First Impressions Of American Idol 2013 Judges (Poll)

Judges on American Idol 2013

Now that we’re one week in to the new season of American Idol it’s worth stepping back and taking a look at the new panel of judges.

There was a lot of concern, frustration, and downright disappointed expressed with the selection of Nicki Minaj while Keith Urban and Mariah Carey mostly received a pass from the critics. We even put out a poll just before the premiere that came back with two to one results that Nicki would ruin American Idol. With the first two episodes under our belt, I’m interested to see if everyone still feels the same.

I’ll give a few quick thoughts on each judge and then I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below along with a vote in the poll.

Randy Jackson is still Randy. He’s never been terribly insightful and it doesn’t look like Season 12 will end that streak. It’s good to have him back from the sense of continuity, but I’d be fine if he just sat there quietly each episode.

Mariah Carey is a bit underwhelming. Having such a big name does conjure up big expectations and while she’s been “fine” she hasn’t been “great.” Things are still early though and hopefully once she gets past this little Nicki feud we’ll see a better Judge Mariah.

Keith Urban is in that same category of “bland” with Mariah. He’s got a good sense of humor on the panel which is valuable, but I’m still waiting for him to come out of his shell and be more on the show.

Nicki Minaj silenced my concerns this week. I really didn’t think this would be a good fit for her, but she proved me wrong. While we’ve seen quiet lulls on the panel in the past it hasn’t happened like that so far on American Idol 2013. She’s always willing to jump in and go first with mostly valuable feedback. I’m happy to admit my fears were unfounded and if anything I really believe Nicki Minaj will help reinvigorate the series this season.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the new Season 12 judges?




  1. Nicki Minaj may force us to stop watching. She is so attention-seeking and won’t stop running her mouth. I like all the other judges, and if she would stop talking over other people and let Randy run it, then I could tolerate her. She has moments, but overall, she is rude to the other judges by not shutting up and just taking her turn nicely. We really don’t need 4 judges. They could get along quite nicely without her.

  2. Why in the hell does nikki do all the talking she has the least amount of talent and is just stright stupid why does she keep asking people if tbey have girlfriends ? What does that matter ? Nikki is a talent less bimbo with stupid hair cant stand the b@#ch

  3. I have been watching American idol, since the beginning… I’ve always been a fan, but this year, I think i will by-pass this show!! I Like Randy, and I Like Mariah, Keith is not Bad, but OMG Nicki…. I can do without!!! American idol has gone downhill….so much talking & Bickering….I thought it was about Talent??? There is so much Good Talent out there, especially to people, who would never have the chance, other than American Idol….Is that not what this show is about??? Not Drama…

  4. Kinda sad that American Idol is off our watch list this year. Can’t stand Nicki Minaj! She wants all the attention and is soooo annoying. Love to the other judges and Ryan. Dump Nicki and we’ll be back.

  5. I persoanlly dont care for Nicki Minaj. I have really lost interest in Idol just because of her. What were they thinking when they added her on? From now on it will be X Factor for me as long as they dont have a stupid obnoxious judge like Minaj.
    The other three judges are good!

    • I don’t actually get what all the fuss about Nicki is about. She gives concrete criticism the majority of the time or at least as much as the other three and is not a complete jerk to those that can’t sing. She is eccentric, but that is just who she is and as far as I can see, her style doesn’t influence her ability to judge the contestants accurately. I also enjoy her quirky sense of humor that makes the show entertaining.

  6. I really believe Nicki Minaj will help reinvigorate the series this season. >>>> From watching the first two days of Idol …… She’s not the right fit and is taking the show away from the performers, with all the attacks on Mariah. Very unprofessional.

  7. let me clarify my vote… I don’t think all the judges are terrible, I just think they should have listened more closely to what the public opinion was prior to casting NM and MC as judges alongside of Randy and Keith. These 4 do not fit together well and I hope I am wrong but this may be the most dull season of Idol ever.

  8. Dump Nikki and Mariah. They need to get over themselves. They are so ridiculous. I may stop watching if they keep up their attitude toward each other. Love Randy and like Keith but Keith needs to come out of his shell

  9. Nikki never shuts up and what’s with the English accent, really? I think Mariah is okay but not with Nikki they argue way to much and I don’t like it. It’s like a show about the two of them, I rather watch horrible contestants for the entire show than listen to them bicker. Not a great choice for a judge, get rid of the crazy haired child on the panel and all will be fine

  10. Way too much showing off and verbal abuse by Nicki. She is something else. And not good!! The rest of the judges are great choices. Not sure what they were thinking when they chose Nicki. She is constantly verbally abusive towards Mariah and it’s just uncalled for.

