Ethan Harris: American Idol 13 Top 30 Contestant Profile

Ethan Harris is perhaps the first American Idol 2014 contestant we actually had the pleasure to hear sing, thanks to a very early promo video featuring his audition for season 13. On seeing Ethan enter the audition room in Detroit, Keith Urban promptly labelled him the “lost Osmond brother” and we think he was pretty spot on with that. Ethan didn’t mind the joke at all. In fact, he was very pleased the American Idol judges were laughing and in a good mood before he opened his mouth to sing!

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Although he barely looks old enough to be in high school, Ethan Harris is actually a college graduate with a degree in graphic arts. His real passion, however, is music and he has been gradually climbing his way up for a while now, if his website is any indication. Ethan has toured around all over New York at various fairs, festivals, and clubs over the past few years but recently moved to Nashville to take his music to the next leve. We love how he has a whole photo gallery section on the site dedicated to himself posing with fans and signing autographs. Not humble, this guy!

Here’s what Ethan’s ‘official’ bio has to say:

Ethan Harris, who hails from Central New York, is a singer-songwriter who loves many genres of music, especially Country, Pop and Gospel. His music career started taking shape when Grammy nominated Track engineer, Bob Acquaviva cast Ethan in a Theatrical Performance of the concept album, The Book.

Throughout 2011, Ethan collaborated with Acquaviva writing songs and recording demos at Wayne Manor Studios in Central New York. After months of hard work and dedication to his music, Ethan released his self-titled debut album on May 23, 2012. His music can be purchased on iTunesAmazon, and CDBaby. Numerous performance videos can be found on YouTube at: and

Some of Ethan’s most memorable performances were opening for National Recording Artist Melinda Doolittle, Disney’s Peyton List, and performing at the famous B.B. Kings in Nashville during the CMA fest 2013. Along with being the first recipient of the Terry Doyle Music Scholarship award, he has also been a Semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition, Vocal Performance category, an X-Factor competitor and WSRKfm Central New York Idol Champion.

Now that Ethan has completed his college degree in Graphic Com:Illustration, he is dedicating himself to his music career by traveling, touring and making the great “Music City” of Nashville his home.

The aspiring musician says, “I want to make music that speaks to people and touches them in a special way. I am grateful everyday for any opportunity I am given to do what I love most.”

Among the likes on his Facebook page, Ethan lists talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, former American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle, current American Idol 2014 judge Keith Urban, and Taylor Swift as “Inspirational People.” He’s also a fan of Disney, Universal Orlando resort, and two different country music stations.  We also noted on his YouTube channel that he has a video of himself performing a duet from Grease with another American Idol 2014 hopeful, Kaitlyn Jackson. 

Listen to more of Ethan’s original music and covers on his YouTube channel.

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