American Idol Spoilers: Who Won The Coin Toss? Caleb Or Jena Irene?

The Top 2 has been revealed for American Idol 2014 and that raises the question we wonder every time it gets down to this stage: who won the coin toss? FOX has revealed that answer along with a surprising outcome.

American Idol 2014 Top 2 Finalists
American Idol 2014 Top 2 Finalists – Source: FOX

Following Thursday night’s American Idol results show, Ryan Seacrest brought Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene out on to the stage to decide the season finale performance order.

Typically it’s seen as advantageous to go second on finale night so as to be the last thought in viewers’ minds as the phone lines open for voting. To keep things as balanced as possible Idol holds a coin toss to decide who gets that spot or, as it turned out this time, the decision to go first.

In a publicity photo FOX revealed in its caption, “Jena Irene wins the coin toss and elects to perform first on the AMERICAN IDOL XIII finale.”

So Jena won the toss, but picked to go first. I’m a little surprised by her selection.

Typically the “last in mind, first in vote” situation could apply, but with only two performers in the show, there’s much less of a risk of “forgetting” about who went earlier after a two-hour show as can happen earlier in the season. Also, with the changes to voting this season, going second might not be such a bad choice. Voting opens when the show does for online votes so Jena Irene fans can start supporting her from the opening and perhaps it’ll prove to be a smart move.

Of course closing out the night gives Caleb a very big opportunity. Remember this just two years ago? Caleb is known to put on quite a stage show so this could be just as big for him.

It’s an interesting decision by Jena Irene and perhaps one that won’t really matter as the singers will stand on their performances and not their order of appearance.

What do you think? Should Jena have selected to go second and be the last performance of the night or was her choice to go first a better one?




    • but now that voting doesn’t have to wait till end of show it won’t matter…performances won’t even matter…people probably already know who they want..biggest mistake idol made was allowing the voting before the performers even sang

  1. Going 2nd is always best. you know what you have to do to out perform the person that’s already gone. No chance to do this if you have already gone 1rst. No one (not even Fantasia) chose to go 1rst after winning the toss!

  2. It’s “Only” 50 votes and Jena Irene will get mine before the fat lady sings! LOL

    • Perfect for Caleb. KISS is a show band with mediocre vocalists. Caleb is just right for them. He’d never make it with Queen or Bon Jovi.

      • Not my point. Adam is superb in any situation. My point was that neither Gene Simmons nor Paul Stanley are exceptional vocalists, so Caleb will be the best singer on the stage. In other circumstances his voice would overshadowed by Jon or Freddie.

  3. don’t think it really matters, but I do like have my favorite Caleb go last though, but people are going to vote for their favorite no matter what order they sing and I think it really doesn’t even matter how they sing in the final because everyone has their minds made up already who they are voting for. Good luck Caleb.

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