Meet Your American Idol 2012 Top 10

American Idol 2012 Top 10

Meet your American Idol 2012 Top 10! Just to think a week ago we were looking at the Top 12 and in just a few days we dropped two singers. That was a crazy week indeed. Now we’ve got our American Idol Tour set of singers and things look pretty good for a talented group of performers to press on next week for Billy Joel song… seriously. Oh, and look who made sure she was smiling this week in the group photo after last week’s blowback!

This week’s poll proved that even fan favorite Jessica Sanchez wasn’t impervious to competition as Joshua Ledet brought her numbers back down to Earth. Don’t worry, Jessica fans, she’s not in any danger of elimination anytime soon, but it’s good to see no one can coast on to the finale just yet.

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Finalists:

  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Colton Dixon
  • Heejun Han
  • Skylar Laine
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Elise Testone
  • Erika Van Pelt

Voice your support for your favorite American Idol Top 10 singer.




  1. Shannon was one of my favorites, I wish they would of kept her and sent Heejun or Elise home. That is so not fair.

    • It isn’t fair because she isn’t your favorite? That doesn’t seem right does it?

    • I wish Elsie would have left to, but she will soon, she has been in bottom 2 times now.¬†¬†

    • first of all sorry rockso…but a little too much info there…..and ambarker it is sooooooo fair it isn’t even funny. What wouldn’t be fair is if they hadn’t given her the chance to attract a big fan base. But they gave her that chance and she wasn’t able to do it. So don’t blame the voters or the show for Shannon’s short comings.

    • Yeah, you should rename American Idol into Amberker Idol. Just kiddin’, though. There’s nothing we can do about that. There are still 2 weeks before HeeJun or Deandre go home. Unless, America saves them.

  2. I liked the fact that Jessica isn’t always on top. As Jimmy said, last week was Jessica’s night and this week was Joshua. Since it’s a horse race, I wonder who’s gonna go third next week. Hoping it will be Hollie or Phil. ūüôā

    On my pasts comments, I wanted Jessica-Hollie Finale. Now, as long as Jess, Hollie, Joshua, Phil and (Colton, Elise or Heejun if he improves) is in the top 5, will be fine with me.  

    • Next week is the Billy Joel songbook, so here are my choices:
      Hollie – The Stranger [she needs to sing something up-tempo
      Joshua – Shameless or Tell Her About It
      Skylar – It’s Still R&R To Me
      Elise РAnd So It Goes 
      Deandre – Just The Way You Are
      Jessica – River of Dreams
      Colton – Piano Man
      Erika – For The Longest Time
      Phil2 – You May Be Right
      Heejun – Honesty

      • Yes, she has a great, humble attitude, cute personality and solid fan base. I think she is very marketable, and her voice packs a punch!

  3. Joshua was AH-MA-ZING last week. Heejun seems like a fun guy, but he really hasn’t impressed since. Maybe a Hollie-Joshua finale?

    • well sorry to disappoint you but no one can tell who will be in the finale… But Hollie-Jessica is more likely to face the finale… But how about another fron runner Philip Philips? Joshua will stay long in the competition but some will get tired of his Gospel singer tone and will go for someone who is perfect for mainstream stardom…

      Nonetheless, ¬†American Idol is just a vehicle for stardom but is more of a popularity contest. Those who gets evicted are those who usually become successful singers…

      • Umm, Jennifer Hudson has Gospel tone…perfect for mainstream stardom…why wouldnt joshua be?

      • @SalvX:disqus¬†It will help him if you’re talking about the 90s…. The music today is changing and most singers with gospel tones are women as far as I could see. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

        I couldn’t picture out buying gospel-toned singers, yet. Well, I definitely bought Casting Crowns, but, Joshua….Not yet.

