Angie Miller On American Idol 2013: Top 8 ‘Shop Around’ Performance

Angie Miller - American Idol 2013

Angie Miller took herself in a whole new direction this week and not all the American Idol judges liked that too much. Miller selected “Shop Around” and left behind her piano and good-girl image to try and sex it up a little more on stage.

That choice didn’t set well with Nicki who told Angie, “don’t come out here and give us another side. We didn’t ask for another side yet.” I’d have to agree with her. It just felt weird and forced. Let’s hope she gets back to her comfort zone next week, but like Keith pointed out, even with an off week like this, Angie isn’t going anywhere.

Do you think Angie’s choice to go with this song and her new delivery was the right direction to take? It seems everyone along the way tried to get her to turn back, but she was determined. Let’s see what it does for her rankings this week.

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  1. My word while watching it were “church girl gone bad” it was uncomfortable to watch and made her spiritual songs a little less believable. Jimmy Lavine called her a beauty queen and classical and so she ground it up for the votes. She says that she was having fun, that just makes her more sold out and less believable as a true artist.

  2. That performance by Angie lastnite was not good at all but she will not be leaving the show in results nite, that’s for sure

  3. I do noy agree with the song choice. But somewhere along the line, she has to take on up tempo and this just proved that she’s not too prepared for that. I hope Angie is not another Miley…

  4. Actually, Angie just did what so many of the young singers do. They get caught up in their new fame and turn into a sexy pop princess. I thought Angie was more grounded than that.

  5. I like her but, I don’t think she did a good job last night. She chose the wrong song.

  6. That was the worst performance. It was painful to watch. I think angie is a little full of herself.

  7. I was already hooked on angie because of her previous performances. So real, authentic, and passionate. Don’t change who you are for fame. Remember what got you where you are. I feel like she lowered herself. Keep it real. Don’t forget who you are.

  8. Yep agree Angie was terrible last night ..if she has to wriggle her bum to get noticed then wrong competition .. Could, should do better … maybe next time ..

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