American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Breaks Past 600K Sales

Scotty McCreery American Idol

Just last week I reported how American Idol winner Scotty McCreery had gone gold with his “Clear As Day” album after hitting the 500,000 album sales mark. Now he’s gone and outdone himself again.

McCreery has now broken through the 600,000 threshold with an estimate 630K total sales and a pace of over 40,000 album sales a week. Wow. Not only is he tearing up the sales charts, he’s also dominating the Billboards when it comes to competing with other American Idol alumni.

Idol Chatter gathered the following numbers for the Top 5 Idols in the Billboards:

  • Scotty McCreery, Clear as Day (42,000 weekly, -52%, 630,000 total) (#11 Billboard 200)
  • Daughtry, Break the Spell (39,000, -69%, 168,000) (#14 BB200)
  • Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (22,000, -47%, 336,000) (#35 BB200)
  • James Durbin, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster (11,000, -61%, 39,000) (#87 BB200)
  • Lauren Alaina, Wildflower (10,000, -43%, 172,000) (#96 BB200)

It’s worth noting that Durbin may be beating Alaina in the weekly sales rate, but his album did just release in the past few weeks while Alaina’s has been out longer and could be settling in to its post-release promotion hype rate.

Kudos to all the American Idol performers for their continued success.




  1. I am happy for all the idols. Scotty will be a big country star, as will Lauren Alaina. I, as most know, am not a big fan of country but I have to admit I love, love the Country Christmas Show. This was the 2nd Annual Christmas show and I really enjoyed both of them. This year has LA & SM on the show. I really am happy for these kids.

    I am also very happy for James Durbin…..I really love his CD and I hope he has success too…

  2. Truly truly happy they are doing well…..the two I love who were not winners, daughtry & james durbin, am am am so happy for them……pray they dont change their family values


  4. O.K., Scotty is just an imitation of Randy Travis. Lighten up people.

    How many singers does this world need????

    • Since the age group that spends the most on music is a constant turnover, and the general sound evolves with the times, fresh performers will always be in demand. Shania Twain would not have had a career in the 60s [wrong sound] and she wouldn’t break out now either. Scotty is what sells in country right now.

      • You are so right. And, for those of you that think Scotty’s “sound” isn’t new…then what are all the teen country music fans (and some not even into country) screaming about when he performs. I am so happy for him.

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