American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson Ditches Interscope Records

American Idol winner Caleb Johnson has announced he is leaving Interscope Records, the label behind his debut album Testify. Caleb claims the record company did not support him as they should have, and did not believe in his music.

“Interscope just didn’t believe in [Testify]. They didn’t promote it. They didn’t support it,” Caleb Johnson said in an interview with Yahoo Music’s Reality Rocks.

“Honestly, when we released the album, there was no single that was released off the record,” he said. “There was nothing — I mean, nothing at all. This music video, the single, and the tour were done basically by me and my team at 19 and the agent from CAA… I did that [music video] on my own, funded that with my own money.”

Caleb Johnson’s debut album record Testify has sold only 21,000 copies, according to Music Times. The record peaked at number 24 on the Billboard 200 and is so far one of the lowest selling American Idol winner albums of all time.

Now that he has ditched Interscope Records, rocker Caleb Johnson hopes to land a deal with a new label “that’s actually going to support me. ”

“I want to find the right home and the right team of people that are going to get behind my music and really do something,” the rocker told Billboard. “What’s the point of doing it if the [label] isn’t going to do anything?”

For now, the American Idol 13 winner is headlining a solo tour in support of his debut album.




  1. LOL! More like Interscope has parted ways with Caleb Johnson. No surprise with this news except they did it so quickly. LOL!

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