Meet Your American Idol 2012 Top 9

American Idol 2012 Top 9

Meet your American Idol 2012 Top 9 singers! There may be a lot of frustration and disappointment over last night’s Top 10 elimination results, but the show presses on to its May finale where only one singer can be crowned the winner. Erika Van Pelt fans will still be able to catch her this summer when she tours North America with the rest of Season 11’s Top 10 performers.

Next week should pick up a little more on American Idol with a wide open song selection based on the singers’ favorite performers. FOX’s press release actually capitalized idols when mentioning the Top 9 would “sing songs from their own Idols” which makes me think they’ll be picking from past AI winners/performers. We’re nearly getting to the point that some of the Hopefuls could perform songs by the winner from the year they were born!

American Idol 2012 Top 9 Finalists:

  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Colton Dixon
  • Heejun Han
  • Skylar Laine
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Elise Testone

Let us know who is your favorite singer from the American Idol Top 9.




  1. So AI didn’t even bother to “brain storm” a little bit for the theme for next week…how sad!!

    • No, I think it is good that the contestants are being allowed to sing something they want to sing. At least I hope the song each one chooses is something he/she can relate to,  coming from his/her idol

  2. I like – DeAndre, Jessica, Elise, Joshua, Hollie

    I dont care – Philip, Skylar, Colton

    I dont like – Heejun

    •  Like – Colton, Skylar, Hollie, & Heejun
      Don’t Care – Jessica, Elise, & Phillip
      Don’t like – DeAndre & Joshua

      • Like – Hollie, Joshua, Colton
        Don’t care – Deandre, Skylar, P2
        Don’t like – Jessica, Elise, Heejun

      • Like — Jessica, Philip, Colton, Skylar, in no particular order
        Almost like, wanna see more — DeAndre
        Don’t care — Elise
        Don’t like — Heejun (entertaining), Joshua (screechy),  Hollie (flat)
        Did like — Erika

  3. I’d like to make a comment on behalf of HeeJun if I can.  I’d like everyone to take a second and think about what happened.  HeeJun sang a song called “My Life” by Billy Joel…..

    Let’s Look at the lyrics:

    Got a call from an old friend we’d used to be real closeSaid he couldn’t go
    on the American wayClosed the shop, sold the house, bought a ticket to the
    west coastNow he gives them a stand-up routine in L.A.I don’t need
    you to worry for me cause I’m allrightI don’t want you to tell me it’s time
    to come homeI don’t care what you say anymore this is my lifeGo ahead
    with your own life leave me aloneI never said you had to offer me a
    second chanceI never said I was a victim of circumstanceI still
    belongDon’t get me wrongAnd you can speak your mindBut not on my

    “Now he gives them a stand-up routine in LA”
    “I don’t care what you say anymore this is my life”
    “Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone”
    “I never said you had to offer me a second chance”
    “I never said I was a victim of circumstance”
    “I still belong”
    “Don’t get me wrong”
    “And you can speak your mind”
    “But not on my time”

    those lyrics especially — were part of a performance….and that performance started during rehearsal with Jimmy and Diddy and Tommy Hilfiger.  He was getting into the song — he was having fun — trying to be true to the song…..

    I think everyone is OVER reacting to HeeJun…..and I am glad he’s on the show.  He’s a respectful kid who was having fun.  I think he’ll pull it back this week and do very well — but I think he realizes that everyone has an opinion about how he’s supposed to be.

    He wants to be HeeJun — and all of them can relax and quit taking themselves so seriously for a minute…..and realize that this is a kid having the ride of his life.

    Let him have his fun

    • I think he did not mean his performance to be a joke but his image preceded him.  I really believe he wanted to do an uptempo song as a response to the bad feedback he got last week. However, when he ripped off his tuxedo and started moving around, people thought he did it as a stunt.  It did not help that he did not sing the song too well.

      I hope he gets over all the bashing happening online and deliver a good performance next week. 

      • I think the “bashing” you are speaking of is too strong a word…
        I think Heejun is a good singer but not great … his humor is sometimes
        humorless and he seems to resent constructive criticism … and that become very obvious with his facial expressions, etc.  I really don’t
        think Heejun will get beyond the next two Idol weeks … Heejun has had
        too many “not so great” performances lately … so I’ll not be surprised
        to see him eliminiated.

      • Rog, I say backlash because comments on Twitter have been very hurtful.  I am not sure how thick-faced Heejun is but if it were me, I would be downright depressed.

    •  I agree 100%. HeeJun is just in it for the fun. While I tend to agree more than disagree with Jimmy he is taking it too seriously, and Tommy H has his head so far up his fashionable rear end that he can’t imagine that there is anyone who just doesn’t care about fashion – like HeeJun and Phillip.

      • Tommy H  is just a cheap Ralf Lauren imaitator… he dress everybody as a clown….did u see poor hollie? she looked like she was the MC in the circus!

    • i agree with everything said, HeeJun is not a great singer, he will not win, but he has a good voice. He is a nice kid, and he can sing and entertain. I dont think he was desrectful of the song or IDOL, he was being him which is entertaining and I love him and watching him.  I will not make it to the end. but enjoy him while he is there instead of knocking him down.

