American Idol Spoilers: How Far Does Marrialle Sellars Make It On American Idol 2014?

Looking for the American Idol spoilers on Marrialle Sellars? Here is all the info on how far this 17 year old high school student makes it on Season XIII.

Marrialle Sellars audition - American Idol 2014
Marrialle Sellars auditions on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Marrialle launched the American Idol 2014 season with her appearance on premiere night with a performance of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.” It was a no-brainer decision for Keith to immediately offer her a Golden Ticket and the other two judges followed his lead. Interestingly Marrialle filmed another segment matching the first but this time she performed Adele’s “One and Only.”

How far does Marrialle Sellars make it on American Idol XIII? Thanks to our Idol spoilers it appears Marrialle survives Hollywood’s new “do or die” round and the group performances to move on to the 2014 Top 31 performers.

Her next challenge will be garnering support from audience members for their votes to keep her alive in the competition. I’m guessing that won’t be much of a challenge for this incredibly talented young performer.

Will Marrialle Sellars win American Idol 2014? Let us know what you think!

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Marrialle Sellars auditions on American Idol XIII:




  1. No. I wish Idol would stop trying to make us love her… she’s good, but no way she wins this thing. At least she’s better than Jillian Jensen. I hate that JJ’s on this show, because she already has a ton of support from the X factor. Not fair to the others at all.

  2. I also agree with you Mara Blackwell. Marrialle Sellars is a Miley Cyrus wants to be – yes, a Wrecking Ball copycat.

    I agree with you also about Jillian Jensen. Not because she came from the X-Factor, but because she’s sucking up the judges and made them and the audiences feel sorry for her to get the votes. Go back to watch her audition in the X –Factor
    again and you will see it.

    It makes me upset to see that they took the spots from the more deserved contestants.

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