American Idol Season 14 Auditions Recap: More Kansas City Standouts Last Night

The American Idol 2015 last night continued its auditions in Kansas City auditions as we got to hear another batch of great Season 14 performers.

Ellen Petersen performs on American Idol 2015
Ellen Petersen performs on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Let’s take a look at the standouts from the last night in Kansas City.

Ron Wilson, “Let’s Get It On.” Well he’s got a lot of confidence and presence. To say the least. But Big Ron, or Big Sexy, doesn’t quite have what it takes to be an American Idol winner. I mean the audition was entertaining for sure. And his vocals are OK, but he didn’t show much range. I think he’d be a nice element to Hollywood Week though, so luckily he got his golden ticket to Hollywood.

Ashley Lusk, Josh Sanders and Casey Thrasher (again) didn’t get much air-time in their little shortened collage, but they all got their tickets to Hollywood.

Joey Cook, “The King of Spain.” Well I of course hate this. But it’s weird and quirky enough to just make it today, so that’s why this girl who would never be able to actually command a stage got her pass to Hollywood. But hey, this is just my opinion. Maybe America will love her.

Alexis Gomez, “Little White Church.” Alexis has this insane charisma and look about her that really could command an audience. And her voice is pretty solid. BUT she still has room to grow and stretch, so I could see her really turning into something great. Keith says no, JLo says yes… and so does Harry. She’s Hollywood bound.

Anton Bushner, “Tonight I Want To Cry.” OK, this guy isn’t a bad vocalist, but that twang he forced into this audition was very distracting. There’s no way that’s a natural accent. I didn’t like it all, but the judges did, so we’ll be seeing more of him.

Stephaine Gummelt, Original song. OK, now this girl, to me, is 100 times better than Joey Cook. She’s unique and slightly quirky but doesn’t feel like she decided one day to be like that like Joey did. In fact, she’s one of my favorites so far. Which means she won’t make it very far. Unfortunately. But she does at least make it to the next round.

Ellen Peterson, “I Want A Be A Cowboy Sweetheart.” WHAT? A banjo? That voice? YIELDING. YES. More. This girl is fantastic. She needs to be on this show. Like Keith said, she’s a total pro. She gets three yeses to for Hollywood Week.

Kohlton Pascal, Orginal song. This guy worries me. I mean he says he can’t stay in one place for very long, so how could he do American Idol? But that aside, his sound is remarkable. I felt like I was listening to a really old blues record I found in my grandfather’s belongings. It was dark and miserable, but beautiful all the same time. And the judges actually have the same concern I did, it seems. He gets three yeses to Hollywood, though. So let’s see how this goes.

What did you think of this round of the Kansas City auditions? Who were your favorites. Do you think the judges have already found the next American Idol?



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  1. I was kind of surprised that Keith said no to Alexis Gomez. I thought she was pretty good and obviously has a huge amount of growth potential. Isn’t that the type of person they want moving forward?

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