      • ¬†Sorry but Im not that impressed with Hollie, yes she can do high pitched songs but it lacks soul in it. As if she thinks on what she will do next word, there is no fluidity when she sings. For Joshua I dont see him as an American Idol.¬† Too much screaming for boys is not my cup of tea. My bet in the finale is Jessica vs Philip or Jessica vs Hollie ( if she improves.

      • No one should do We Didn’t Start The Fire. ¬†For starters there’s too much to learn in a week. ¬†Second, it’s not a song that showcases the voice. ¬†it sounds like an auctioneer.

    • better not count on it. And are your audiophiles posted anywhere online besides here? not quite understanding the idea. do you run the performances through software to¬†gauge¬†the pitch and notes? Sorry if this is a stupid question.¬†

      One more question: If an artist is unique enough and has the ability to change the arrangement and to change the notes to fit within their vocal range and the song still actually sounds good and like their own original how does that affect your audiophiles if you are gauging it against the original singer’s version? I guess you need to explain to me how this works. I am no expert obviously and I only judge based on what my ears hear. I have no idea if they are hitting the exact note that they are supposed to. I just know what sounds good to my ears and doesn’t annoy me. It’s like this, Pia Toscano was supposed to be so good but yet her pitch on some of the big notes she hit just sounded like nails on a chalkboard to me. That’s the only way I know to explain it.¬†

      • Taymaro,

        Its been an hour since you posted this so I hope I catch you.¬† Thank you for inquring about this information.¬† I’ll first explain what it is we do, then I’ll answer your questions.¬† I am a musician and sound engineer, and I work with a team of the same type of folks who help folks record and produce music.¬† Our team has¬†proprietary software that we code named Audiophile that measures different dynamics of music.¬† One portion of our software measures voice.¬† In particular, it measures the Vocal range, Pitch Control, Tone/Timber, and sustainability/strength of a musicians voice.¬† Each one of those catagories gets a unique measurement (1-10).¬† It is then averaged to an overall (1-10) result.¬† It is suprisingly accurate, in that 95 of “Rolling Stone’s top 100 singers of all time” recieved an Audiophile ranking of over 9.0.

        All of us here at work love watching American Idol and have watched it from the beginning.¬† (We also have a former top 24 American idol singer working at our company that I cannot¬†name.)¬† ¬†We have watched it evolve from a singing competition to a texting marathon popularity contest.¬† We got so upset when Siobonne Magnus, Then Melinda Dolittle, then, Adam Lambert, and finally…Pia Toscano were eliminated that we started measuring the American Idol singers…and it evolved to everyone in the music industry.¬†

        That being said…in an answer to your questions..

        -Our database has all the singer archives and we have not uploaded it to a website.¬† We said if it got more popular, we would…but Audiophile has been given mixed reviews here so we are still weighing our options.

        -In an answer to your question regarding the uniqueness of an artist and their ability to make it their own…Audiophile does not need to measure this.¬†

        If Phillip Phillips wanted to sing “Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA” and he sang it his style, as long as he has pitch control, good tone and sustains his notes well, then he would get a decent score.¬†

        You are correct in the sense that people have different tastes in music, and therefore tend to get emotionally attached to certain singers…but Musicians tend to be more neutral and focus on a singers ability, stage presence, and charisma.¬† Granted, stage presence and charisma cannot be measured by Audiophile, but we believe the voice is 90% of it.¬†

        With reference to Pia Toscano, musically, she is one of the best we have ever measured, and that includes all of her american idol preformances, youtube videos, her post idol preformances, and song releases.   Sometimes we all watched the show together, (20 of us) in a room.  And just about all of us were in tears each time she preformed. 

        Allow me to show you where she ranks, vocally, according to Audiophile, among the greats.

        Aretha Franklin 9.9
        Christina Auglaria 9.8
        Frank Sinatra 9.8
        Pia Toscano 9.7
        Mariah Carey 9.6
        Celine Dion 9.6
        Whitney Houston 9.5
        Joshua Ledet 9.5
        Mary J Blidge 9.0
        Lauren Aliana 9.1
        Freddie Mercury 9.0
        Carrie Underwood 8.4

        Those are just a couple.  Let me know if you have any more questions.

