American Idol’s MacKenzie Bourg Original Song ‘Roses’ Music Video

MacKenzie Bourg‘s renditions of his original tune “Roses” on American Idol 2016 were some of the best performances of the season. The first time he sang “Roses” during Hollywood Week, the American Idol judges were blown away by the tune. They could hardly even believe he actually wrote it himself. His second performance of the original creation later in the season received equally rave reviews. “Roses” even made it to number 4 on the iTunes chart when released as a single during the show.

American Idol's MacKenzie Bourg performs "Roses" in new music video.
American Idol’s MacKenzie Bourg performs “Roses” in new music video.

While MacKenzie Bourg may not have made it into the top three of American Idol 2016, he was still a winner to the legion of fans he gathered during the course of the show. His quirky charm, obvious talent, and musical artistry made him a unique standout among the other contestants. Hopefully there will be big things in store for this young artist coming soon!

Meanwhile, fans of MacKenzie Bourg and his songwriting abilities can enjoy a new music video of the song he made famous on American Idol. The “Roses” music video was recorded in one take at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl. MacKenzie says in the description for the video that he made it for his fans, who helped him make “my dreams come true.”

The very intimate performance of “Roses” set against the expansive, empty space of the Hollywood Bowl is a fascinating contrast. Somewhere out there we hope there is a record label working on a deal for this extremely talented singer-songwriter. Could MacKenzie Bourg be the next Ed Sheeran in the making? We certainly think so!



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  1. Jena Irene has her Unbreakable music video that shows her path from AI 2014 and ends up in Detroit (even driving her Mustang she won on AI). Note: up for an award that winners will be selected the 1rst of May.She wasn’t invited to the finale perhaps for using a Jlo/Adele word in her recent song/video Innocence. Any performance with this song would include a Kanye moment/beep. Note: Innocence drops tomorrow but don’t expect a main steam radio station play.

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