American Idol Season 14 Recap: The Top 11 Perform And One Goes Home

Tyanna Jones performs

American Idol 2015’s second night of performances gave us some strong numbers and some somewhat surprising results after America’s votes.

Let’s take a look back at the performances from last night. As always, I’ll be recapping each performance and assigning the grade I think each one deserves.

Rayvon Owen, “Burn.” I like this song, but I’m not sure this was the right song for him. He lost his falsetto a few times and then he got pretty winded a few times as well. But in the middle of it all were some quite beautiful vocals. But if I’m being as brutally honest as I usually am, this performance was all over the place. But I do like the guy. Performance Grade: B-

Maddie Walker, “She’s Country.” This was a great song choice for her. It shows that she has that bit of an edge that Carrie Underwood has. I feel like I mention Carrie Underwood a lot when I talk about Maddie, but it’s just always who I’m comparing her to. I think this was one of her best performances for sure. The vocals were consistent and the attitude and energy were tight. Performance Grade: A-

Joey Cook, “Fancy.” I thought the arrangement was brilliant, but I have no idea who to credit for that, because I’m sure it’s not her original arrangement. So that’s that. As for the vocals, I was happy that she actually sang for the first time. Like really sang. It was refreshing. She didn’t spend the entire time just trying to be quirky, and I can get behind that. Performance Grade: A

Clark Beckham, “Takin’ it To The Streets.” I don’ know if I would have picked this outdated song, but he nailed it as he always does. He is one of the most effortless singers I’ve ever seen in this show. It’s all so natural for him. And he is really in his element behind the piano. So this was all just really solid. He’s definitely got some of the greatest star power. Performance Grade: A+

Jax, “Blank Space.” Well Jax got the obligatory Taylor Swift song. So we know who Idol producers are really pushing for this season. And to be honest, it was a way better performance than what Taylor Swift does with that song. And I like comparing Jax and Joey because both have a style that isn’t quite the norm, but Jax is so much stronger and natural. So I hope Jax eventually cancels out Joey. As for the overall performance, it wasn’t perfect, but I think America loves her regardless. Performance Grade: B+

Qaasim Middleton, “Jet.” This was not a smart decision. Qaasim opted for the guitar and just his vocals this week and it wasn’t great. I think America likes his stage presence instead of his vocals, so I think he could be in trouble. This is definitely his worst performance. And it wasn’t a BAD performance, it just wasn’t something a lot of people are going to vote for. Performance Grade: C-

Adanna Duru, “Runaway Baby.” I think Adanna needs to switch over to a ballad so that she doesn’t get so lost in her performances. Her energy is great, but her vocals suffer when she does these high-energy songs. But this was definitely better than her last performance. I’m actually surprised she made it through the vote since she was basically cut the night before and saved by the judges. Performance Grade: B-

Tyanna Jones, “Tightrope.” Tyanna is just cool. And this is a cool song, so it was a great song for her. And she handled it perfectly. I love her soul and her energy and just everything about her. That was a phenomenal performance. Tyanna is one of the best from this season. If not the best. Performance Grade: A+

Daniel Seavey, “Happy.” I’ve been pretty hard on Daniel’s vocals this season, but I always give credit where it’s due and it’s due this week. Maybe it was the right song, or he was just really rehearsed, but this was much better than his past several performances. And it wouldn’t be a Daniel recap without mentioning how adorable he is. Performance Grade: B+

Quentin Alexander,”Rolling in the Deep.” First of all, I’m surprised America backed him after not backing him from last time around. I guess the judges’ save goes a long way. As for this performance, I liked the arrangement. It was cool to hear an Adele song that’s not just a complete imitation of Adele. As for the vocals, they got off to a shaky start but improved a little later on. It was a pretty middle of the road effort in my opinion. Performance Grade: B-

Nick Fradiani, “Wake Me Up.” This is one of those performances where I forget to take notes because I’m just watching and listening. I mean one could argue it was a boring performance, but he’s got such a presence and his vocals are so soothing that I can’t judge it for being kind of boring. Overall, it was pretty solid. Performance Grade: A-

So that means Sarina-Joi Crowe didn’t get the votes she needed. So she takes the stage for the one judges’ save of the season. She went with “Neon Lights” by Demi Lovato (first mistake) and it wasn’t good. Why she picked this song to save her life, I have no idea. I would have stopped her after the first minutes and said bye. So disappointed in her song choice. She’s way better than that. So no surprise that the judges did not use the save. Sarina-Joi was eliminated.

What did you think of the performances and the outcome of the vote? Did Sarina-Joi deserve to stay?




  1. So bad for Quasem and Quentin. Thought Quentin was going to surprise that’s not gonna happen. Jet was a train wreck and either of these two should be the one going home, so very disappointing.
    Clark is clearly the front runner among the guys. Rayvon wasn’t exactly great. They are definitely in pro Daniel camp now. Must get big votes because there was a lot of back tracking especially from Harry.
    I thought Tyanna and Maddie had real strong nights. Joey was better than OK. Adanna talent but is she catching on with viewers? Lastly Jax a fav of mine for sure. I thought she had the kind of night that shows she’s beatable. Clark on the other hand looked like a guy on a mission. Each week I’m see Clark becoming an even bigger front runner. We’ll see that piano in the final at this rate. One last thought…. Jax blue dress stunning last night attire NOT! She looked a lot heavier with those colours. And she is a pretty young woman to say the least. Bad night for her all round IMO.
    It’s gone from a strong guys year to Clark and the ladies after this week. Top 5 atm: Clark, Tyanna, Jax, Maddie, Joey

  2. Jax had a bad night. Taylor swift’s Shake it off would have been a better song choice. She needs to take off both fingerless gloves and start singing “POP” not “ROCK” Or Jazz as it is what sells!

    • Something tells me that Jax really wants to be or already thinks she is the bad girl of Rock on this season of AI. What she doesn’t realize is that she shines/excels elsewhere and I hope someone steers her back in that direction before it’s too late.

  3. Were we even watching the same show?! I thought the majority of them were mediocre!

  4. American Idol Top 11 Power Ranking:
    Based on Performance Quality and Social Media Following
    1. Clark Beckham
    2. Tyanna Jones
    3. Joey Cook
    4. Jax
    5. Nick Fradiani
    6. Quentin Alexander
    7. Rayvon Owen
    8. Maddie Walker
    9. Daniel Seavey
    10. Adanna Duru
    11. Qaasim Middleton
    So Who’s Most Likely Going Home Next Week? – Qaasim Middleton or Adanna Duru
    Who’s at Risk of Elimination? – Daniel Seavey and Maddie Walker
    Who is Definitely in the top 10 – Clark, Tyanna, Joey, and Jax

    • 1. Tyanna
      2. Clark
      3. Quentin
      4. Mandie
      5. Nick
      6. Rayon
      7. Jax
      8. Joey
      9. Adanna
      10 . Daniel
      11. Qaasim

    • Tyanna doesn’t have all the 2-3 year old, professionally produced, off stage video like Clark, but does have Everything Else: Stage Prescence, Vocals, Performance and eveything Over, well beyond, him, oh, he has a piano!

  5. Jax, Joey and Tyanna (in this order) are my favorites this year. Hope the crown goes to one of the female contestants: they seem to be somewhat better (more special) than guys :)! Adanna is also great. And of boys Clark is way stronger than the others, even though the others aren’t bad at all.

  6. Jax’s performance was a train wreck. I think they are pimping her but as impressed as I was with her audition I got over her very soon.

  7. Tyanna sings and performs better than any here, and I’ll take that with her dancing over wit, piano, snobbery or anything else the others tend to hide behind!

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