  11. Loose Nikki and Mariah, keep Randy and Keith. I have watch every year but this year I can’t stand watching Nikki and Mariah they both need to go, to full of themselves. I expect American Idol to loose a lot of viewers this year because of them. Lets get things back to the singers.

  12. I agree with most of our comments (especially the part about Randy sitting quietly!) I think when Mariah isn’t obsessing about Mariah – or Nicki, she has some good comments. I liked when Keith ran the show at the beginning of episode two. I’d like to see more of that. Nicki is fun, but might have to dial back a little for the live shows – a little too verbose at times!

  13. Nicki Minaj drives me nuts. I’m not sure I can watch it. She is the biggest diva and so immature. She provides no substance to the show. Love Keith and Mariah has been pleasant to watch as well. Randy provides the stability that the program has lacked with new judges every season.

  14. I enjoy Keith, Randy, and Mariah. I do not care at all for Nicki and her attitude toward Mariah, nor do I care for the almost constant bickering between the two of them. Mariah is classy and has many admirers, and to see Nicki’s green-eyed and forked-tongue jealousy is not becoming. Regarding judging styles, I cannot stand hearing Nicki asking every good looking male contestant if he is single or has a girlfriend. She is not there to look for a new man to conquer, she is there to judge their singing talent! I say get rid of Nicki and keep the other three.

  15. Niki Minaj is annoying and a bully! I have never been crazy ab Mariah but I listening to Nikis bantering and bullying makes me turn the channel. REALLY! I have watched the show and voted from the beginning and hate when it’s done and can’t wait for it to start again. The rest of the judges I think are great and I know that the controversey might be good for ratings but it turns me off. Niki quit acting like a thug!

    • Calling Nicki a thug is both demeaning and unnecessary. You can criticize her judging capabilities and her attitude, but you must understand that calling her a thug is very nearly racism. If you ask me she is acting like a attention seeker… very far from a thug.

  16. I think Nicki needs to calm down or go home. The last two shows have been like a circus. They do not need to have fun at the expense of those auditioning. I felt the attention was not on those auditioning . Mariah should not join the band wagon with Nicki. Randy and keith are great.

  17. Really unhappy with American Idol this season……almost to the point of not watching it anymore. It seems it is focusing more on the *judges* than on the contestants. Gone are the days when I couldn’t wait for it to come on….now……I don’t care!

    • Absolutely. Our first reaction was Minaji Who? Her personality is too strong for a judge. Obviously she thinks the show is all about her, which ruins it for the rest of us. I’m not fond of drama queens. But I like the other judges 😉

  18. Don’t like Niki. We are trying to put some class in American Idol and you won’t get it with her that’s for sure. The other 3 judges are fine.

  19. I really miss Steven Tyler… Personally I was just getting used to the judges last season and thought they worked great together!! I know its only been 2 shows so far but Im not impressed so far… Not sure if it will cause me to stop watching the show yet… but I will say I am disappointed!!

  20. I love Rhandy, Mariah, and Keith, but I wish someone else would be there instead of nicki she’s cocky like she’s the best there ever was clearly drama queen ….. He low blows to Mariah sounds more like jealousy to me …

  21. Nicki is way too dominant, constantly talking too much and wanting to be the center of attention. I think we’d see more and better from Keith and Mariah if Nicki was gone. Nicki wears on me fast. She’s repetitive, annoying, lacks insight and…what’s with her constantly looking into her personal mirror???

  22. I cannot believe these judges, I may not be watching this season because it is so terrible. the women act like little children I cannot believe this.

  23. Bring Jennifer back-we miss her! It is not to late to replace Niicki with Jennifer-listen to your American Idol fans who have been loyal for years!

  24. Get rid of minaj and I’ll watch again. She can’t even take a regular picture without being the center of attention and she has NO talent at all. Just irritating and obnoxious. Don’t know how or why she’s even “famous”! Dump her or else AI is definitely going down the tubes–and fast!

  25. Nicki is horrendous her voice so so very annoying!
    I love the show but she may the reason I quit watching! My advice is get rid of her for the live shows, and you may be able to salvage the rest of this season!!!!

  26. My husband and I have been watching since season 2. We cannot stand Nicki. Get rid of her or you have lost 2 viewers

  27. OMG Nicki has to go!! What a rude witch she is. She is destroying the show. Get rid of her ASAP. Poor Keith can’t even say anything because of her. Please tell her to shut up!!!!!!

