Angie Miller Performs “I Surrender” On American Idol 2013 Top 10 Week

Angie Miller - American Idol 2013

Angie Miller got out from behind the piano this week and we gave in when she sang “I Surrender” on American Idol 2013 as part of the Top 10 performance show this past Wednesday.

The competition was stiff and mentor Jimmy Iovine pushed for her to shed the pageantry approach and just give a great performance. Do you think she made good on Jimmy’s request? Either way, the fans clearly love what she’s doing as she currently holds the #2 spot in our poll this morning. I’d say that’s good enough for a quick ticket in to the next round of the American Idol 2013 competition.

Here is Angela performing “I Surrender” in the video below. Watch her delivery and then share your thoughts. Can she take it all the way to the big season finale of American Idol?

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  1. Angie came out from behind the piano and had what I thought was the first great perfomence of the night. Unfortunitely, Candice out performed her and probaly will all year long. But, I see Angie going very deep into this compitition. As she is consistently a great singer … But so are 2 or 3 other girls.

  2. There are 4 great singers and they are girls. I think Angie will win because she has the edge connecting with the audience. That’s the main objective. Connection means sales.

  3. after this performance I hope angie win AI this year she deserve it amazing talents and wonderful voice good luck sweetie, Kree also has a great voice, Candice well she screams to much when she sings, she belongs in a church choir lol

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