      • I agree. I think Heejun knows his talent can not possibly measure up against those of the other contestants, and I think he is already very happy to have made the tour and spend more time with his buddy.  It is not his fault that his fans are keeping him from going home.

    • Sometimes I think everyone forgets  IT’S A SINGING COMPETITION, not a popularity contest.  The kids can be cute, funny, and absolutely be themselves.  But at the end of the day, they need to sing and be consistant.  The singer with the weakest performance should go home.  Unfortunately, that was HeeJun. 

  4. This season is so different than last for me.  Last year I was all gung ho about Haley and James.   This year, if Heejun and Deandra are the next 2 to leave, I’ll be happy with any of the 7 left. 

    What I hope doesn’t happen, though I’m sure it will, is that Jessica fans bash Phillip, Phillip fans bash Hollie, & so on. 

    And for those who will “never watch the show again” once your favorite is eliminated.  We understand your pain & will see ya next week! 

    • Erika is a great singer whom I prefer over 3 or 4 others.  The problem with saving her though is that she might just end up leaving the next week anyway.  Every person whom they have used the save on in the past has lasted several more weeks.  I didn’t get that vibe with Erika and the judges probably didn’t either.

  5. My faves are JSan, Skylar, Hollie and Elise.  I have to say though, that Colton brings out the teenager in me. So good looking and talented. Voting for them all equally. 🙂

    Sometimes I like Philip, depends on the song choice. 🙂

    • Don’t count on it.   The judges and tweens are all about the girl..and bc of that she will be in top five, but Colton or Phillip will send her and her 58 teeth, (where do they all fit in her mouth) home!

      • I hope you are good looking enough to say such an insane comment about a person! You’re a pathetic loser!!!!

      • So anyone who votes for a singer you dont like is a teen voter thats what I have been seeing

      • So anyone who votes for a singer you dont like is a teen voter thats what I have been seeing

      • the votes from the teens will be divided by colton and philipps..
        Jessica will get a solid vote. people are tired of Hollie’s ballads.
        others are so…so…

        I can feel that the clown HeeJun will be eliminated next week if he’ll sing another boring ballad again..

        just do the Math!

      • I love to see those that are so offended by rudeness who are so quick to be even ruder to the one leaving the comment…..

        Then in another post later they are equally rude to another contestant

        Hypocrisy knows no limits….

      • Wait a sec call me rude then proceed to tell me to Go to Hell,  is that not rude dear?  I do live in America and call it like I HEAR it.  My vote is for Phillip.  Actually in reading these comments it makes me sad you all feel so very intimately close to a girl you have seen on a reality show for a month.  Yipes.

      • You need to look at yourself in the mirror before you may comments that reflects your breeding, even the most popular person or the person you look up to is not perfect.  I wonder how “imperfect you are physically”, because i’ve seen how imperfect you are mentally.  Love the people for their imperfection and that is how you would admire your own imperfection.  God bless you.

    • I don’t think so, She has a good voice but it rattles at times , Turn the Beat Around was not a good song choice for her.

    • They may not be wrong…as this is the “idol” they picked, not necessary a talented one…look at the last few years…the winner=idol>talents!

    • Seriously, its been a long time since America has gotten it right!!!!

      • America has just moved past us…they think they have gotten it right….

        I didn’t get it last year at all. Or the year before. Ironically Bowersox and Siobhan, and Big Mike have all failed as artists, so maybe there just weren’t any to choose from

        Last year was Country Idol mostly because there really is no other mainstream, non- hip hop music available to them. Especially boys. The girls will listen to Rhianna, Katie Perry, GaGa and Adele.

        Point is maybe this younger America is getting it right and we are just not in tune anymore. They are looking for the next Adele or Brad Paisley. We are looking for the next Billy Joel, or Whitney Houston, or Luther Vandross….

    • hopefully america will get it right now. its been a long time when america got it right.. producing a superstar like kelly clarkson. 🙂

  6. Top 9 week…same week Pia Toscano was voted off last year…Jessica better watch out…!!!

    • First I’d think Hollie is most like Pia from last year.  Ballads all the way.  The difference between this year and last is that last year at the top 9, no one really stunk.  By time the top 9 came around, everyone was still pretty good.  This year I think there’s a couple more (Heejun & Deandra) to obviously go & then everyone is fair game for an exit.

      • The difference is that Pia could sing the hell out of a song and she was stunning to look at.  Little Hollie kinda looks like a lolipop kid…she should have waited a year or two to mature.

      • Now, i’m more convinced that “essa” is a pathetic loser who doesn’t see anything good in any person! Its hard to live a life that “essa”. Tsk! Tsk! I bet you don’t even have a life 🙂

      • I think Hollie is very cute. Pia was gorgeous, and apparently very nice. Hollie is not built that way and likely never will. She is very petite, but still a pretty girl…your comment is a bit out of line

      • Actually idolfansincebirth, I do have a rather nice life…you on the other hand seem to spend yours posting on this site.  I have been a fan since the inception of the show, not the inception of my life like your name indicates that you have.   Whatever idolfan, relax and watch your show and skip my posts if any, since you get so upset.