    • Thanks for the reply. I now understand better. But I was a huge fan of Siobhan Magnus and while I thought Pia Toscano was indeed a great singer it was those power notes that I couldn’t take. Those are two of the ones you mentioned that you were upset about being eliminated and I am on two opposite ends of the spectrum with these two performers.¬†¬†I like everything from a little hip hop all the way to certain operatic style performances. So it’s not a matter of taste that affects my decision. It is what my ears hear mixed with a lot of the performers personality..and not even so much their stage presence. Bad voices can hit notes but they still sound bad. As far as Joshua Ladet goes, he is in the same category as Jacob Lusk for me. I know they are hitting the notes and pitch is right but when my two children were small I can remember some of those notes and pitches coming out of them when they were pitching a tantrum and crying really loud. And that is irritating. I have even heard some singers say that to hit certain notes it is the same as crying or laughing and after hearing that I notice it more when people sing. However, at the end of the day the name of the show is American Idol and by it’s very title and nature it is exactly a popularity contest. It is about who America would want to idolize or who they would want their children to idolize. Yet it is billed as a singing competition so it gets very confusing. When I was growing up some people liked The Wonder Twins and others liked Aquaman and still others liked Wonder Woman. Who can say why they liked who they liked? It is the voters who are deciding. If it were a legitimate singing competition then it would only be people of your caliber and other professionals that would judge the contest and pick the winners. So even though I feel your pain, you have to realize that we are not professionals and this is an interactive program that keeps us entertained. And we feel like we get to decide. When you make your remarks it is extremely insulting because you come across as though you are saying we don’t know what we are talking about so here let me show you which of these is really a good singer. And then you post your Audiophiles and you say, “See these are the great ones, and you my friend are wrong.”¬†

      You can be a great singer all day long and if people don’t like you they won’t buy it or listen to it. If you aren’t selling anything you don’t eat. And then you become a starving artist with a lot of talent and nobody to appreciate it. So don’t criticize people for commenting on a contestant’s personality. That is important too.

      • ¬†Taymaro,

        -I am sorry that you feel what our team is doing is insulting…but we in no way shape or form try to sway people’s opinions.¬† Everyone is free to make their own decisions about who to vote for.

        -Many others have said they find our posts entertaining and inciteful.¬† I say others because there is no one SalvX.¬† Any number of our team could be posting right now.¬† Not once have I ever seen a SalvX post that says “these are the audiophile rankings and if you think otherwise you are wrong.”¬†

        If you dont like what I am posting, then I suggest you do not read it.¬† That being said, you are now criticizing me and my team because of our opinions.¬† Just because we use musical and mathematical analysis to back our opinions does not make them the “right” or “wrong” choices.¬† That is our way of expressing our opinions.¬†

        You are very welcome to have your opinions about Pia Toscano, but dont be hypocritical and call me out for having my opinions, when you have trashed others posts in the past for liking her. 

        That being said, your comment about “being a great singer all day long and if people dont like you they wont buy it or listen to it”, see how Robert Johnson,¬† got started…a blues great.¬† See how BB King got started.¬†

        The producers of the show have been contemplating changing the voting rules, why do you think this is?

        You can say all day long that my posts come across as insulting, its just an educated guess. 

        So, ill end my post with the same sniveling and pouty remark as you did. 

