Steven Tyler Discusses Shannon Magrane American Idol Elimination

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson were cornered by Access Hollywood for their weekly post-show interviews and the pair discussed lots of different American Idol 2012 topics. The judging duo ran through everything from JLo’s comment that Joshua Ledet’s performance was the “best ever” to Randy’s lapel pins (ahem, my suggestions), and even Aerosmith’s upcoming album and tour. Steven even took a moment to discuss Shannon Magrane’s elimination from American Idol this past week and why he thought it was appropriate.

Jump to the 30 second mark in the video below and listen in as Steven reflects on the issues she was having plus her potential after a few more years of training. Unfortunately the interviewer quickly goes off topic and starts talking about the 16-year old’s legs instead. Ah well.




  1. This was a waste of my time. LOL just sayin….I’d rather hear about Colton’s Christianity. 

  2. EVERYONE knows who the best ever was/is…even JLo!!!
     Adam Lambert his very own self….amazingly talented singer with unmatched vocal range and control,  innovative genius and all around kind and decent human being!!

    • Yeah, I can see that coming, but to me…. I would put Kelly Clarkson as the Best American Idol. 

      Hmmm…. I wouldn’t name Joshua like that—the Judges are kind of exaggerating as always. Why can’t they be objective?

  3. Yea Barbk121!  I love anyone who sticks up for ADAM. I love ADAM. And I know that a whole bunch of us ladies love him. It is just great to see people stick up for him. And YES he truly is the best ever.And he truly is a nice person.  Have a great day. Sherry K

    • Sorry, I could not get this to post below Barbk121’s  post below. iKept clicking post and it just sat there!  so Matt I am not replying to my self. The blog must have had a slight glitch beccause evertime I clicked post it just sat there. Thanks and have a great day. Sherry K

      • I think Haley was the best ever.  I also think Jennifer was subtlely taking a shot at Haley with that comment.  As for Adam being the best ever, I can at least see where people think he’s better than Haley.  I don’t agree with it, but at least I can see where someone is coming from if they say Adam.  I’m still floored at how anyone could think Scott is better. 

  4. Tyler’s made several very inappropriate comments about the young teens legs and looks which were obviously not appreciated by her or her family. Oh well that’s the danger to having a dancing monkey they just can’t be civil. That girls huge athletic father should of smacked some sense of right and wrong into Tyler geriatric head.

  5. best idol ever :
    1. Adam lambert
    2. Kelly clarkson
    3. Carrie underwood
    4. Fantasia 
    5. Jennifer hudson
    6. Daughtry
    Joshua is way down there 🙂 (maybe 10-15). He is amazing. great performer. but to be named as best idol ever? big no 🙂

    • I didn’t see the first 3 years, so I’m not sure about them.  I would consider Kelly Clarkston “THE” American Idol.  She was the first one to win it.  From my understanding if she didn’t go on to do well, there wouldn’t have been to many more seasons.

      So I guess in that sense Kelly’s like the Babe Ruth of American Idol. 

      I kind of live in a cave, but I’d never heard of American Idol until I was channel flipping one day in season 4.  I even remember the audition I’d seen. It was in Vegas, & this chick sings a Cyndi Lauper song & belts it out.  Then they ask her to sing another song.  I saw Paula Abdul, who I hadn’t really seen much of since the 80s & was like “oh, so this is what she’s doing.” 

      I didn’t have a clue as to who Simon, Randy, or Ryan were.  I think Kenny Loggins was a guest judge on that show if I recall it right.  I didn’t realize he was a guest though. 

      So anyway, I’m thinking I’ve discovered some unknown show that was pretty cool.   I’ve been hooked ever since. 

      As for Carrie, while it seems obvious now with how their careers have gone, back when they were both on Idol a lot of people thought Bo should have won.  I’d include myself in that group.  This is in no way a knock on Carrie.  I felt they’d both go on and have great careers. 

      So when I rate the Idols, I’m thinking of em as how good were they when they were on the show.  And when I don’t think Adam or Carrie were the best in their particular years, I’m not knocking em.  Either would have been a good choice to win.  Carrie did obviously, but I mean like when Carrie beat Bo, I wasn’t thinking it was a rip off.  I was thinking two close competitors and my choice didn’t make it.

      When Haley, Siobhan, or Daughtry went out, I was wondering what kind of drugs America was on. 

      My top 3 Idols of all time would be Haley, Allison, and Siobhan.  In the next mix would be Bo, Carrie, Adam, Melinda, Daughtry. I’m not sure what order I’d put em in though.  I recall liking Blake Lewis a lot too.  He was real original. 

      • Latoya London should have won during her time, although Fantasia’s Summertime should be up there among AI’s greatest moments. Siobhan, Allison, Daughtry were outstanding talents who didn’t win. Please forgive JLo, she only has two years to refer to, so she didn’t know what she was talking about.

      • @97fc696093ec497b7ba06066619a85b8:disqus She should have replayed the previous AI seasons so she’ll know what to say, how to say and when to say them..