      • @essa – it is so obvious that the reason why you keep on pulling everybody down with your personal attack and stupid comments is because you want to pull philip up (who also happens to be one of my faves). you claimed that you have a rather nice life??? really now?? why are you so full of bitterness in you heart? i don’t intend to get too personal here or rather be upset with whatever hideous things you say about hollie, or jessica, and everybody. it cannot the fact that in end, we all know what a real talent is all about.

      • Miss idolfansincebirth! As much as I emplore you not to read my posts, I kinda get the feeling you will.  I enjoy the show, sorry I just don’t agree with you or your attacks on me.   As it is do you and I’ll do me..end of story.  Enjoy next weeks’ show.

    • I agree.  It should be Hollie who should watch out because she is the one who is most closely following Pia’s path with the power ballads.  Jessica and Pia are different in that while Pia was getting standing ovations from the judges, she was never the frontrunner in the polls as it was always scotty.  Jessica on the other hand is number 1 in every poll I have seen, plus she’s given a more varied performance that Pia did before she was eliminated.

      • Templar :   U R right but  That was just for the best performance of the night (Top 10) …. +  Did scotty ruled thr pulls every week… ??

    • well personally pia toscano,sings ballad in shes good,,but jsan sing beyond judging,,,,right now i can smell the star on her..sooo theres no comparison between them…love them both

  7.  Maybe it is time to just have the judges make the decisions on who leaves because America can’t seem to get it right! Nothing against HeeJun but he didn’t sing one right note through the whole song, he should of been gone!

    • If the judges made the decision there wouldn’t be a show.  As much as the voting system seems to be flawed, it’s still up to the audience to vote.

    • i actually thought the audience should vote for the person who goes home. so they can keep their favorite in

  8. America. You know who to eliminate. Eliminate the one who should be eliminated weeks before.

    • Yup eliminate everybody but Heejun, Jessica, and Phillips then the show will be amazing

  9. I love AI!!!  My son got me interested into watching around Season 8?  I think, time goes so fast, all I know is I love the show and Steve, Jennifer and Randy!!  I was so sad that Erica VanPelt had to be sent home. I love her new hair do, not the color though.  She has an awesome voice!!!  I wish her luck in her singing career and am hope the Idol Tour in Summer proves good for her.  I have a few favorites ! would like to see be in the top 3 or Win!!!  TOP 3 HOLLIE CAVANAUGH, SKYLAR, JESSICA!!  TO WIN JESSICA!!

    • I agree.  I don’t think he gets enough credit.  It’s easy to bash the guy, but he’s the one who makes the show flow seemlessly.   If ya don’t realize how well he does, watch some other shows.  There’s none better at their job.

      • I think being a host for 11 seasons, Gave him SO MUCH EXPERIENCE . No body praises him coz it’s his job + Being an awesome host has become for So many people … how do I say it !! Common sense ..

  10. At this time I would have to say Jessica.. She has the best vocals on almost any given Wednesday.  Phil P is not far behind.  If Jessica gets eliminated (and at this point anything can happen) due to the Female Teen votes, I’d have to go with Phil or Colton in the finale….. Crazy..but it could happen.

    • I bet it’s another male winner (or even all male finalists)  this year…as far as teenieboopers rule the votes! Colton & Phils are the likely pairs! I still don’t have a favorite one this year….weird!!

      • Your right about a male winner…..the girls are dropping like flys AGAIN!!!!

    • jessica is amazing and for all intents and purposes she should win.  but we KNOW idol,  do we not??  it’s NEVER the best singer.  it’s deandre’s hair.  (the hair is a separate entity!!)

      • Namesake….You make me laugh because you are sooooo right.  I would be shocked if Jessica (the best vocals) would win……I think I’m just going to vote for Deandre’s hair……Maybe than I’ll pick a winner!!!
        Have an awesome weekend…Go Rangers!!!!

    • just do the math…teen votes will be shared by Colton and Philipps…Jessica will get solid votes after realizing that Hollie is the Pia this season. Pia is struggling with her notes. 

      Joshua Ledet
      others are

      Heejun will be eliminated next week.

  11. just scratch Deandre and Heejun out of that list and we’d have a very solid top 7 already!

      • Favorite = DeAndre “Kamele” Brackensick
        Who will win? = IDK cause it’s American Idol and you can never tell.

      •  Hi Taymaro,

        When did you switched favourite?  He was not your original choice.
        Forgot already,  you, me and Ali.  I chose Elise , you chose Philip and Ali chose Jessica, very obvious.  You two even joke around that I would be in the sidelines two weeks ago because Elise is going home. But Ipromised you and Ali win or loose I wont switch camp.  What happen? LOL

      • I so agree with Olivia..Skylark sucks like a Hoover vacuum cleaner.  Elise is not near as good as the judges want you to think she is.  Phillip is doesn’t blow whistles or ring bells, he just sings and does so beautifully.

    • deandre heejun and skyler !!!and then  we have a solid top6!!!my favourite are ::  1-elise , 2-joshua ..for me that the only contestant with something special……and the maybe 3-jessica,colton ,philip and hollie

  12. Let’s face it, they are all good singers; but some are still better than others. Sorry to say, but America needs to get this right.  They need to vote off HEEJUN, then Deandre….sorry guys.  The top 5 will probably be Jessica, Elise, Phillip, Colton and either Josua or Hollie.  Any of these could win, although I believe the best singers are Elise, Colton and Philip.  These three are unique singers and performers and will do very well in the record industry.  I’m sure these three are being watched closely……The record companies see dollar signs with this group of talent.   Good Luck to all!

