American Idol Season 13: Neco Starr “Hollywood Or Home” Sneak Peek

During tonight’s American Idol Season 13 launch of Hollywood Week we’re set to see a new twist with “Hollywood Or Home.” We’ve already done thorough reviews of what that will entail, but here is our first glimpse of one of these critical performances.

Neco Starr - American Idol 13

Neco Starr is a name we’ve heard a lot of so far this season on American Idol and it’s no surprise considering his talent. Neco will be one of the performers singled out to sing for the judges and face possible immediate elimination during tonight’s Idol episode.

Check out Neco’s performance preview in the clip below and decide if you would keep him or send him home. Can’t wait to find out what happens? Check our spoilers list to see if he survived Hollywood Week!

Neco Starr Takes The Stage – American Idol Season 13