American Idol 2013: Kree Harrison Sings ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’


Kree Harrison continued to be a front-runner on American Idol 2013 Wednesday night when she shined during both of her songs.

While she was great during both numbers, it was her version of Kris Kristofferson’s “Help Me Make It Through The Night” that had people reeling.

The vocals on the performance were as flawless as ever. But the classic-country arrangement, her emotion and connection are what made the performance really work. Kree is undoubtedly a star and it’s going to be a shame that only one of them can win. I’m of course talking about her, Candice Glover and Angie Miller.  All three of them deserve to win, but it can only be one of them.

Check out Kree’s version of “Help Me Make It Through The Night” below and let us know what you think.

Kree Harrison – Help Me Make it Through The… by IdolxMuzic

Does Kree have what it takes to become the first female American Idol since season 7’s Jordin Sparks?




  1. Wasn’t Jordin Sparks the winner of Season 6? The reason I was thinking about the different seasons was because there was a controversy during that season that parallels this season–a contestant who was good-looking, but not so talented, and kept being voted through–Sanjaya. Here we have the same situation–a girl will win, but people continue to vote for a male contestant who is good-looking but has pitch and lyric problems. This year Lazaro went further than Sanjaya. This takes away votes for more deserving singers and even eliminates other contestants who IMO should have gone further in the competition. Even though many have commented that it’s time for Lazaro to leave, he continues to get as many votes on the poll as singers who did much better last night.

  2. I thought Kree sang this beautifully. I love the tone in her voice makes for heartfelt easy listenng. Also the SOFT band accompaniment was awesome…the way it should be. Country bands have become too loud. IMO I also thought Kree looked elegant tonite with her new hair style, and dress. She’s a lot shorter than I thought, must have been the stilleto’s she had on, on previous shows, that made me think she was tall.

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