    • Alot of people seem to think Phillip is a carbon copy of Dave Matthews. I’m not that  familiar with him myself so I can’t say but, if that’s true, then he’s not really all that unique.

      Colton is definitely unique but not necessarily in a good way. Most people hate the most unique thing about him; his hair.

      Elise seemes to be a poor man’s Haley Reinhart and the jury is still out on whether she’ll be a success or not (although I hope she will). Again, like Phillip, not very unique.

      Being unique is no gaurantee of success certainly not in regards to AI contestants. Crystal Bowersox was unique but hasn’t been successful. The same, I’m sure could be said of many other AI contestants over the years.  

    • Im going to laugh if Heejun makes it to the top 5 or higher and then laugh as everyone complains

  13. Think it’s time to rename the show “Teen Idol”.  Nothing against Heejun or Diandre but they were both horrendous.  Don’t get the hype about Elise and think Erika should have stayed in her place.  But a Colton and Phil finale – you must be kidding.  Again nothing against either but they pale in comparison to other contestants in the past.  Close your eyes and listen to either of them.  Nothing spectacular about either or their voices and certainly no IDOL.  I’ll watch, but I don’t think any of them beyond Jessica and Hollie have voices worht listening too, and I believe they’ll be has-beens as soon as their AI contract runs out.

  14. As far as I’m concerned, the front row of the picture above looks like the likely Top 4 in my honest opinion; of the back row I only like Elise. I don’t know why people keep on saying that there’ll be another male winner this year… none of the guys is better or more interesting than the top 2 girls: Hollie and Jessica.

    • Really George, Hollie, she’s going to break like a twig..she almost started crying last night.  I personally don’t care for Jessica, especially last week, but she can take the pressure better than wee willie winkle Hollie.   Possibly top 2, but Phillip will take her down with his pure voice and iron nerves…but more than that his love of music.  These children didn’t know who Billy Joel was.  If you love music, you should know it.

  15. yay! should be a good week. I’ll be shocked if Skylar doesnt sing a Miranda Lambert song.  

      • Hi Essa,

        There are only 2 reasons you hate all the women in the competition.
        And like only men, well boys, I would say.
        And I know you are not a teen, far from it.  Wee Willie Winkle Hollie,
        ha ha ha.  I am not going to say it  since I know and you know why?

      • @Pepe Rhonee.  You got me, I’m not a teen.  I have 4 yrs old twin GIRLS.  I certainly don’t hate all the women in the competition as you state.  I actually was rooting for Erika but knew she didn’t have a shot because of the demographic.  If Carrie would have been 25, she wouldn’t have won.  Another poster suggested Teen Idol which it has become. 

  16. I like Jessica and Phillip,also Hollie is still promising.but!!! watch out for the teen females with love in their blood.They will jump on the train for Colton and DeAndre who I think are very good but not that good.We’ll see what happens .Good luck Jessica and Phillip;Hollie pump it up a little!You can do it.

  17. As long as they don’t have to pick and Idol contestant my guess for who they will sing are:

    Deandre – Roberta Flack (The First Time Every I Saw Your Face anybody)
    Hollie – Celine Dion
    Colton – Lifehouse
    Heejun – James Ingram or Michael Bolton
    Skylar – Miranda Lambert (or possibly Reba)
    Joshua – Don’t know but he SHOULD do Al Green
    Phillip – Dave Matthews clone but I am going to go off the wall and pick either Atlanta artists Zac Brown or some REM
    Jessica – Christina Aguilera (Beautiful?)
    Elise – She has a Janis Joplin voice but is jazzier than that.  I actually see her doing either BB King or Tori Amos.

    • Where is christina now ??? A judge on The Voice … Hell no the produers will let anyony sing  a christina song …

      • So that eliminates a Kelly Clarkson song or a Miranda Lambert song because they were coaches, or for that matter Jewel, Babyface, and the list goes on.

        More the question is whether the songs will be available.  Xtina may say no way.

      • jbeee >>> being a judge is differernt  >>> U may be right … but my point is still valid …

      • Guys /Girls :    I admit …. U r right … reflection… how did I forget ??
        but still , No one will sing a christina song this week …

    • Joshua should do Sam Cooke! I mean, for real.  Colton should do something that he doesn’t have to strain to sing…..his voice really isn’t that great.  I agree, Skylar should sing something by Reba or Miranda Lambert.  Jessica will over-sing anything she chooses, so it doesn’t matter that much what she does.   Hollie needs to do something upbeat and not so BIG!  Phillip can do anything he wants, he will adapt it to his style anyway.  Elise needs to stick to blues.   Deandre needs to sit it out, and Heejun needs to get serious and enunciate his words more precisely.

  18. The top 5 will be Jessica, Philip, Colton, Heejun and Joshua….the rest? just fillers!

  19. Erica was already saved by the judges one time in the wild card pick, they will not save her again knowing that she maybe in the bottom again next week .  I think the judges will use their save card on :  Joshua, Hollie or Elis ????   Who knows ?

