American Idol Spoilers: 2012 Top 13 Guys Revealed? Top 13 Girls?

American Idol season 11 Top 13 wildcard

Speculation abounds over potential American Idol spoilers for who may have snagged the coveted 13th seat among the male finalists for season 11. But wait, there’s more! Spoiler sources also claim there may be a 13th female opening as well. Of course it’s all unconfirmed rumors until the live show begins this Tuesday, but if you can’t wait to find out then read on.

TIP is at it again and says the American Idol 2012 Top 13 Guys spot goes to… Jermaine Jones. If true, that news is going to disappoint about 80% of our readers who voted for one of the other three singers in our poll. Looks like the race remains very close between David Leathers Jr and Johnny Keyser. I would expect Idol production to bring back the most popular male singer, but maybe they’re going for an easier elimination down the road with a less popular singer.

Now over to the other side of the aisle. TIP also claims there they may be a 13th girl added to the roster and if that happens it might be Schyler Dixon. That’s a lot of uncertainty. Considering how much FOX and American Idol likes to pimp “surprises” to the point of not being surprises then I’d expect them to be doing the same on this. Then again, since the ladies don’t perform live until Wednesday Idol could be waiting to drop this spoiler bomb until Tuesday’s show. We shall see.

If it is Jermaine Jones that gets a second chance at American Idol season 11, will you be satisfied or let down? What about the rumor that Schyler Dixon may rejoin the finalists as well? Should it be Lauren Gray instead?




  1. I can turn AI off again if it’s not Johnny. The rest had their chance and Johnny was sent home without good reason.

      • That is impossible unless you were there Piper, because they did not show all of his performances.

      • He isnt a sure winner at all, pretty much all of the top 24 were better than him, and most of the top 40 that I had heard

      • Rinsewash, I can think of one person that is less talented in the top 24: Creighton Fraker.

      • The only performance they didn’t show on the program was the Vegas one, and that was posted online for viewing. So yes, you can see all of his performances because his individual and group performances were shown on TV.

    • Seriously?  Johnny was NOT that good, he was a decent snotty rich kid at best, he had some good vocals, but again I think he left at the right time.  He is not amazing, and you do not know that he was sent home for no reason

      • Johnny had a great audition, but he could have pulled a Jacob Lusk, you never know.  remember jacob had a great hollywood round and then layed an egg pretty much after that.

      • I agree with you Rinsewash, it’s funny how so many people couldn’t see it though, they’re mesmerized by his “striking” good looks. But it’s true, if you look back at all of his clips, he comes across as someone who is overconfident (and we know the judges don’t go for that so much), cocky and self serving (kept trying to sing while his teammate was down, Randy had to stop him). Anyhow, I hope it’s not him, but if it, god help us all.

    •  They were stupid to let him go, and they know that!!!!! And plus, I don’t think that they would even consider bringing him back if he didn’t make it. Also, the other guys that made it got to sing for their lives, Johnny only got to Les Vegas week because he didn’t have a big role and it didn’t “show his voice out enough.” And, if Johnny does not make it (which he better, I will be mad if he does not. He is the best singer out of the four that could come back) than they probably just did it to get people to watch AI. Which is stupid. If you are going to maybe bring back a guy with a good voice that was eliminated earlier than them, then he is probably the wildcard pick. And if they don’t, that is stupid. I think Johnny has the chance of making it far, and probably winning. The others that could (or might) come back if Johnny doesn’t make it (which he will, don’t worry. I got confidence), will just get eaten up really fast. They won’t have a chance. Johnny will! GO JOHNNY. WE WANT YOU BACK!!!!

      • Enough said ! Jennifer already shouted him  “You know you are a star” others jaws were on the floor.  I just don’t get it !!!!! 

  2. I think without a doubt Jermaine deserves it. His work ethic was good and his voice is amazing – do not agree that he will go home soon – know he is going to blow USA away with his talent

  3. I don’t understand why a contestant who was already eliminated in a previous round would have a second chance over someone who made it all the way to the end when the top 24 was chosen. 

    Everyone who made it to Hollywood had talent, so there was obviously a reason Johnny was eliminated.  In my opinion, he had a great voice, but he should not be offered the 13th spot, and neither should Schyler Dixon.  They shouldn’t even have a 13th spot, but if there is a female being considered, it should be Lauren Grey without a doubt. 

    I’m all about twists and surprises with the show, but this one is not a good one.  Just stick to the top 24, and let us vote.  There are already going to be half of these very talented guys/gals going home after Thursday, so why add more disappointment to the mix.

