American Idol XIII: Khristian D’Avis & The Mysterious Vanishing Accent

Khristian D’Avis wow’d the American Idol XIII judges when she first started singing but she left them puzzled by the end of her audition.

Khristian D'Avis on American Idol XIII

The 22-year old server from Chicago, IL introduced herself with a touch of an Italian accent and promised the judges all she wanted to do was to get back to singing and performing for a crowd.

Khristian went on to perform Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love” and kinda, but not really, impressed the judges. After she finished something seemed to change. Judge Harry Connick Jr. noticed Khristian’s accent had vanished. Harry leaned over and whispered it to the other judges. Would this odd realization be the end of her journey on American Idol?

Jennifer Lopez said it didn’t seem like she could hold a note. Keith Urban said she was “inconsistent” and needs more time. It looks like this could be it when suddenly Jennifer says she wants to see more of Khristian because she’s pretty. Keith says no. It all comes down to Harry who surprised many of us after his earlier comments and said yes.

Khristian D’Avis moves on to Hollywood. Would you have given her a Golden Ticket?

So how far does she make it in the competition? Check out our Top 31 Spoilers list and see if she’s there!

Khristian D’Avis auditions on American Idol XIII:



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  1. The fake accent was unnecessary. I guess she was trying to stick out but it made her look unauthentic . I really wana see if she’s going to keep up the accent on the next episode

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