    Every year there will be a shocking elimination at around the 4th place…… remember Tamyra, Constantine,  Latoya, Daughtry………
    They were ALL  at the 4th place.   But nobody can save the 4th spot now.

    Every year there are someone that everybody wanted him to go……
    remember Sanjaya, Jon Steven……….  This year is HeeJun…. poor guy !
    There are a lot of HeeJun haters out there …………….. 



    •  Hi AI-Fan-5015,

      Heejun is far from being a poor guy,  He made it to the top ten, that means this guy is going to board the Magical Mystery Tour Bus and will have a time of his life with the Idol Crew.  What is wrong with that??

      You can hate him all you want, he already succeeded.  Whether he gets eliminated next week or move on, he now belongs to an elite group of entertainers and guess what?  Heejun knows it.  LOL , or wait a second
      LOL all the way to the bank, heh heh.

      He is not my favourite, but I have grown to like his good sense of humour,  right?  Heyheyheyjun!!

      • In case u didn’t read my reply  :
        Hi Ed : I know u better … U r being So fanatic …. If Elise got eliminated , U will never watch the rest of the show >>> WHY ?? coz there is No Talent left. C’mon, I know u r being upset coz of the ” Attitude thing” going on and on on this site and probably other sites as well . I hope it’s just a moment …   If Elise got eliminated , stop voting but PLZ, don’t stop watching + this site needs some rational openions and thoughts from u (except the last one) *wink* 

      • Hi Ali,
        I did ! Thank you, I alwas like your comments as well, direct to the point and you are always honest with your answers.  What I meant is if Elise did go home early, I know she would eventualy, I will still be on the sideline and comment from time to time.  No I wont give up Idol yet.

  20. Heejun should sing Forget You by Cee Lo Green and sing it in Steven’s face for his horrible horrible comments

  21. joshua and jessica has no flaws, and hollie is right there with them, but american idol should give these kids more material to work with. just one singer does not give you many options. billy  joel was a bad choice. he has only 17 songs that anybody knows of. so that is only 2 songs per idol. sorry, but give them soul, motown, 50, 60, 60, 80 , etc..,. thanks

    • and british invasion… would love to see Heejun sing “Hey, Jude” and rub it in Steven’s face. Because Steven always calls him that 😛

    • They should do a Bon Jovi week.  Twenty five years of rock, power ballads, inspirational songs and country.  Something for everyone.

  22. Hi Ed, I agree that HeeJun will have a great time in the tour this summer.   But I have no idea how much are they making for those tours, in terms of thousands ?????   Anyone knows  ?????   I am just curious too.   Well, it does not matter which week he will be gone, he is in the top 10 anyway.   He got himself a well-paid job…….. and HeeJun will be laughing  heeheeheeheehee…….. jun  all the way to the bank.    
    HaHaHa (smile)  

    • The top 10 make around $150.000,00 for the tour…also as an extra,  the winner get $200.00,00 and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th get $75.000,oo each  from Disney because the American Idol Ride in Disney World….

  23. Confirmed so far: Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin 

    Each of those artists will be sung my bet

    Colton singing Daughtry
    Skylar Miranda
    Jessica/Joshua Beyonce
    Jessica/Hollie Mariah
    Elise Testone Led Zeppelin
    Phillip Phillips Lifehouse

    Heejun should sing something by Aerosmith to make Steven mad, my song suggestion for Heejun

    Dude (Looks like a lady) by Aerosmith and sing it in Steven’s face, or maybe he should sing Forget You by Cee Lo Green and also sing it in Steven’s face

  24. Who should be in the top 3?   Jessica, Joshua,Hollie
    Who will be in the top 3?         Philip, Jessica, Colton

    Who should win?   Jessica
    Who will win?         Philip

  25. Jessica!!?? could you HALO  on March 28??? shes my favorite together with Philip, Hollie and Skyler….

  26. Definitely hoping it will be Phillip. He’s the most original and I always enjoy his performance since he is SO into it. I always vote based on who’s album I would actually buy and it would be his or Colton’s. Oh and I’m not a teenage girl so it can’t be only them voting for those two. 🙂

  27. If Deandre gets a chance to sing a song in his wheelhouse like Maxwell or Usher this competion is over.

  28. 1. P.Phillips – a bit David Matthewsy and much better version of Lee Dwyze. (white man with the guitar).. have to admit PP is genuine. and good.

    2. Colton – people have been comparing him to Daughtry. tho for me, no one beats Daughtry just yet.. but I think Colton has something different, probably so different from Daughtry & David Cook that he’s in his own league and could potentially win this thing.! 😀

    3. Jessica  – Jennifer Hudson alike with belting ability near Kelly Clarkson (only thing that she needs to improve when it goes to singing upbeats – all the screaming and stuffs. I just don’t quite get it. hha..sorry Jessica fans!)

    4. Joshua – just like they said, Mantasia. (best gospel singer we’v ever had on the show and the voice is absolutely out of this world).

    5. Skylar Laine – reminds me of Reba M. past idol ?? – Lauren Alaina. tho it seems like Skylar is little bit crazier. hahha. she’s good though.