    • Hi Kris, I agree!!  Besides , we already chosen the top 24 and I am convinced we already have the future American Idol in that top 24.

      I have been saying all along this 13th spot is a waste of time and all they want is more drama added.  If those 4 guys are that good then why eliminate them in first place.

       Oh , don’t forget the “dark horse” , later I promise I will share with you who I think could be my dark horse!! I just want to hear all of them first  one more time and perform a complete song.  Talk to ya soon !!

      • We had nothing to do with choosing the top 24.  The judges did it all the choosing and Johnny K should have been in it.

      • No he shouldn’t have, Johnny K is a decent singer, he is not amazing and can come back next year

  4. 13th guy??? Jermaine??? come on! Schyler Dixon?! more faace palm! Why? because of colton? she’s not even in top 42. lauren grey deserved it! even more the erika girl deserved it. David or johny…. fine for me worst case is the cowboy… HJ fan here

  5. I voted for Jermaine, but although I believe he deserves the spot, no way do I think he can win the whole thing.  The voting policy guarantees the winner will be young, most likely white, and probably a cute guy.

    • I agree….Jermaine needs more air time….and then possibly to be picked up to do live theatre…..the phantom perhaps?

  6. I’d be disappointed if it’s anyone but Johnny Keiser.  I thinks he’s the best of the 13 males.

  7. It should be Lauren Grey. She is fabulous. I think Jermaine Jones has a beautiful voice but I dont think he is American Idol material. he should have tried for either X factor of Americas Got Talent. Johnnie Keyser is American Idol material. 

  8. Disappointed if its Jermaine-

    Better be JOHNNY KEYSER

    Why wouldn’t American Idol producers go with the best voice and most popular? Seems like Idol needs any ratings boost they can get. The Voice is dominating them now-

    They must have noticed Johnny’s fan base- That Johnny is winning every poll about who should come back.

    we shall see- 1 more day- hope your tip is wrong

    • Its good that Johnny has a fan base, but that doesnt make him the most deserving.  Remember, we only saw him once.  He could have stunk the rest of the times. 

    • Well then he should be disqualified for leaking the info. The guy is overrated, I hope he doesn’t come back.

  9. sounds like the ratings are slipping (surprise surprise).  too many singing shows have diluted the market.  whatever happened to quality drama?  e.g. “hill street blues”,  “the shield”, etc

  10. Judging by Audiophile, the best singer of the four IS Jermaine Jones.

    African American female singer Candace Glover (who sang with Jessica Sanchez and Deandre in Vegas) is my favorite to come back.  Scyler Dixon is a good singer, but there were others that were sent home that were better.  It would make for a good story if Scyler was brought back. 

      • She didn’t have the look of American idol. Somewhat like jennifer Hudson when she was on idol. She was easily the best, that’s why Simon left the best talent wasn’t winning.

      • What are you smoking Jessica Sanchez may be the overall best singer this year! Her rendition of the prayer was one of the best finale songs I have ever heard, C Glover was off pitch every time she sang……

  11. the guy coming back should be johnny keyser. and if there is a girl coming back then it should be naomi gillies because i really liked her =( lauren gray is good too. if they bring back skylar dixon it’s only because they want to create a brother/sister sibling rivalry storyline… ugh

    • Jasmine, Schyler is on her second year and auditioned last year. I think it would be fair to bring her back and add some rivalry with Colton which would get more viewers. Or maybe they will work together to get better and sing duets. Also, everyone wants Johnny. It’s not fair that Johnny left during Vegas and can skip the final judgment and the sing for your life round and go straight to the Top 24. David Leathers Jr. deserves another chance. The kid is amazing! He has an amazing voice and he is young. Most viewers like the young contestants that will have a longer career. This is just my opinion.

  12. A Change Is Gonna Come…….. Johnny Keyser is gonna be a star. I’m hoping American Idol gets this right!

    • Ugh. Stop fawning over his looks. We all know that is what you are doing. He most likely is not going to be the one. Especially not THE one. 

      • But you know why he’s done well. Little teeny boppers that are fawning over him. If Johnny did well, it certainly wouldn’t be because of his voice.

  13. It kinda sucks because American idol is about ratings and not about the nest voice which makes sense, but David leathers Jr was eliminated when the boy Eden final song was horrible it sounded like a child yelling. David final song was bad as well but i assume they were going up against each other so god performance was better. That was a rating move all the way. Now for johnny I was shocked he was eliminated but he obviously didn’t do good at some point because he was a favorite early on.