  28. After the first 30 minutes of American Idol I stopped watching and I’ve followed this show since the beginning when they only had 3 judges. I’d like to see Simon back but know that won’t happen. I’m in agreement with the comments from others………Nicki Minaj needs to go. Mariah, don’t stoop to her level…she a nobody!!

  29. If Nikki doesn’t go I doubt I can finish watching this season. It’s not only what she says, & she’s so annoying but her Nasal sounding voice is about as bad as nails across a blackboard!! Mariah is ok, but if Randy, Ryan & Kieth weren’t there it REALLY would be unbearable! X factor is much better!

  30. Nikki is wrecking the whole show. She needs to be taken off otherwise everyone will stop watching it all together. Mariah is so sweet and takes insults from her. Randy is great. Keith is so nice too.

  31. I can’t believe anyone thought these judges were a good idea. I think Keith is fine – but the ladies are more concerned with themselves than the contestants. I know so many people that shut it off because they could not stand the time spent on showing friction with them and not the talent. Nikki seems to like to try to impress herself and I had no idea Mariah was such a diva. Judges need to know their business- and care more for what they are doing than what they can do to promote themselves-I suppose if I continue watching I’m going to have to see them perform a few times like I had to see Jennifer Lopez? Come on American Idol— get it back to where it was or you can kiss your ratings good-bye 🙁

  32. Nikki need to go! When she made the comment to the girl that she didn’t vote for her because they had the same eye shadow on and that the girl was too pretty was stupid! Nikki is there to vote on singing not beauty!

    • OMG, why? What is there to love? She has no talent, I don’t understand why her music (if you can call it that) even gets on the radio. She’s rude, obnoxious, annoying….I can’t think of one positive thing to say about her. Idol needs to lose Nikki before they lose ratings.

  33. I am a loyal American Idol fan. Was not happy with the results from last year, but am watching again this year. But I can’t stand NM. I have to mute the TV every time she opens her mouth. After a hard day at work I don’t care to listen to the bantering back and forth. Nicki Minaj thinks this is HER show. She acts like she is the only judge and she is SENIOR to the rest of them. It’s all about her and her antics. She appears jealous when any of the contestants mention that Mariah Carey has always been their idol. I will probably not watch for much longer this season. Unless you all reign her in by the time it goes live, you will be losing more viewers.

  34. Why was Nicki Minaj so rude to Mariah? She mocked her 5 octave range, which I thought was strange. Maybe she’s jealous…anyway, it was uncomfortable to watch. I was embarrassed for her.

  35. Nicki is NOT boring…she brings life into the show…she has a lot of heart, I especially like the kiss she gave the asian kid in NY…if I were a contestant, I surely would want to hear her opinion of my performance…major props to Idol for bringing Nicki onboard!!!

  36. “Nicki Minaj silenced my concerns this week. I really didn’t think this
    would be a good fit for her, but she proved me wrong. While we’ve seen
    quiet lulls on the panel in the past it hasn’t happened like that so far
    on American Idol 2013. She’s always willing to jump in and go first
    with mostly valuable feedback. I’d happy to admit my fears were
    unfounded and if anything I really believe Nicki Minaj will help reinvigorate the series this season.”

    I absolutely agree 100 %

  37. I agree. What were they thinking? Nikki has no talent whatsoever, so what makes her worthy of judging the talents of others? She tries so hard to be the center of attention. She will be the downfall of this season….not sure I can stomach a whole season of Nikki.

  38. I think Minaj needs to go as well. Her voice is more annoying then Fran dreshers. It’s like nails on a chalk board. Please fire her so I can enjoy AI again. As for Keith,Mariah and randy they are doing just fine.

  39. Really like Randy. He’s good and stable. Keith Urban is good and Mariah, but Niki is so fake and don’t enjoy watching her “overflow from her clothing”

  40. Nicki has no business being there, she can’t give any valuable comments, she creates too much unnecessary drama, she’s very annoying and she is not in the same league as Mariah, but thinks she is. Keith is good with his comparisons, complimenting the contestants. Randy is always good. Mariah needs to speak a little more constructive criticism, but unfortunately she’s too busy defending herself against the neon mouthpiece. She has a wealth of music knowledge to share with these young people and she should be able to. Not sure if I can watch anymore episodes, wish my remote had a Nicki Mute button!

