Caleb Johnson Hometown Visit For American Idol 2014 [PHOTOS]

The American Idol 2014 Top 3 contestants were treated to a major milestone this weekend as the finalists took a break from rehearsals and traveled back to their roots for a hometown visit. Check out what Caleb Johnson was up to on his American Idol hometown trip to Asheville, NC in the pictures and video clips below.

Caleb Johnson's American Idol Hometown Visit
Caleb Johnson’s American Idol Hometown Visit – Source: FOX

Caleb arrived in Asheville in full Idol tour glory with a limo ride off to lots of town events including a few performances and visit from the mayor. We also learned from his trip that Caleb will be performing “Dazed & Confused” as the hometown pick for his Top 3 performance later this week.

Johnson’s concert at the end of the visit was held in a very small venue that could hold just about two hundred instead of a larger auditorium which left many of thousands of his American Idol fans a little disappointed. No worries though as Caleb will be singing live this Wednesday when everyone can catch his performances.

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Caleb elected to take his old beater van to his concert that night instead of riding in the official American Idol limo. Here’s the video of his police escort and arrival:

Image credit: FOX, Jeff Daly




  1. It was great to have Caleb back home in Asheville; he’s a fantastic performer, and down-to-earth guy. And for all of you who like to compare him to Jack Black and “School of Rock,” we actually HAVE a Rock Academy, where Caleb visited Saturday and admitted he always wanted to teach there! 😀

    • Caleb could teach !970’s & 80’s “Rockers History”. he’s trying to live it “NOW”! Caleb is “OUTDATED”!

  2. Champion, you are a moron. Have read all of your idiotic posts throughout these blogs, and you wouldn’t know talent if it was slapping you in the face. What may be OUTDATED to you, is still thoroughly enjoyable by millions, upon millions, upon millions of people… Outdated? Clearly a musical genious you are. Caleb’s career is already carved out. He doesn’t need to win Idol, and quite frankly, would be better off if he didn’t.

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