    6. Hollie C – has Carrie Underwood’s appeal (innocent & gorgeous looking blonde with great, but not perfect, voice.)… Hollie better start singing country which I think she sings best (her ‘change’ rendition is sick, and some of her country song covers in her youtube is absolutely fantastic!!)

    7. Elise Testone – unique. period.

    8. Deandre & Heejun.- can’t find anyone to refer with. they’re ok for me 🙂 peace!

    my personal final two:
    1. Jessica & Hollie
    2. Colton & Hollie
    3. Phillip & Jessica
     either one will make me happy.

    all and all, GREAT SEASON!

  29. Jessica is top on my list, hoping for the best she’ll be the 2012 A.I. Then comes Colton, Joshua, Phillips & Hollie. Best of luck to them.  
    By the way, if I vote for my favorite in this column, is it counted in?

  30. Lets go Heejun, he is at the very tip top of my mountain high list.

    He sounds amazing, entertains me, and makes me smile at his amazing stage presence and sense of humor.

    There’s just not possible way to hate this guy even if you wanted to, Hee is amazing!

    • Heejun is having a great time in AI. He said, he is not a star but trying to cheer-up other people and enjoy what he is doing. Good boy. He won’t win this thing but for sure, he is the one to watch in AI tour this summer 🙂

  31.  I’ll just list them alphabetically –

    DeAndre Brackensick – Well, first thing comes to my mind, when I see him, is that he’s gorgeous, no doubt here. He’s got the whole package, nice voice, good falsetto. His singing, however, is too Milli Vanilli. Too sugary. But that’s just me, so I ain’t really got nothing bad to say about him. My grade B.Hollie Cavanagh – I love her. Very loveable, amazing big voice, coming from such a small package :). Lots of people compare her to Carrie Underwood, I don’t see it. Got really no one to compare her to, which is a good thing. I wanna hear her sing something upbeat.  She has a couple of years to grow musically, though. JSanchez did that, when she was 12, so…My grade A-.Colton Dixon – That one came as a surprise to me, cause I kinda hated him at the beginning, I thought he was too overrated. I grew to love his performances over time, his rendition of “piano man” was beautiful. And he’s a very mature, professional artist, who knows what he’s doing every second, ready to come out on a big stage. Voice – good. Not very unique to me, but hey – I may still change my mind.My grade A.Heejun Han – Oh Heejun. I love you, and if I could vote – I’d vote for you. That’s all I have to say. No grade for you.Skylar Laine – I’m not a big fan of country, but she’s one of my favorites this year. Jennifer really pissed me off when she said, that she sounds too nasal. Well, that’s the voice, and that voice is so good. She’s flawless in her performances, and very entertaining on stage, which is SO important. She always chooses upbeat songs, and I love her for that. Too many ballads on the show.My grade A.Joshua Ledet – He’s the only one on the show, whose two performances I replayed like a thousand times (Well, except Heejun’s, but I’m just a weak girl who’s fallen into his charms). Good, strong performances, and no real critique. However, I don’t see him as a big selling artist. I think, that at some point, people are gonna get tired of his voice.My grade B+.Phillip Phillips – Very unique voice. I’d love him to show his “real” voice, though, to sing something quiet for once. But again – No real critique.My grade A .Jessica Sanchez – Don’t know what to say about that one. She does remind me sometimes of Jennifer Hudson. I could say she could be easier on the melisma at some points, but that’s if I really want to be too nagging. Because, she’s clearly the best and the strongest voice of the competition.My grade could easily be A+, but I  feel picky today , so just A :)Elise Testone – Raspy, beautiful voice. Don’t think she’ll be on the show for much longer, but maybe she pulls a Haley Reinhart and we’ll see her in top…5.My grade B+.

    •  What the hell just happened here? I didn’t post it like that… with no spaces between paragraphs…

      • I like your grade list. However, I would love to see a grade about Hee. To the others, justifiable at some points. 

        Anyway, edit your post again and put the spaces in between your lists. After you “save edit” your post, It will look good. 🙂

      •  Oh Hi :),
        I don’t know what to do with the comment. I don’t see”edit” option anywhere, maybe it’s for registered users only. I would gladly delete it and re-post it, but I don’t think I can do that either.

      • What are you using? I don’t know.. 🙂 I’m using Yahoo to register here. 🙂 I guess it always happen when we post too long comments. It happened to me once but I just edited everything. 

  32. I’d really love to pick out DeAndre’s songs he has a fantastic voice. I can’t understand why they didn’t let him sing Billy Joel’s The River of Dreams. He needs better songs to show off his voice.

  33. I don’t have a favorite one this year. but IMO:

    Best: Phillip, Jesscia & Colton
    Average: Hollie
    Boring: Joshua & Elsie
    Suck: DeAnre, Heejun & Skylar 

    • I almost agree with your stated preferance. Except I would have added Elise in the ABOVE average catagory, if there was one. Definetley agree with your best and worst picks though.

    • I don’t see Elise as boring. I could’ve swapped her over Hollie. As what I’ve always said, Hollie doesn’t count in my list of interest. She does the same every week and it’s turning me off already. 

      [This is purely my opinion, anyway.]

