Clark Beckham “Champion” – American Idol Coronation Song

Should Clark Beckham be the winner of American Idol 2015 his coronation song will be “Champion” and his first released single after Season 14 ends. BMLG has released a preview of his studio performance.

Clark Beckham performs on American Idol 2015
Clark Beckham performs on American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Big Machine Label Group, Scott Borchetta’s music label, has given American Idol fans their first listen to Clark Beckham’s “Champion” single in a newly released 90-second clip of the song. Borchetta explained they wanted to give all of the Top 3’s coronation songs a “victorious champion vibe to them.”

The remaining Top 2 contestants on Tuesday’s finale performance show will both perform their coronation song at the end of the night so get ready to hear these in full very soon.

Should Clark be the winner of American Idol 2015 then he’ll be all set to release “Champion” soon after the Season 14 finale.

What do you think of Beckham’s coronation song, “Champion”? Could it be as big a hit of Phillip Phillip’s “Home”?




  1. I like Jax’s better. Scott did a good job of screening out Clark’s “chalk board grading” in his “natural” voice. Note: if he sings it tonight it won’t sound as good!

  2. Scott wants Nick to win – he has been prejudice toward him all along. It is obvious in the songs he wrote for the two finalists. Clark has the true talent! Somewhere along the way even the judges showed prejudice toward Nick without justification in my opinion. I hope Clark can pull off a win!

  3. I agree with Wendy. The song is weak. Typical canned main-stream pop garbage. Scott was trying to get Clark to sell out and change his style. Stick to your guns Clark. It’s not all about the money like these recording label suits would have you believe.

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