        “Dont criticize me for commenting on a contestants voice.¬† That is important too. “

    • Geeeeeez! Why so defensive? You have indeed criticized others opinions and called the comments silly and childish. So don’t try to say you haven’t. The voice is important but no machine can tell me that what I am hearing sounds good when I know full well it doesn’t. You even said in your response to me that it was a¬†mis-justice that Pia and Siobhan were eliminated. There can be no mis-justice on American Idol because America votes. And it is up to each contestant to gain a following and if they don’t do it then they aren’t gonna win the contest. Even if they change the voting process it won’t matter because it is still gonna be a popularity contest regardless. The reason is that each contestant has people in their home town campaigning for them. Whether it be family, friends, townships or what ever. And whoever gets the vote out will always win. All I was saying is to drop the “holier than thou” attitude and quit saying it needs to be a singing contest like it once was because it never was a legitimate singing contest. It sounds to me like someone is bitter, whether it be a past idol contestant or a viewer who took the show way too seriously and didn’t like the results so they decided to come up with this method that in their own mind proves themselves to be right and everyone else to be judging on the wrong criteria. I respect your opinion and I also agree, as I did in the last post, that the best singer doesn’t always win. I also have said that in previous posts. So I think your hostility toward me is unfounded and ¬†in no way was I criticizing your opinion. I was just saying that you shouldn’t hold your own method of judging the competition above anyone else’s. And that you have done my friend. …just sayin.¬†

      • ¬†That is because I personally do believe that it is a misjustice that they were eliminated.¬† That is my opinion.¬† As others on our team.¬†¬† By you saying no machine is going to tell you what you are hearing sounds good is again, YOUR OPINION.¬†

        OUR OPINION is that the machine backs up our analysis of the songs.¬† If you don’t find that inciteful and entertaining, then that is your business.¬† But don’t criticize us for doing what we are doing.¬†

        If you are saying I have criticized others opinions by engaging them in conversation about what they posted here, then yes…I am guilty.¬†

        I don’t have a holier than thou attitude, nor does anyone on my team.¬† We have a strong passion for music.

        I can say all I want that it needs to be a singing competition like it once was.   That is MY opinion.  And YOU made a hypocritical statement, Taymaro. 

        “””I respect your opinion and I also agree, as I did in the last post,
        that the best singer doesn’t always win. I also have said that in
        previous posts.”””

        What exactly defines the best singer to you, and what defines the best singer to me, and everyone else on this board…is different.¬† We bring a different analysis to the table, but I have never said it was any better than anyone elses.¬†

        Who is the one with hostility?¬† This all started with you labeling my opinions as insulting.¬† So I am asking you, nicely, that if you don’t like what we bring to the table, then kindly mind your own business.¬†

  4. Shannon’s rendition of “What a wonderful world” brought tears to my eyes.¬† Everything after that was not good.¬†

    • Mind my own business? OMG! It’s on national public television. What ever I decide to watch becomes my business. Also this post is public and what ever you post on here becomes my business as a member of this site and as a disqus registrar. I indeed did say that if what I am hearing doesn’t sound good to me that no machine can contradict that. How is that¬†hypocritical? I don’t think you shouldn’t use the machine or the software and you shouldn’t state your opinion but I just think you should approach your post in completely different way. Maybe people would consider it more and you might sway a few people if you just post the results and say that according to the software this performance registered higher values that the others and leave it at that. Then maybe people would go back and listen and some might agree. But when you complain that the wrong people are voting too many times and for the wrong person that starts to get personal and people take if offensively. just sayin….end of conversation for me unless you attack me again.¬†

      • Maybe SalvX is actually Sheldon Cooper, socially inept with no respect for anyone’s opinion but his/her own. ¬†If not, perhaps he/she might consider reconfiguring their on-line persona. ¬† All that analysis gibberish is boring and non conclusive because it doesn’t factor in the human element.

      • Tico,¬†

        Go back and read my last review in the top 12 recap.  We provide analysis both based on our personal opinions and give the audiophile rankings. 

  5. To all the Elise haters, who say she’s headed home soon.. yeah she’s been innthe bottom three two times..

    ANYONE remember HALEY? Reinhart?! Yeah, she was in the bottom three many times, but was also final 3.

