FOX Announces Phillip Phillips Is Off New Year’s Special

Phillip Phillips on American Idol 2012

Easy come, easy go. FOX has announced that Phillip Phillips is now off the roster for their New Year’s special program as previously planned and will not be performing due to a schedule conflict. No word on just what that conflict was but it was big enough to keep Phillips off a huge stage in front of a lot of viewers as his single “Home” continues to sell incredibly well.

Filling in for Phillips will be X Factor USA winner Tate Stevens. Stevens will take Phillips’ place and perform on December 31st alongside Lifehouse and Carmen Electra. I’m tempted in part to watch just to find out what Carmen Electra will be performing.

Now that Phillip is off the schedule for FOX will you be sticking with them or heading over to watch Ryan Seacrest’s hosting duties elsewhere?

Source: Entertainment Weekly




  1. At this late date to discover a scheduling conflict ??? Sounds phony to me. Maybe Simon has more pull !! Was looking forward to seeing Phillip, so disappointed, but I voted for Tate too. Very confusing, They’re not telling us everything.

  2. Phillip prefer to have a rest before the tour. Tate needs in the exposition of the more – they both need to be happy.

  3. That is cruel and unjust. Will watch anyway bcause I voted for Tate and really like him. I like Phillip too and that is a cruel thing to do to a beginner trying hard to pave his way. I look forward to seeing Tate, but will miss Phillip. Maybe they can fill him into another part of the show. It would be good for him to get an agent so he can get some good advice and move in the right directions. God bless him.

  4. I like Phillp, I won’t be watching anything to do with IDOL this year!! They could not have pick worse judges. What on earth were they thinking??? Almot as bad as Brittney Spears on X factor. Two good shows ruined by bad choices.

  5. Why did the good judges go off american idol they were the best but I’m happy for keth urban

  6. Phillip is a nice person but not my kind of music.

    I want to comment on the judge’s panel for season 12 and I want my voice to be heard. Where do I go to do that? Randy is # 1 and Mariah is awesome. Where in the hell did AI get Nicki? She is very annoying and I would not even watch the show but I am committed b/c I am a huge AI fan. Nicki is jealous of Mariah and we all can see it and she should be too.

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