  34. Jessica all the way… she’s the one to beat. the only idol contestant who got 3 standing O from 4 performances… keep it up girl…

  35. my name is @rajolaurel I am a HUGE fan of @JSanchezAI11 my wish is to dress her up. thank you!

  36. I sure am not a singer,  but my ears tell me that Heejun is out-of-tune all the time and he eats his words when singing to the point of being incomprehensible.  Heejun hater?  No, I’m not.   Just telling the truth.    

    • If she does I hope she doesn’t oversing it, because there is plenty of opportunity for oversinging this song, plus she might end up screaming some parts of the song.  Then again, if she does well with this she can have another “moment” in AI.  I really have mixed feelings about this song.  I just hope that whatever she chooses she will do well.

  37. Phil, Colton & Elise are my favorites in that order. No, i’m not a tween girl i am a 48 yr old women who enjoys unique stand out voices, not cookie cutter boring singers

  38. Hi Allausa1, thanks for your information.  Wow, I did not know that the tour will bring in $150,000 for each person ?   Are you sure ?  Plus the bonus,  new car, the new-found-fame, and plus…………….. Wow….

    Now I understand those past Top 10 came back and  said “American Idol show had changed their lives. ”   No wonder millions came for audition.

    It is all about FAME AND FORTUNE !!!!!!


    •  Hi AI-Fan-5015m,

      Heejun should sing “Don’t cry for me Argentina” but instead of a sad
      demeanor, he should give that mischievous smile he has and then
      whistle ” I’m in the money” on the way out, once he is eliminated.

      • Since he’s Korean, maybe Heejun should sing “Suicide Is Painless” from M*A*S*H.

      • Hi Poindexter,

        Well done !  You go back quite a bit.  Johnny Mandel, good composer,
        arranger.  Likes the movies.  Although heejun will be far from commiting suicide unless he runs out of “one liners” and has to rely on good singing to move on, he he he jun, ta da da !

  39. Going to be honest I do not like this season of Idol, yes there are some great singers this year, but it seems to be lacking something!  From what I have seen, Jessica has an amazing voice and if there is any justice she should make the final. Philip, I don’t get the hype,  yes he has his own style, but I can’t watch him perform he looks like he is in pain and that is off putting. I like Colton, Heejun is a joke, Joshua great voice, but I don’t know if he can win. The rest to me are just OK. This year does not seem to have the mix of great personalities like last year. So to whoever wins good luck!

  40. Jessica made an unknown song of Billy Joel  current….now that’s really fantastic! … do you heard the studio version of Everybody has a Dream  its really amazing …

  41. I really like phillip.   He is charming and has  a good looking face when you watch him sing.   He seems to show a lot of his emotions through songs which is great.    But when you turn away from the T.V. for a second, his voice sounds a bit very “painful”.    It seems like he screamed out all his “pain” from his heart and lungs, or something like that nature.   It seems like he was in pain in some way.  I hope I am wrong.   Maybe he is who he is, and maybe he tried to get rid of his emotional pain through songs.    This is just an observation.    I still like him.


  42. i have a feeling jessica will sing a beyonce song…and colton will do a coldplay or a lifehouse….just guessing..

  43. My prediction:
    1. Jessica
    2. Phillip
    3. Colton
    4. Elise
    5. Hollie
    6. Joshua
    7. Skylar
    8. Heejun
    9. DeAndre

    Just my opinion:)

  44. Why did EVP go and we were all left with chicken chow mein who should never have made the top 40, he cant sing, he cant pronounce the words correctly, kick him out onto some Asian hip hop talent show like TV n

    • lol he really is..he might be in trouble though for letting slip that stevie nicks is this week mentor.

      • Hi Essa,

        Imagine that, Philip could be singing “Landslide” ala Mathews , that would be something to see and hear.  If Stevie is there she will probably
        shoot him for doing it. LOL, just kidding…………………

  45. I dint get why there’s no much love for Josh. He is amazing and has more vocal range than any of the contestants. Gospel and r&b may not be some people’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny his vocal skills. I think the greatest music ever made was 60’s Motown. Who doesn’t like the 4 tops, the Temptations and Smokey? And the music of Sam Cooke, Ottis Redding and Marvin Gaye. I think Josh can bring back that sound and put a current twist to it.

    Top 4

    1. Josh
    2. Jessica
    3. Phillip
    4. Hollie

    Colton, Skylar, Elise, Deandre, Heejun

    • Listen is too predictable for Jessica…. They might enjoy it but not as much as they would.

      She should sing a song that is not predictable but a real avalanche that will wipe out the other contestants… 

      Okay, not really wipe-wipe. Just a song that will tell the whole America that this girl will be the next true  reliable artist! I know she’ll nail anything that fits her. 🙂

  46. Like: Heejun, Colton, Philip, Jessica
    Ok: Holly, Skylar, Elise, Joshua
    Dislike: Deandre

  47. Who I would like to see in the top 5
    5 Deandre
    4 Heenjun
    3 Skylar
    2 Phillip
    1 Colton

    Who I think will make the top 5
    5 Skylar
    4  Holly
    3 Jessica
    2 Phillip/Colton
    1 Phillip/Colton

    This is just mho and how I think its looking so far and as the weeks go by my opinion may change

  48. i hope Jessica will sing Loving You by Minnie Ripperton i know she naile the whistle power of the song

    • This is no disrespect for Ms. Ripperton, but Jessica may not be familiar with her music because it was before she was born

      • Haha.  True..but to be a real star in the music world, the kids should become familiar with all music, not just that of their generation.