    • Zayib_o11993 ~ I like your list. But I would just change it up a little bit.
       2 Kelly Clarkson 
      3 Carrie Underwood
      4 Chris Daughtry  and
      5 Jennifer Hudson
      Matt, Can you get this thing working?  It won’t post??? I clicked it 20 times!  Be a sweet Heart and see what is wrong with it. Will you?

    • Zayib_o11993 ~ I like your list. But I would just change it up a little bit.
       2 Kelly Clarkson 
      3 Carrie Underwood
      4 Chris Daughtry  and
      5 Jennifer Hudson
      Matt, Can you get this thing working?  It won’t post??? I clicked it 20 times!  Be a sweet Heart and see what is wrong with it. Will you?

  6. Am I the only one that thought Taylor Hicks was awesome? His beauty school dropout is great.

    Oh and Katharine McPhee is the hottest idol chick ever!

  7. Shannon !! Oh dear . she was a victem coz of the system ” how to pick the contestants ” . Every season, They try to make a ballance . If they did not chose her and tell her to come back after two years, She will be stronger for sure . I think that David leathers is more talented than Eben. That’s why the judges did not chose him.

  8. shannon is a wonderful singer but she needs a vocal coach at this point in her life. with the right instruction and coaching, she’s got a helluva career ahead of her.

  9. Since this page seems to have turned into a “best American Idol ever” page … I will add my two cents:

    #1 Adam Lambert … No one even close in terms of overall performance.
    #2 Haley from last season … the one that some country fans for some unexplained reason, called a bitch.
    #3 Carrie Underwood … certainly the most commercialy successful.
    #4 Shiobhan … That girl have the look and the voice.
    #5 Fantasia …  That girl had pipes.

    I actually think a lot of the winners in past seasons, were not even close to being the best. David Acheletta, Ruban Studdard and that “Soul Patrol” come to mind. Probably a lot more than that.

  10. Since everyone is bringing up the best idol singers, I’m gonna bring up the best idol winners list here:

    #1 – Kelly Clarkson “Season one Winner” It is really difficult to maintain a wide range of popularity for her. She is one of the most successful voices in the music industry.
    #2 – Carrie Underwood “Season four Winner” She has one of the purest voices in AI history. She is a golden country singer to date.
    #3 – Fantasia Barrino “Season three Winner” Being tagged as one of the three Divas, I love her alongside Jennifer Hudson and LaToya London.
    #4 – Jordin Sparks “Season six Winner” Actually, her final song suited her better than Blake Lewis which was kinda odd for me. However, she really proved that she can do good in music sales.
    #5 – David Cook “Season seven Winner” I love every performance and music this man makes. He made every music his own during performance nights. And, he also shows he is worth big bucks!
    #6 – Scotty McCreery “Season ten Winner” His voice is really deep and strong. “Please Remember Me” is a pretty good song for this year’s idol btw. 
    #7 – Kris Allen “Season eight Winner” – Okay, first of all…. I would have picked Adam Lambert as Top 2. However, this is for the idol winners. Anyway, Kris Allen has a great voice—-but not really one of the best. I’d still choose Adam over him.
    #8 – Lee DeWyze “Season nine Winner” This man is really down to earth. I liked every performance he made during that season. However, his was not as strong as the previous winners.
    #9 – Ruben Studdard “Season two Winner” Hmmmm, I would love to pick Clay over him. 
    #10 – Taylor Hicks “Season five Winner” Same as the top 9, I do believe Kat is better than him and if I am the whole America, I’d choose Kat.

    I wonder who will win this year. I really love Jessica to win this year. America—Vote wisely!

    • Hi Joe I only disagree about Ruben he was terrible, but I agree about Jessica she is great, I also like Holly she is young but I think she can do it.

      • What a great post Jeffrey!  ADAM is truly the best all the way! His vocal range is amazing. His stage presence is awesome. I have not seen a live concert with ADAM. I hope to some day. I have a friend who saw him in concert and that it was just an amazing show! And is he ever JUST AWESOME on the looks !   ADAM LAMBERT gets my vote for the best EVER! I just lover him. I still cannot get this thing to post by just clicking post???? It took me 50 clicks last post??? Matt is something wrong with the blog. Or is it my computer?? I have never had a problem until now????  Thanks. Sherry K

  11. For overall vocal range, stage presence, and amazing concerts, Adam Lambert gets my vote for all time best. 

  12. I love this year’s show the singers are great, Jessica,Holly and Joshua also I like Phillip because he has a special quality about him that he sings songs his way. Also everyone seems to get along with each other and that makes it better for them to perform. Keep it up, also to the judges good work you seem kinder to them especially when they get off key.

  13. No one compares to Adam. I’m not sure if J Lo has watched any of the past seasons of AI before she became a judge, or if she was on pills. But, I could not believe she said It was the best performance she has seen! I honestly dont know what all the fuss is over Joshua.

  14. Thank-You Matthew!  It is working now???? But I do appreciate your help. I should have thought of that myself. I was too much in to the conversation to think of that. Smiles Matthew!

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