  41. Looks like the public has spoken…..GET RID OF THE DRAMA QUEEN, and other words I will not type, NIKKI. I certainly agree with everyone else. The show seems to be about the judges and not so much on the contestants. It seems to me the ratings must be plummeting. I also looked forward to it coming on, now I don’t care if I watch or not. I do like the other judges and also miss Steven Tyler. Defiantly get rid of Nikki or loose (too) many viewers. Who’s more important, that rotten judge or the viewers/contestants? Come on IDOL, make the right decision here.

  42. I am SO disappointed in Idol 2013. What a let down in choice of judges – can’t stand Nikki. She WILL be the one to destroy this season as loyal viewers like myself turn the channel. Mariah, while an amazing artist who has made her mark, she seems bored or her heart is just not into it. Keith could do well if J LO was back. Steven Tyler missed the most! Bottom line, save the show/season – ditch Nikki quick.

  43. I certainly hope Idol decision makers read this thread of comments. Listen to the viewers!!! Nikki must go!

  44. Same as below Nicki needs to growup and leave on her own. I dvr the show & I hate her just bad
    with her. I never really know much about her. She talks to much.

  45. sorry for foxs poor choice in judges…have watched idol for years but have no interest watching these divas banter back and forth!!dont plan to watch this season now!!

  46. The two women on this show are ridiculous!! I can tolerate everyone but Minaj, she is to immature to be on this show. This world has to many problems with bullying and negativity. Last night I turned your show off and will not watch anymore until something Is done about the bickering. Everyone I talked to at work today said the same thing. Minaj…gotta go!

  47. My husband and I love AI but this season my husband got up and walked off when the show started. Hate to say this but I may stop watching too. Niki is so ridiculous and rude it is horrible to watch. What was idol thinking when they hired her?!!!!

  48. I could not stand to watch either show in it’s entirety because Nicki was totally irritating to me, a real turn off. She seemed rude, crude, and monopolized the comments. I’m not looking for drama among the judges. I’d like for focus to be on the contestants, with insightful commentary and criticism from the judges from their perspective as industry insiders. I hope it improves, because I look forward to Idol season each year. If it stays the same, I’ll just read a book instead.

  49. Minaj has got to go. I agree with every comment made about her so far. And they should leave it at 3 judges. An even number doesn’t work and just adds extra time for their comments. The focus should be on the talent. I also like that the show is focusing mostly on the amazing singers. I like to see a few of the awful ones just for the comedic value, but I have been amazed by the astounding talent we have seen so far this season. Dump Minaj! I think once she is gone, Mariah & Keith will have a chance to make more valuable input.

  50. Nicki needs to go! She has NO CLASS and definitely an attention seeking nutt. I can’t stand her trash talking mouth and gestures. This is suppose to be a family show and some of the things said do not need to be seen or heard by children. My family will probably not be watching the rest of the idols because of this lady.

  51. I love Keith Urban, I think he did well on Idol, I am not a big fan of Mariah but I liked her to. Have always enjoyed Randy. Nikki Manaj???? OMG, She has got to go. J LO and Steven Tyler along with Randy can never be beat.

  52. Niki Minaj is terrible! So rude and unprofessional. She’s trying to turn AI into the Niki show. I don’t think I can watch anymore. Please, please get rid of NM. I like all of the other judges but Niki sours the whole show.

  53. I think that the focus is too much on the judges and not on the talent. Randy seems very insincere and going through the motions. The 2 ladies bicker too much. Keith Urban is a great choice for the panel.

  54. Keith urban ur great. I am not saying that cause I’m an aussie but the other three niki Marian and randy you guys are idiotic. So sorry don’t mean to offend but u guys suck

  55. Nicki has 15 million followers on Twitter…Mariah 8 million…Keith Urban just over 500K…Randy Jackson not even 500K…people thinking she will not finish this season are kidding themselves…AI doesnt care if you dont watch…because she will draw a bigger audience than any of the other judges…anyone who has actually been watching this week knows, she did a great job, especially considering this is her first week at it

  56. I personally like Nicki Minaj as a judge…Part of being a judge is that you actually have to judge the talent in front of you and her honest take on contestants I haven’t seen since Simone. She’s kind of like Simone and Paula wrapped up in one with a Little Bit of Steven Tyler craziness. There is nothing wrong with being the one to step up to the plate and talk first. People who wait, tend to get walked all over. I see Nicki as leader not a follower and that impresses me.

  57. Nicki needs to go. My entire family has found it hard to even watch the show. Poor taste ,uncalled for attitude, and a total lack of concern for the overal imagine and success of the show. Hopefully the producers will resolve this ASAP before yielding a total LOSS this season!

