American Idol Star Angie Miller Debuts New YouTube Series

Remember American Idol singer/songwriter Angie Miller? We certainly do! She was one of our top favorites to win American Idol season 12 and eventually came in third place behind Candice Miller and Kree Harrison. Angie has been very busy working on her music and acting career since leaving the show, and just launched a new YouTube video series about her adventures in Asia.

American Idol Angie Miller

Angie Miller recently headed to Asia to promote her music on the International stage and perform in a special American Idol showcase in Jakarta. She decided to film her whirlwind press/promo  tour of Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia for fans and post the videos on YouTube.

In the first episode of ‘Angie in Asia’, the former American Idol star talks about preparing for the journey and then hops on the long, long, flight from Los Angeles to Thailand.

Check out some photos from her trip below posted to Instagram.




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