than aweful can you say about last evening. He’s out of his depth with vastely superior singers. He is going no where this evening. So don’t tune in expecting anything other than a girl getting the fewest votes.
    I thought the judging was very much scripted toward a specific result. They want Lazaro gone but they; judges and producers, created this problem….. Nick Boddington or Lazaro, Johnny Keyser or Lazaro….enough said.
    What the judges are really doing was setting up which girl is last. They know Lazaro is around next week regaurdless of what is said. Clearly they decided Janelle goes. Thus I don’t think they will use the save on her. Angie may also be in trouble based on last night. I think her North East fan base saves her this week. The truth is alot of her votes may go Lazaro and he could make the final if Angie goes.
    My prediction would be Kree, Amber and Candace would all have the save used if bottom 3. If any are last America has lost it’s mind. I’m 50/50 on whether they’d use it on Angie as she’s been sliding for awhile compared to the other 3. Janelle will likely leave tonight. Nice lady up against way to much talent and Lazaro(shakes head).

  16. I think Lazaro is going home tonight. I’m sad, I love him, but at this point in the competition he is way out of his league with the girls! Love you Lazaro!

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