  58. Nikki whoever needs to go…two nights of her was two
    too many. I look forward to AI every year. Just cannot stomach the next five months if they include her. Switching to the Voice

  59. If the idea of Nicki and Mariah snarking at each other was to get viewers to tune in, it failed. It’s just boring!

  60. Seems this season is all about the judges instead of the contestants. Nicki is ruining the panel. Mariah is a fresh ray of sunshine & adds a lot to the show, Randy is his same great self, Keith is okay so far. Nicki seems to control the conversations & is rude & just not right for Idol. She is so fake & lacks everything that one would want in a judge. I have always thought of American Idol as a show, having a little class but Nicki takes all the class out of it. I will watch one more episode & if it’s the same, I won’t watch it any more. This show needs to be more focused on the contestants than the judges. Just my 2 cents worth.

  61. Understand the dislike of the polarizing Nicki right now but get the feeling she is going to grow on a lot a people as the season continues. The prima donna crap gets a bit irritating to say the least but she does have something to say, and has probably been the most constructive of the four so far. Keith seems o.k. and will likely improve as the season continues. The weak link to me is Mariah Carey. She is not the innocent victim she pretends to be regarding the on screen feud with Nicki, and so far in regards to comments has been a vacuous waste of space sitting on the end of the table with little to say that is constructive. Still it is too early to tell how they will develop as judges as the show progresses, and any real criticism at present should be directed at the editors of American Idol. They are the ones that put these early episodes together this way from the many hours of available footage. You will get a better picture when the live performances begin.

  62. Niki Mina’s will force me to stopping watching . I miss the real, old American Idol. I am now completely underwhelmed!

  63. This could be the year I quite watching Idol, I am tired of the bickering and bantering back and forth. They should remember that they are all judges, judging singing talent, I would rather listen to more contestants than to their comments about each other. If this is all done for the betterment of the show and the ratings; then they need to reevaluate and listen to what the viewing audience wants or they will find in no time the ratings will drop immensely, and that a good show that helps up and coming music stars will be a thing of the past. The judges also need to show respect to the contestants, not everyone there that auditions are good singers but to embarrass the contestants like they do fits into the same category as bullying, If the shoe was on the other foot how would they feel…be respectable of people.

  64. I don’t know what criteria American Idol uses to qualify the judges, but I would have hoped you would have chosen individuals with more of a musical background than Minaj’s high school education. Her inability to articulate clear and concise critique, her self-indulged obsession (having a mirror at the judges table) and unabashed flirting and downright sexual overtures, are in my opinion are not the values or image American Idol would want to perpetuate. In addition the fighting with Mariah Carey is at times were uncomfortable to watch. I do not believe you want your program to turn into a Jerry Springer format. Doing some of my own research I found this in her biography had been fired from waitressing for “discourteousness to customers. She stated she had been fired from “at least fifteen jobs” for similar antics” (Wikipedia). These values and character flaws do not disappear with wealth and fame. In most cases it escalates it.
    I would highly suggest removing Minaj from the show.

  65. Oh dear. Where is Jo Lo & Steve Tyler! The last 2 series were fantistic. I wont be watching anymore & judging by the vote Ameican Idol has lost a lot of fans. Ill stick to xfactor. Very sad. Ruined a fab show 🙁

  66. I was concerned about Nicki being rude at first but actually I think she has given good feedback so far. (Just make sure she is nice to Mariah or you’ll end up losing all of your viewers)Mariah is going to be loved regardless but it would be great if she gave alittle more feedback. however I believe bringing in another new judge may help such as (Steven Tyler or Aaron Lewis).

  67. It was the worst ever. My husband and I refused to watch the second day, since the first was the worst. Nikki Minaj is a pompous, self-loving a… She has no respect for others, whether they are older than she is, younger, etc. Someone needs so teach her some manners. Her petty arguments with and criticism of Mariah were beyond rude and inappropriate. Who died and made her goddess of Idol. It isn’t just about her insensitivity to others. It is the whole package. Sure she dresses outlandishly and adds that to the mix, but her outrageous mouth and immaturity leave Idol with a very poor image. It’s the absolute worst. I won’t watch it this year. That was the first and last for us.

  68. Nicki Minaj is a huge mistake for Idol. I am not going to watch the show now with someone of her NO CLASS LEVEL being a judge. What is wrong with the show’s producers … picking her? It does not say much for what you think of the viewers. She is crude and obnoxios and nobody I care to see ever. The other judges are great. But having her on ruined the show. You lost one viewer who never ever missed a show in it’s history. And I know I am not alone. Others feel the same as I do. It’s too bad but Idol is going to be a thing of the past soon. GET RID OF HER and maybe we will come back and give you a 2nd chance.