  6. Favorite = DeAndre
    Who do I think will win = Phillip

    IDK why I like DeAndre. I think it was his¬†demeanor when he was singing for his life after not making the top 12. Ryan told him to dig deep and pull out all the stops and it was like he was talking to his sports coach. He said “ok” and he did just that. He got himself all pumped and it wasn’t fake and best of all he didn’t get defeated easily like some of the others. His adrenalin was racing and he was making laps on the stage and totally in the zone and he made use of that adrenalin to deliver a stellar performance of Georgia on My Mind. Ryan had to grab him and calm him down. I don’t like for him to overuse his falsetto or flip his hair too much but I admire his vocal range and the way he can switch in and out of falsetto so easily.¬†¬†And you got to appreciate that level of enthusiasm and drive that he has and the control to take all of that and put in the right place and deliver vocally the way he did. You see professional sports players hunker down like this and just deliver and it just leaves you in awe.

    • So, Deandre is ur fav..¬† I like him very much … He is way better than Phillip IMO.

    • Georgia on My Mind and his performance after that (uhhh…Master Blaster) are the only two things I’ve liked from him. ¬†He totally regressed this last week with his weak, out of tune falsetto (srsly get the kid a tuner) and I hate the hair flipping. ¬†It’s worse than what’s his face from last year (Brett somethin firehead).¬†

      ¬†Anyway, I think he has a lot of talent and wastes it on a lot of meaningless fluff. ¬†He’s proved me wrong with Georgia on My Mind. ¬†Unfortunately he has a big enough fan base that he will be able to glide rather smoothly until some of the other contestants go home, meaning he won’t have to give another amazing performance like Georgia or Master Blaster. ¬†Like Scotty last year had no danger to go home so he never really had to improve; it was always the same old Scotty. ¬†It would be a shame if the same thing happens to Deandre.

      • No, he became my favorite when he sang Georgia On My Mind. Before that I had no favorite.

    • I like Deandre a lot too but I think he needs to tone down on the falsetto. The one he did on Endless Love was so unnecessary and did nothing for his performance. ¬†He has a really nice normal singing voice and he should learn how to use that to his best advantage. And he needs to learn how to stand up to Jimmy like Skylar did.

  7. I reviewed Jessica’s performance and wondered how the hell the Judges’ thought the performance didn’t went well.¬†

    I came up to realize that they needed to do this because they want the other contestants to feel they are not out of place. ¬†They don’t need to be too harsh on that.¬†

  8. it’s billy joel week !!
    OMG!!!!! T_T
    My one of Billy joels song that is special to me is NY State of mind but I guest they are not allowed sing it because it was us during vegas… :(((

    Joshua Ledet- “Piano Man”
    Hollie Cavanagh- “Goodnight Saigon” or “River Of Dreams”
    Elise Testone- “Vienna”
    Skylar Laine- “Honesty”
    Colton Dixon- “She’s Always A Woman To Me”
    Jessica Sanchez- “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)”
    Phillip Phillips- “Only The Good Die Young”
    Erika Van Pelt- “Captain Jack”
    Deandre Brackensick- “Just The Way You Are”
    Heejun Han- “Downeaster Alexa”

    • I would prefer Keeping the Faith for Joshua, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant for Erika and She’s Got a Way for Colton

  9. Elise Testone is not a good sport, that attitude is so bad, i believe she will be still in the bottom 3 next week

      • Haley never ahd a attitue she got mad cuz they tried there best to get her knocked off. everybody was sugar and spice untill haley came out and there would even say something like i didnt like you seated down.

      • There’s all these comparisons of Elise to Haley, but I think if she’s like anyone from last season it’s Kendra Chantelle.

  10. To the judges —–>>> check out Jessica’s studio version of Turn the Beat Around…really amazing. A diva in the making.¬†

  11. This is a somewhat acceptable top 10, but not quite what I expected. That said there’s something I want to kind of get off my chest.

