Haley Reinhart Talks Debut Album

Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the progress on her debut album following her stint on American Idol 2011.

Reinhart signed with Interscope back in July and it sounds like she’s been putting in lots of hard work on the album:

“I’m working my butt off right now,” she tells EW, “just getting in there with a bunch of different writers and producers every day.”

Reinhart has already recorded a few tracks—including some that she wrote herself a few years ago— and she describes the sound of what she’s recording as “soul and R&B mixed, with some jazziness in there.” The singer adds, “You can hear the retro-ness, but it definitely has a modern twist.”

As far as the “when” question, Haley says to expect the album early 2012 which would line up well with an opportunity to return to the American Idol stage to introduce a single or even an album release event.

Are you ready to buy Haley Reinhart’s debut album when it arrives?




  1. Sure I’ll buy her album! I’m mainly a classic rock fan and I don’t buy much anymore but I loved her during the show and will stick with both her and Adam, mainly for the support.

  2. I will definitely buy her album….She has a unique voice and since James was voted off earlier, I was rooting and voting for Haley to win.

  3. I’m ready to buy ANYTHING this fabulously talented young woman produces. I think she is incredible and I love, love, love both her style and her voice.

  4. I will be buying 10 copies of her album and handing them out to music lovers… I can’t wait to HALEY’s Cd – it’s gonna be epic.

  5. I will definitely be buying Haley’s album. I will get the digital download first. I will probably order a CD from Amazon. Then I will buy some in actual stores (Target, Walmart, etc.). I’m planning on giving some out as gifts, keeping one in the car… So excited!

  6. 100% sure, I will buy anything from Haley. I am just waiting the release of her Christmas single (with Casey) “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Nov 21 !!!!

  7. More sold here.Very interested what this one is
    going to sound like.I hope we get a rock album
    down the road somewhere but I am sure whatever
    she puts out will be grrrreat.

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