  69. I’m not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but I believe that this is how they should do the judging:
    I think that Randy should stay. He has been a pretty good judge of talent in all of the season so far, so he’s cool.
    Now, here’s the new part.
    The rest of the panel should consist of previous Idols or runner-ups from the show. They’ve got the actual experience of being on idol, so they would know what they’re talking about., right?
    I haven’t fully thought this through, but I feel like I’m on to something here.. XD

  70. Nicki makes uplifting comments so far, she just needs to tone down her act a bit so that other viewers who are seeing her for the first time can find her tolerable because she really does come off as rude and loud to the point of tasteless…for the first few weeks for those who can tolerate her she’ll be entertaining but for how long? I for one once it gets down to Hollywood week expect credibility from the judges, I hope to see a showdown of their musical insights and artistry so to speak, I’ve seen Keith in action in this regard in The Voice (Australia) and hope he will be as good in Idol as he was there, Mariah I expect a lot because of her credentials, I want to find out if Nicki can be credible in this regard. will continue to watch …

  71. I think what Nicki has to do is give more time to other judges to talk. If she can calm down I think this season is still worth to watch.

  72. Nicki proofed you wrong???????? She is ruining American Idol. If she stays on you will loose 90% of your viewers. She is horrible

  73. All of need to stop complaining about Nicki. You guys don’t understand Nicki and are apparently not interested in trying to understand the way she works. Nicki is a very different type of person, but she isn’t this god awful creature that you guys try to make her out to be. All of you whining about how you don’t think you can handle watching this season because of her being a judge, show that you don’t really care about the contestants. If you’re here for the contestants then don’t let a judge ruin it for you and shut up and stop complaining and enjoy what I think is going to be one of the better seasons of American Idol

  74. I don’t think the problem is Nicki. Remember that everyone was given an opportunity to talk if someone auditions. It is up to the producers who gave the best input and remarks for a certain singer.

    So if there is anyone to blame, I believe blame the editing. Nicki gives good reviews and shows empathy towards the contestant. She does not always include “herself” as a basis. She relates well to contestants.

    Regarding the Mariah & Nicki thing, I think this is what the producer is selling to viewers. You do know that they are also given instructions to make the show more juicy so do not blame Nicki as she is just doing her job!

  75. What are they thinking with Niki Minage????
    Such a CLASSIC show DEDICATED for the GROWTH of talented young people. Each and every judge up until now has helped lead each singer to improvement and confidence.

    Egotistical, self centered, loud, boorish, etc.
    This is NOT the NIKKI SHOW, although she would seem to think so with no manners. She is disrespectful to the other judges and artists by constantly monopolizing the platform.
    A cartoon character to say the least.
    Please ask her to go QUIETLY BACK TO PERFORMING for those who enjoy her act.

  76. Really tired of Ninki already so Idol won’t be on my do not miss list anymore. I have been watching since Kelly won but now the focus is on judges and not very fond of the ones on this panel.

  77. Actually I think Mariah is the problem…..she is way too full of herself! I agree that Minaj is not the bst choice, but she isn’t as bad as people are saying she is. Calm down everyone!

  78. Can’t stand Nikki. She must go! No class and very jealous of Mariah’s talent. She makes me very upset and AI would be better without a fourth judge to ruin the show. I have been watching since AI started and have never missed a show. Please do something about Nikki! All the other judges are fine, but Nikki has to go!

  79. I press the mute button everytime the judges speak. Therefore the tv is silent for most of the program.

  80. I quit watching because on Minaj, I will wait until the last episode to watch it again, I will check on contestant thought this venue. Minaj is all about her, drawing attention to herself, causing chaos and rude behaviour. Can’t stand her as a judge.

  81. Please for God sake, do something and make a change. I am a Canadian and I love watching American Idol show but I cannot stand this lady Nicki Minaj. Cannt she get the message that she is never funny but irritating. Mariah is far better than her. She will bring down the show rating.

  82. They started out shaky, but are now getting into their own. I have been
    put off by Nicki sometimes, but she says exactly what she thinks, and
    usually she’s point on, with more insight than I’ve seen from other
    judges. She’s amusing and interesting to watch, though admittedly she
    sometimes gets out of control. I was thinking I liked last year’s
    judges better, but now I think this panel could grow on me.

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