    I read a few comments mentioning this Johnny Keyser guy, and I didn’t
    know who it was these people are talking about.  Not by name anyways. 
    So I looked him up on youtube and I do remember him a little.¬† I’m just
    very disturbed that this guy did not at least make top 24.  I only
    watched his audition again and it seems he got eliminated after group
    week.  But someone PLEASE explain to me why someone who the judges
    didn’t want to stop listening to and who got told “you’re gonna be a
    star” did not make it further.

    I didn’t hear him sing enough to be able to say he should be on the
    show right now or anything, I’m just really annoyed at how the judges
    acted towards him and then eliminated him.  So that brings me to the
    conclusion that J.Lo is either stupid or she doesn’t think before she
    says things.¬† You don’t tell someone they’re gonna be a star and then
    eliminate them.¬† Plus the “best thing on idol” comment she made is
    pretty ignorant, even if she meant only as long as she’s been on the

    That’s just how I feel about that!


    • Johnny Keyser is very good, I was disappointed with this as well. ¬†But I think they did what they did to Colton and Deandre last year. ¬†They already had their top 12ish picked out and they put 12 (+/-) other contestants they knew wouldn’t make it to make sure they got most of the finalists they wanted. ¬†

      Hopefully Johnny auditions again because he was entertaining and had a great voice.

      • I watched another video of him singing “Use Somebody” and a couple other songs with a live band.¬† That further validates how good he is for me.¬† I hope he auditions again as well.

        He’s better than most of the guys that made to to the top 13 and I would say he’s easily a top 4 contender in this group.¬† Big mistake on the judge’s part for getting ahead of themselves if that is what they did.

      • agreed.¬† I had two scenarios planned out in my head for this.

        A) He followed up his amazing audition with a few terrible preformances and the judges just let him go…or…

        B) They strategically eliminated him, knowing that he would come back and probably get through next time. 

    • They may have some really good reasons for dropping him, because he was really good. ¬†Maybe the rumors about him having a record deal is true, maybe they are just saving him for next year because they have already chosen someone else to win it this year, maybe he displayed some really bad attitude during Vegas round- I don’t know. Anyway, they would not have dropped him like that knowing what he can contribute to the ratings without a reason.

    • I agree. And the tongue twister… WOW! It’s like listening to a radio hit already… still rooting for her to be this year’s winner!

  12. I wish Elise would really bring it stronger and harder now that shes got the motivation and adrenaline already. i mean don’t you find it boring knowing the front runners like Phillips, Jessica, Hollie, and Joshua, and that no one can give them a run for their money?

  13. I still have faith on Jessica! FTW!
    Her version of turn the beat around is really good, i’m so upset with the judges. They didn’t even give her a clap? What are they trying to say!?

    God Bless Jessica. You’re great!

    • They afraid to say positive¬†feedback. There will be no contest at all. The show must be called —-> American Idol Presents “JESSICA”..:)

    • She’s really an outstanding talent, but she has to choose her songs really well to showcase how good her voice is and how fine a singer she is.

      • she is currently showing her versatility. We’ll get more surprises from her. soon.

    • All contestants can choose whatever songs they like as long as they can showcase their voices and styles (which is what Jessica did). There is no such thing as a wrong song choice—only a wrong delivery of music. I could even remember David Cook’s delivery of “Always be my baby”.¬†

      Judges! Just a tip: If you think you won’t be impressed with the contestants’ presentations, at least, you should have ¬†the politeness to clap. And, open your eyes and broaden your ear drums. You are afterall——musicians.

  14. Heejun hahahahahahahahahahahahahah should have been in the bottom 3.
    he is the sanjaya everyone wants to go why vftw hasnt chose him i never know.

    • Sanjaya was able to overstay only because of the huge Indian population. ¬†Heejun has talent, his voice is really good, but he keeps singing safe songs. ¬†I agree that his song choices were far better during the eliminations that preceded the live show.

