American Idol 2015 Top 11 Power Rankings


American Idol 2015's Top 11 contestants

The American Idol 2015 contestants are all on a level playing field now as the guys and girls are one. So this is the first time I’ve had to rank them combined. So this is going to be interesting for sure!

1. Jax. I think Jax remains high on any list right now. Based on her social media presence and her performances, I think she’ll be around for a very long time.

2. Clark Beckham. I want to rank Clark #1 because he’s clearly the best in the competition. But right now I think Jax might be edging him out just slightly.

3. Tyanna Jones. I can’t be completely sure how America feels about Tyanna, but if it’s what I’m thinking and hoping then it’s very high on the list. She’s an amazing talent and deserves to stick around.

4. Daniel Seavey. Daniel clearly isn’t the best vocalist. The judges are even finally seeing it and saying it. But the public has seen him praised so much that all that paired with his cuteness likely have them convinced he’s actually really, really good. So he’s safe for a bit, I’m guessing.

5. Joey Cook. Joey by no means is my favorite singer, but a lot of people like her and after her performance last week, I think a few more people hopped on board. I know I though it was her best performance ever because she actually showed she can sing and not just be quirky.

6. Maddie Walker. I think Maddie is showing people she can actually sing now. And the fact that she’s the official country singer of the season, she should be able to ride that wave for awhile.

7. Rayvon Owen. His smile alone should keep him around for awhile. But his performance last week surely gained him a few new fans.

8. Nick Fradiani. I’m never sure what people are thinking about Nick. I don’t think he was in the bottom last week, but I think some people might be thinking that and will vote for him for that reason.

9. Adanna Duru. I think her almost going home saved her last week, but she’s not a great singer and if Sarina-Joi can’t make it then Adanna’s days are numbered.

10. Qaasim Middleton. I think Qaasim could be in danger this week because his fans did not respond well to his performance last week. They like the guy for his stage presence and energy. And last week he relied only on his singing and that showed us that he’s not really a great singer.

11. Quentin Alexander. I think the wild card aspect is what kept Quentin around that extra week, but I don’t think this week it is going to be enough. I fully expect him to go. If it’s him will the judges save him? I doubt it since they’ve already saved him once technically.

How would you rank the American Idol Season 14 Top 11?





  1. they’re all good (except for Daniel) but no one is really wowing me this season. I do like the new format for the show. less waste of time.

  2. More of the top guys are better than the top girls. I am surprised based on Daniel Seaveys first performance that he made it this far, but he is talented and will be even better when his voice finishes changing. He has not flubbed up so far. I think he is surprised too, and he has already beat guys who are better than him today. Really good guys have already been elimated and the boy-girl format will ensure that top male performers will be best by inferior female performers.

  3. If Quentin goes home this week it will be a shame. He is interesting, sings interesting. He moves me when he sings. His performances should rank near the top and not the bottom. America accepts female performers who dress differently, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry but a male with a little edge dress wise scares voters. Silly. I hope Joey and Quentin are in the finale. Different and Unique. Clark is a BORE. Quassim a great performer but he can’t sing, Jax a one trick pony, Danie cute as a button but not ready. Nick is like so many others. Good of course but not unique. Rayvon has a nice tone but his falsetto is weak, Maddie beautiful but generic, Tyanna is my other pick for top 3. Great voice and sparkle. Adana more out of tune than in but she could model.

  4. I think adanna should be ranked higher her perfomace this week showed a tremendous ambount of growth and will be the one to watch I can see her knocking off maddie and Tyanna if she brings it in the weeks to come I don’t think she will win but I do think she will go further then many believe she was in my top 3 of best performances she beat jax and Daniel this week I see making to 5 or heck 4 if she keeps improving and does not slip she is very underrated and has a lot of more experince then a lot of the contestant

  5. 1-4 of my list I don’t want to win because they will end up shackled. Stardom can sink its teeth into the rest. My top 5 would’ve also included Katherine Winston.

    1. Tyanna Jones. No bs. Utterly genuine in her presentation and song choices. She is the only contestant that seems to be comfortable with herself and what she’s doing. She is using her powerful instrument in all the right ways. Her hair is the most beautiful statement about herself when compared to the other women in the competition.

    She is my world right now but last night she was off just a little. Last week on my birthday was when she performed Wings and that will forever be my number 1 favorite AI performance.

    There’s a 0.0001% bias because we are from the same place and she also favorited a tweet of mine about a song suggestion. I don’t know her personally though. I love that she told her mother she loved her on stage. She has an enormous beautiful family.

    2. Joey Cook. I love her more than I will ever dislike Adam Lambert. She and Qaasim are the most daring.

    3. Clark Beckham. Fascinating and really hot. His performances are a hit or miss though… his “Georgia” performance blew my mind. I melted. He will remain in my top because of that, no matter what he does. Cheaper by the Dozen 2 though.

    4. Daniel Seavey. He is a beautiful, gifted, exquisite creature who I only hope wouldn’t make it to the top 10 just so he wouldn’t have to spend the summer touring and could have a normal fun summer as a kid and continue to grow as an artist as well as finish puberty. He is not ‘adorable’ (I want to punch JLo when she makes this condescending remark), he possesses a mature collectedness that I wish all fifteen year old boys had. He should not be the target of so much negative criticism. I acknowledge he lacks the polish of others but I believe in his potential to become an unstoppable Jedi master.

    5. Adanna Duru. Talented but seems really desperate to win. Hit or miss. I loved “Man’s World” and “Hello” tremendously. She has the best skin, hair, and teeth.

    6. Quentin Alexander. His look doesn’t match his song choices. Can he top I Put a Spell On You?Last night- Wroooong song to put the mentos ice vibe on.

    7. Qaasim Middleton. Too much. I feel that you could literally reverse Harry’s criticisms from his previous performance with last night’s. ‘Jet’ > ‘Come Together’. My bias is also Wings > Beatles. I don’t think he should’ve been in the bottom but I don’t think he should’ve gotten the save.

    8. Jax is an assemblage of all the right parts (in physical appearance, style, musicianship)… but I don’t buy her act. Edgy, cute, and elegant sounds like a good formula, and even grandparents love it. “Jax Pack” needs to stop. Zombies, Adam Sandler? If this was a contest of taste we’d all lose. Everyone has a crush on her and that’s how she may win. Her performances are in no way the best.

    9. Rayvon Owen. So boring. Beegees in slow motion.

    10/11. Maddie Walker. A non ruptured appendix won’t get you any votes. Jk.

    Nick Fradiani. Heartthrob appeal. Bad haircut.


    Most market-worthy appeal: Adanna, Jax, Maddie. Maybe Quentin and Nick.

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