    • both those kids are going to be alot better when they get older.  Their voices are not fully developed yet

  14. Nobody should come back, nobody is so good that they made an obvious mistake not to put them in.

  15. Diversity is great as it gives people a chance to see a new twist to music instead of subjecting us to either a sugary pop artist or a country singer.  Not that I have anything against any of that, but what makes music great is diversity and I think that AI already have enough pop and country singers… I am glad that someone like Jermaine Jones gets a second chance, if he is in.  I would like for once in the AI comp see someone other than a pop and country singer win….jus sayin is all!

  16. although Johnny may be AMAZING… he didn’t even make it to the top 40. So, why would they bring him back after he got out a little earlier in the competition?

  17. Most defiantly Lauren Grey if they decide to bring back a girl! I loved her from the moment she auditioned! And if the cowboy is coming back I will be so mad:( I think the only people who deserve it are Johnny or the young guy(David I think)! Jermaine is good but i dont think he can mesure up to the talent that other contestants have and he can only sing that one style of music! I think he is Jacob Lusk all over again!(I did not like Jacob)I really hope it is Johnny because I have told everyone I know how much I love him and I think he sound win! He has an amazing voice:)

  18. jermaine jones,,,is the 13th guy…..he has the package,,,you gotta have a good personality ..good attitude,,,,,..besides being a good singer,,,,,,johnny keyser was full of it,,,he thinks he will win,,being cocky doesn’t  work well on american idol….

  19. Johnny was one of my top picks from the beginning.  They did not show his final perfomance at Vegas and the whole world knew something was wierd.  I think AI got pounded over that.  Why else would they even consider Johnny as a wild card.  As a musician, I believe Johnny is talented enough to be in the top 10.  Maybe America agrees with me and has sounded off in AI ear.  Let’s hope they do the smart thing here.  Anyone besides Johnny as the wildcard is just an early vote off.  Picking Johnny as the wildcard will add a dimension of drama the show has not seen in 10 years.

  20. Johnny not jermaine! Johnny should have never been sent home! He was good! David should be there too! However a long haired guy with curly hair sings very high never should be in top 24- wake up judges!

  21. I hope it is Jermaine Jones.  He was so amazing!  Smooth velvet.  He has the potential to be a huge star and join the ranks of the best singers of the world.  I was shocked to see him go.  when he sanf make it easy on yourself it sent chills up and down my body.  all of my friends and co workers are rooting for jermaine.  I haven’t heard this caliber of singing since rubin and justin.  JERMAINE JONES PLEASE!

  22. It’s funny because all of those that want Johnny are women……….I wonder why women like his voice so much?  

  23. Johnny is an asshole and he’s cocky as hell. He stepped around the girl after she fainted and kept on singing in the Hollywood group round. That right there should have been enough not to even consider him.

    • You guys sound jealous, I’ve always been told to keep the show going. He was in a contest and he caught her. She should have never went on stage feeling dizzy she had passed out before and she hurt their chances, it’s not right. No matter what he did he woiuld have been wrong it seems. If he had stopped singing he would have been put out, and he didn’t so you guys put him down.

      • The point is, he should have helped more than catching her and then giving her to someone else. It’s just plain insensitive.

      • The other guys singing stopped for her, hell, she was SURROUNDED by 10 people who rushed onto the stage at that moment, they whole friggin show stopped! And yeah, he keeps on going like the self centered prick he shows himself to be in all of his other video clips. I hope he stays out of this competition.

  24. I think that if there is a 13th girl it should be Shelby Tweten! She was the most talented!

  25. merican idol is completely lame…it is so scripted its ridiculous…sad…the program is terrible…all the boys singers are so pretty and sing like women…its horrible..u picked a bunch of pretty boys…no men…they all are too young inexperienced and out of their element…yall ruined a live unscripted production of american musical talent….now its for teenagers….sad sad sad

  26. Well that was crap. Have we even seen Jermaine talk without referring to his mommy at least once? Not only do I just not like him on a personal level, his voice does nothing for me. He can definitely sing, but it’s not something I’d EVER willingly listen to. Johnny or even David I could listen to. I think the judges made a huge mistake tonight.

  27. I would be happy if Schylar does come back! She has such a unique, and beautiful voice! Even though she may not be a belter, she’s still amazing. I think her light voice is better than a lot of the powerhouse’s voices!
    Team Schylar(if she comes back) and Hollie!

  28. Jessica you were a knock out tonight.You are my number one in American idol 2012.You are only 16yrs but next with you.All the best sweetie.

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