  15. I still think that Heejun can nail his performance anytime soon if he’s gonna be staying a little bit longer. His auditions were great than his live performances. I think he’ll nail it if he chooses the right songs.¬†

    • I think Heejun should not wait for too long before he makes his move, if he is planning to make a move. As people get eliminated and only the really good ones remain (I hope) he will really have to step up his game if he plans on staying

  16. For the Billy Joel song book week, let us do some shaking up a bit from their comfort ¬†zones. Here’s my suggestion to test the top 10’s versatility:

    DeAndre Brackensick   Р My LifeHollie Cavanagh           Р River of Dreams

    Colton Dixon               Р Piano ManHeejun Han                 Р You Maybe Right

    Skylar Laine         
         Р Just the Way You Are

    Joshua Ledet¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† –¬†Movin‚Äô Out

    Phillip Phillips
              Р She
    always a woman to meJessica Sanchez          Р Sometimes A Fantasy

    Elise Testone¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† – ¬†It’s still rock ‘n’ roll to me.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

    Erika Van Pelt¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†–¬† Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

    Wouldn’t it be fun to watch how far they can go?¬†

  17. For the Billy Joel song book week, let us do some shaking up a bit from their comfort ¬†zones. Here’s my suggestion to test the top 10’s versatility:
    DeAndre Brackensick   Р My Life
    Hollie Cavanagh           Р River of Dreams
    Colton Dixon               Р Piano Man
    Heejun Han                 Р You Maybe Right
    Skylar Laine              Р Just the Way You Are
    Joshua Ledet¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† –¬†Movin‚Äô Out
    Phillip¬†Phillips ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†– ¬†She’s¬†always a woman to me
    Jessica Sanchez          Р Sometimes A Fantasy
    Elise Testone¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† – ¬†It’s still rock ‘n’ roll to me.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
    Erika Van Pelt¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†–¬† Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
    Wouldn’t it be fun to watch how far they can go?¬†

    • Versatility is one thing — singing a song that is not your style is something different.¬† Jessica with “Sometimes a Fantasy” and Hollie with “River of Dreams” would be train wrecks….as would Joshua with “Movin Out”

      • Well, you are right but there is not much choice for the girls from Billy Joel’s repertoire anyway…so might as well have fun..let us see what songs these 3 front runners will sing. Am still rooting for a Jessica vs. Hollie finale..
        .Good luck! 

      • The good news is that BJ does have a few ballads “New York State of Mind”, “Honesty”, “Leave a Tender Moment Alone”, “Baby Grand”, etc…. they can find something….

  18. Wish I was American so I could vote for Elise… she really needs some support. She has an amazing voice, and would not be a prom-princess pop type artist which is all the world needs more of. ¬†

  19. I think the judges were trying to lower down the hype of Jessica, I just heard her studio version of Turn the Beat Around… it was OMG it’s disco night…

  20. Phillip – You May Be Right
    Heejun –¬† She’s Got a Way
    Colton – Only the Good Die Young
    Joshua – Keeping the Faith
    Deandre РRiver of Dreams 
    Elise – Don’t Ask Me Why
    Jessica – New York State of Mind
    Hollie – Honesty
    Erika – I Go To Extremes
    Skylar – Shameless

    I think this week will be tough on the gals — but it should be a fun week.

  21. Our pick РJessica and Joshua in the final 2 and Hollie coming 3rd. 
    But looking back at previous idols when the singing-greats were voted off early (ie; Pia, Adam) – this may not work for our American Idol favs!!

  22. I feel Jermaine got ripped off, if he was wanted so badly, someone should have noticed and took him in after the first day on television, to go this far.. give the guy a new life and chance. Shannon should have stayed and Deandre should have gotten the boot. I would never listen to him on the radio.

  23. Hey, Idol should honor Steve Tyler’s home town… if they can’t sing Tyler songs, then sing songs from the band Boston, like More Than a Feeling.