  49. Jessica will not win the competition for reasons that she’s a girl plus she’s asian. But! she will definitely have a record deal and will surpass whoever the winner of this season’s AI. She’s a real talent and I hope America will not be blinded by Colton’s Tom Cruise smile or Phillip’s Finn like innocence. This is a singing contest!!!

    • OMG.  How could an even semi-intelligent person claim she won’t win bc of her race.  Totally ridiculous.  And guess what summer blah blah..having a nice smile and an air of innocense is refreshing.  There are many singers who go unnotcied because of their nasty disposition.  Not to mention Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie and Jordyn are all female American Idol winners, albeit not recently.  JHud, Katherine McPhee, Kellie Pickler..all girls…all successful.

    • How can a contestant not win AI just because of race? Don’t get me wrong but whether Jessica wins or loose, it will go down to her voice and performances.

  50. ive predicted the whole top 13
    according to the voters

    13. Jeremy Rosado
    12. Shannon Magrane
    11. Jermain Jones
    10. Erika Ven Pelt
    9. Deandre Brackensick
    8. Heejun Han
    7. Joshua Ledet
    6. Colton Dixon
    5. Skylar Laine
    4. Elise Testone
    3. Hollie Cavanagh
    2. Phillip Phillips
    1. Jessica Sanchez

    but according to my opinion

    13. Heejun Han- never serious, not great  but good
    12. Jeremy Rosado- nothiong unique but pus his emotions in his song
    11. jermain jones- low ranged, deep voice, boring much
    10.Shannon Magrane- still great but poor voice control, might put her in danger
    9.Deandre Brackensick- cant almost hear his voice, becuase its very light and i dont like it a little
    8.Erika Van Pelt- flat almost, but strong voice control
    7.Skylar Laine- mid ranged voice and brings energy in the stage
    6. Colton Dixon- great rocker, nothing to say
    5. Hollie Cavagnah- high ranged, mid flat, a little vocal problems 
    4. Phillip Phillips- have beautiful rough raging growling voice,  doesnt make me bored
    3. Joshua Ledet- high ranged, powerful vibratto
    2. Elise Testone- sweet rasp voice, with rough edges and bluesy style when singing, gives always confidence
    1. Jessica Sanchez- the most powerful, high ranged, and have the most beautiful voice in the whole world yet

    so comment and reply! ^-^

  51. Ref V brocksi,
    I think that the scores and who has the lowest votes in the order from top to bottom should be posted on the screen on the night, that way everyone knows that what Ryan is telling everyone is the truth and not what the producers have told him to say, because I really cannot believe the Evp was  worse then Heejun chicken fried rice.
    And no I am not a racist I just think he should never have got in the top 40.

  52. Heejun is my Fave I know he wont win but I just want to see him beat out Elise and deandre

  53. Like: Colton, Skylar, Hollie
    Dont care: Elise, DeAndre
    Dont like: Phillip, Joshua, Heejun,

    Ik jessica isnt on any of them because i like her shes good but shes to good i dont want her to win she can get a record deal on her own easly!!

  54. Here’s what I think of the singers for the past few week…

    Jessica – Needs to slow down and pick some songs that doesn’t have much screeching in it

    Hollie – Last week, I was so disappointed.  Shee could have done better. Rest of the weeks? Pretty good.

    Joshua – Dunno why people like him so much. For some reason, I don’t think he deserves standing ovations. Sorry for being a rude person.

    Colton – I LOVE his piano skills. He is so good I want to see him in the top 3.

    Elise – I don’t really like her. She’s been a wildcard and the bottom 3. I don’t really find her as a good singer but comparing my thoughts to the comments, I don’t really care.

    Heejun – For the past two weeks has been very disappointing. The first week he sang good but the judges gave him such bad feedback  I wanted to knock the TV down. The second week he was a bit pitch but overall okay. Hopefully he gets better.

    Philips – He is awesome though I like him playing the guitar than without. The only thing that annoys me is when he kicks the air when he end the song. Hopefully he is in the top 5.

    Skylar – She has a nice sound especially when she sing country rock songs. She could stay until the top 7 or 6 or something.

    Deandre – I thought he would go home. For the past few weeks I wanted to fall asleep but couldn’t when he was singing. Don’t like his high vice or his habit of flicking the hair back and forth. 

    My Ranking

    Heejun ( he needs to get better )

  55. i like jessica sanchez;
    second choice phillips and
    they must prove that they are capable to win, for 3rd, 4th and 5th, thats all..
    and more power to the american idol for the season 2012.

  56.  I love American Idol. I have always enjoyed it since it began. This year there is alot of good talent. It is going to be hard to pick just one. I think Hollie is just precious and for some reason the judges do not seem to be favorable toward her. I think she is right up there with the rest of them and I don’t understand why they keep saying she is off pitch. I can hear and I think she sounds great with a beautiful voice. I personally hope she makes to the end.

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