James Durbin Single Released: Love Me Bad

James Durbin album cover

James Durbin has released his first single, “Love Me Bad,” off his upcoming Nov. 21st debut album, “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster,” and you can listen to it right now, courtesy of Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Of course, a few weeks ago we got a preview listen of the same song, so nothing really new here, sorry. But Durbin fans can still preorder his album now on Amazon for about $12.

If you missed the release the other week then give “Love Me Bad” a listen and see what you think. It’s not nearly as “hard rock” as I would have expected, but I’m still waiting to hear the rest of the album. What’s your impression of the single?




  1. I like it .. and for an old person that speaks volumes..I still think he should have been American Idol 2011.. I think he will go far in his singing career..

  2. I loved it the first time I heard it and I still love it. I preordered his CD & now I’m waiting to hear the rest of the album….James Rocks!!!!!!

    • @ Phyllis G.Hello sweet friend. I so totally agree…loved this song and am waiting to get the CD. James Durbin Rocks. Whoo Hoo 🙂

      • @Rose……We are totally on the same page……
        Not to get off the topic buy I’m really surprised that MATT doesn’t have an X-Factor site. That show rocks….A little disappointed in the voting system….seems like it the same as AI but the show really rocks…Great talent…

      • Matt….Thank you so much…..I don’t know how I missed it at the end of AI.
        I’ve already been there and commented….Thank you Matt & Branden. I love his reviews…..

  3. i think he should not even have a song out all he ever did on american idol was cry his name should be crybaby, and reptely say why he was on there doing that which was because he needed money to take care of his famliy when what he should have said he was doing it because he loved singing and it was his passion,

    • The dude is a freak show, his career is already over, his fans have 0 music taste and are still living in the teeny bopper 70’s….a fake cry baby he is….that is how he gets his way with his mommy and daddy…..

    • Matt, Me too! Thanks for the X/Factor link.
      We really appreciate every thing you do Matt. I am a bit slow on the computer. And like Phyllis G. Thank-You and Branden for keeping us up on what all is going on!

  4. LMB has really grown on me. James’ voice ROCKS it, especialy the chorus and at the end. I can not wait for the album!!!!

  5. @Ray, really? I don’t think James did that at all! It was more AI. I love this song and can’t wait till James Rocking Album comes out! I give this amazing song 2 THUMBS UP!!!!!

  6. I LOVE it. It’s all a matter of taste. That sound is very, very appealing to me. Much more so than Scotty and Lauren. I would buy his album, based on this song. It hits me just right.

  7. I love James! Just love him! I like the song. And I want to buy his CD when it comes out for sure! Keep rocking James.

  8. Ok.. I kinda liked him. I thought he had some stage pressence and good rocking moments. However, who the hell writes these songs!! The lyrics suck!! Is A.I. just not able to afford good writers for these people??!?!

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