  24. So sorry to see Shannon leave as she has so much potential and has had good performed. Would not have been upset if Heejun (good voice, not consistent. Smartelic). Or Skylar (tries to imitate Reba in a mediocre way, jumping around like a rabbit with a hot foot. Listen to her performance again….and you had nothing but praise???? Listen to Shannon again just now. Lost a contender.

  25. Tied for 1st: Jessica, Holly, & Joshua

    Middle: Phillip & Colton

    Bottom 3: Deandre, Elise & Ericka

    Based on all performances, talent. & personality.

  26. its unfair for heejun. america loves him thats why he stays in american idol.he’s voice is smooth as silk

  27. Did anyone else notice Hollie at the vid when Shannon bids her final goodbye to her supporters? She was so cute and lovable. I am starting to like her, after Jessica.

  28. predictions (the first one to go)

    10. Hae Jun Han
    9. Diandre Brekensick
    8. Erika Van Pelt
    7. Elise Stone
    6. Skylar Laine
    5. Joshua Ledet
    4. Philip Phillips
    3. Colton Dixon
    2. Jessica Sanchez
    1. Hollie Cavanagh

    • Hollie Cavanagh will be the winner of AI 2012. I remember she was cut by the judges last year, in which she did not make it through to top 24. But hey, look at her now people. She is in the top 10. She is talented, has a great voice, amazing personality and a beautiful face.

      I love Hollie!

      Hollie Cavanagh, if you do read this comment. I just want to know that I love you whole heartedly. All the best and yes YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!

  29. pls no more ballads for Heejun!! although hes really good at ballads he should step up with the competition and do something different or else like what Jimmy said last week the people will get bored with him and sent him home!!!!…i hope he do some upbeating tunes like “Uptown Girl” or ” We didnt start the Fire” that will surely heat the stage and blow Jimmy and the Judges heads off… he got great singing voice he just need a good material he can do it!!

  30. I know this probably happens every year at this time — but there appears to be two caliber of singers here…….and the split is very obvious. ¬†Now, I also know that it won’t end up with the best singers at the top (Scotty McCreary is proof of that)….

    But the best five singers are quite obvious:  Jessica, Hollie, Elise, Phillips and Ledet.

    The other 5 are good — no argument there — but not in the class of the above 5…. i wish them all well….and many record sales!

  31. I don’t like how Jessica’s trying imitate the original. She could sound karaoke.

  32. I’m rooting for Colton and Phillip..Both¬†got styles on their own which i think will put them¬†on the top 2..

  33. My prediction for this years top 5 is 
    Hollie Cavanagh, 
    Skylar Laine, 
    Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon 

  34. I just feel its too soon to guess who’s going to be in the finale, each week could change depending on what song choice they may have for the week & if they picked the right one & if they came out and delivered it.
    U don’t know what the the people are looking for. I guess I’m a little different I like Colton so far, I guess I could see Colton as a artist, he looks like he’s been out there doing for awhile even though he hasn’t. That’s who I’m liking at the moment.

  35. ..the revenge of ms. jessica sanchez this coming performance night

    ..surely that another standing ovation from the judges and audiences will do. We should support the talented ms. sanchez until the finals of the show, pls. everyone. If you will support ms. sanchez kindly like my post message

  36. i believe jessica is humble enough to accept the judges suggestion.if she wil only listen to them, im sure the judges will be impressed with her next time…

  37. i hope jessica would be humble enough to listen to the judges…those were great suggestions for her to perform better next time…at any rate, i’m still for jessica no matter what…Go swaggynaut!!!

  38. Elise is my favorite . Her and Phil are the only unique voices this year. American Idol is supposed to pick people who arent like EVERY other artist. I hope Elise wins and shows people like you . 

  39. Not true…Deandre has a great voice, simply bad song choice last time.
    But Phillip, Hollie and Joshua are the guys to beat!

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