Candice Glover Wows With ‘Lovesong’ On American Idol 2013


Last night on American Idol 2013, the contestants sang two songs each and Candice Glover was the only contestant to have two perfect performances.

Among those two was her version of “Lovesong” by The Cure. Randy called it the best performance in 12 seasons. While I’m not sure about that, it’s definitely not a stretch. I know it’s one of my favorite performances in a very long time. So I’ll go with it.

It was soulful, emotional, haunting (and I’m not talking about that creepy feedback “love you” or whatever that weird sound was that shows up a minute or so in). I thought her first performance was the best ever, then she gave us this. Candice definitely jumped ahead of Angie and even Kree this week with this performance.

Have a listen to the performance below and let us know what you think.

Does Candice have what it takes to become the next American Idol?

Update: Here is Candice’s second performance from last night, “Don’t Make Me Over.”




    • Oh she will win. Idol has made sure they eliminated all competition for the females this year.

    • I”ll say. Especially when the poltergeist turned up for the unexpected (I assume) duet portion of the performance.

  1. I love Candice she is so passionate with her songs. It is so hard to believe that she didn’t make it through last year, and this year she is in the position to win it all. GO CANDICE!!!!!!

  2. What are you all smoking? One performance doesn’t win you American Idol , Kree or Angie will win this year. Candice’s performance this week wasn’t even that good I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal out of it.

    • Are you freaking kidding me, dude? You’ve gotta be tone deaf if you didn’t think Candice was all that good this week.

    • Don’t be to hard on him he’s just a little kid. That being said Candace has been the best over the whole season. Kree could win with the country vote and Agie will get 12 year old girls if Lazaro ever leaves.
      Right now on talent it should be Candace versus Amber. It isn’t likely to happen though.

    • But that is the reason I like her as she doesn’t over-vocalize. Last week she even gave the most authentic rock performance. Wasn’t my favorite of the week, but it was the only true rock vocal, although Kree also did a good job. Candice has great musicality in her voice. She does whatever she wants but she knows not to overdo it. Candice proved that in her rendition of Shirley Bassey’s “I (Who Have Nothing)”.

    • ANGIE??????? Are you serious???? Angie baby doesn’t stand a chance when compared to Candice. They keep admonishing Angie to show emotions, now how do you think she will beat the girl that gives them 150% every performance!!!! Sorry dude, she will be in the bottom 3 this week.

      • The judges have been so biased this year, raving over Candice and Amber, yet, they dont have a clue as to what the audience likes and wants. They knock and put down Angie and Janelle, yet Angie has been above Candice the whole time and Janelle has been above Amber the whole time. I feel like the Judges are trying to rig the winner, it’s a shame, but true talent will win, not some critique from Randy, Best in 12 years? lol Time to get your hearing and memory checked Randy!

  3. Candice blow the roof off my house as well as the stage the girl can sing there is no if but r ands about it she should take it all and then some ur the women Candice glover

  4. I love Candice and this was an incredible performance, But does anyone know what that weird ‘I love you’ robot voice was about 1 minute in? It sounded like some jr high kid got hold of a live mic and did that on a dare.

  5. I was saying the same thing!! Candice will win it, and Kree or Amber will be runner up!!! She moved me to tears last night. As she sung that last song, all I was thinking about was my hubby!!

  6. I am willing to bet Candice will be our new American idol winner for 2013

  7. This chick is just PHENOMINAL!!!! there is nothing like her in the market today – bring back Etta James, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Randy Crawford, she is all of them rolled into one and then she still kills the ROCK ballads and leave you hanging and wanting more….CANDICE GLOVER, you can go into the studio and start touring, South Africans will pay good money to hear this!!!! Guaranteed!!!!

  8. While Candice was good, that was in no way the best performance in 12 years. Might want to get your memory or hearing checked Randy, you must be getting old. I will agree, she is in the top 3, but not sure if she has what it takes to actually win, but it is close.

    Keep it real and all that glitter and bowing was totally over the top! Judges need to be Judges not state who they think or want as the winner. Was a complete shame and disgrace to AI.

  9. Nancy A. Renaud. Bless Lazaro’s heart. He got a lot of sympathy votes. And was on longer than he should have been. Nice Kid. But not good enought to win. he had a long run. I hope it made him feel better that he was right up at the top. I guess like the judges said he needs to sing everything.It is amazing he can sing lie he doe’s . But he can’t talk. I hope someone can help him be able to talk sometime.

  10. Absolutely the best of all time !!!! When an individual brings you to tears and makes goose bumps on your arms. Stick a Fork in It It’s done she is the winner.

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