American Idol 2012 Tour Tickets On Sale

American Idol 2012 tour

The American Idol 2012 tour tickets have been released for fans who want a chance to see their favorite from the Season 11 Top 10 performing up close and personal. The Idol summer tour kicks off on July 6th in Detroit and this crosses the country before ending in early September in Milwaukee.

You’ll be able to see all of the Season 11 Top 10 singers: DeAndre Brackensick, Hollie Cavanagh, Colton Dixon, Heejun Han (he has already promised us dinosaurs and fireworks on the tour), Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone, and Erika Van Pelt.

You can buy tour tickets online through American Idol and Ticketmaster. Tickets went on sale Friday, May 11th at 10AM ET so you can get yours right now.

As a bonus this time around there will be a donation made to The Heart Foundation for each ticket sold to the American Idol tour.

Below is a list of the American Idol 2012 Tour events currently scheduled, but be sure to check the latest listings in case more concerts are added.

More venues were added last season after the American Idol tour turned out to be a big success so that’s a possibility for this summer as well. I guess after the Season 9 tour bombed the expectations were greatly scaled back. We’ve even heard the American Idol 2012 singers will earn around $175,000 for the tour which is much, much higher than last season was paid, according to Stefano Langone.

American Idol 2012 Summer Tour Dates & Locations:

7/6 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena
7/7 Rosemont, IL Allstate Arena
7/9 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
7/11 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
7/12 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
7/14 Broomfield, CO 1stBank Center
7/16 West Valley City, UT Maverik Center
7/18 Seattle, WA Key Arena at Seattle Center
7/19 Portland, OR Rose Garden
7/21 Sacramento, CA Power Balance Pavilion
7/22 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion at San Jose
7/23 Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre L.A. Live
7/25 Ontario, CA Citizens Business Bank Arena
7/26 San Diego, CA Valley View Casino Center
7/27 Glendale, AZ Arena
7/29 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
7/30 Lafayette, LA Cajundome
7/31 Jackson, MS Mississippi Coliseum
8/2 Orlando, FL Amway Center
8/3 Sunrise, FL BankAtlantic Center
8/5 Duluth, GA Arena at Gwinnett Center
8/6 N. Charleston, SC North Charleston Coliseum
8/8 Washington, DC Verizon Center
8/9 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Center
8/11 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center
8/12 Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
8/14 Pittsburgh, PA Consol Energy Center
8/15 Rochester, NY Blue Cross Arena
8/16 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
8/18 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena
8/19 Worcester, MA DCU Center
8/21 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
8/22 Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
8/25 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
8/26 Providence, RI Dunkin Donuts Center
8/28 Newark, NJ Prudential Center
8/30 Albany, NY Times Union Center
9/1 Bridgeport, CT Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard
9/2 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
9/4 Syracuse, NY War Memorial at OnCenter
9/6 Wilkes Barre, PA Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza
9/7 Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall
9/8 Reading, PA Sovereign Center
9/10 Cincinnati, OH US Bank Arena
9/11 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center

Are you ready to see your favorite from American Idol Season 11 on tour?




  1. I’m going for three reasons: Skylar, Hollie and Jessica!!!
    Would be nice to see them do full songs in their comfort zones right?
    I’ve never been to an Idols Tour show before, so hope it’s worth it!

  2. So happy that they are coming to my home town Syracuse NY ! 15 mins from my house ! Can’t wait to buy my tickets ! Love this years group of Contestants ! They were OVER THE TOP !

  3. I’m from New York but Jessica thought AI Tour Schedule (Manila, Philippines) is one of them just like last year thats why she was so happy but it’s not on the itinerary this year!

    • last year they had manila at the very end of the tour and i think it was a last min surprise decision, it can be the same for this season’s idol as well

  4. Dangit!! You mean we’re gonna hafta drive all the way to Charleston? What’s wrong with Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh even?

    Oh well, it’ll be worth it. 

  5. there not coming to nc.
    scotty mccreery, clay aiken, fantasia, and daughtry.
    4 great singers off of there and they wont ever come for try outs or tour.
    oh well i wouldnt go if you paid me.

  6. Heck I’m thinking about driving down and going to see Phillip Phillip’s concert this weekend. It’s gonna be awesome and worth the drive.

    • So bitter! In every competition there’s always sour losers…you guys should just move on…enjoy the rest and be happy for the remaining contestants. Good luck to Jessica, Joshua and PP…you all look like good kids, that includes Hollie. Stay humble and don’t let fame gets the best of you all. I was hoping for an all girl finale…anyway, a girl winner this year is fine with me….. Go Jessica!

      • not bitter. i would see jessica, skylar and hollie in a heartbeat.  i really don’t want to see p2 or deandre.  just my opinion and taste

    • Whobody? Come on they are all great. Have a heart. It’s for charity and I think you might enjoy it despite yourself.

  7. We got our tickets today — $55 each – ouch!  But great seats and my kids are very excited…..should be fun.

    • You really got them for that price? The Charleston and Duluth tickets were anywhere from $100.oo to over $800.00 for any decent location to view the concert. Wow what city are you attending the concert in?

      • Bought them at 10:02 am (on Ticketmaster) — in Lafayette, LA — The CajunDome!

      • Very seriously! He was my favorite too. Talk about being sincere and still having the stage presence and vocals too. Why would you ask that? He was totally natural at performing on stage. That is what he was born to do. Did you hear the chants by the audience when he was eliminated? “Save, save, save!” I didn’t hear that for anyone else including Jessica.

  8. I really liked Hollie….sweet girl…great voice…just needed some more coaching……now I’m going for the next sincere induvidual…P2 all the way…..

    • I don’t really think he’s all that sincere. I think he was planted in the competition and after the others leave for their Ford Music Video shoot he hurries down to Jimmy’s office to smoke a little dope with him and Ryan and get some singing lessons….LMAO …Just Kidding…don’t start. But he did seem to have cotton mouth after his first performance Wednesday night. Ryan even brought him some water. Unless he was wearing one of those hearing devices that goes in your mouth to transmit the sound through your teeth to your inner ear. What do they call that thing? Hmmmm. I’ll have to look it up. They have to custom make it to fit snug to your teeth. It’s supposed to help you stay on key when singing.

  9. Did Hollie deserve to be voted off well that depends upon what you are judging her by, now if you are judging her by her performance on Wednesday yes maybe but overall no she did not deserve to go. But if you take PP who is really no better then Casey last year then he should have gone long ago.The man stands there singing with his eyes closed, last year Stefano was voted off for something similar, but the judges are blind for that. All the young girls are screaming foe PP and no one batters and eye lid, but what would happen if all the older men started cheering for Jessica who’s only 16[that cradle snatching]. Jlo said at the beginning of the season she wanted a all girl final, but she and the others are all supporting the men!
    If Jessica is voted of next week and PP remains then it’s game and show over for me, Hollies supporters should now switch to Jessica for girl power.
    What Joshua did with ‘Its a mans mans world was superb, out to 2 between him and Jessica which is the best then you would need to look at their overall performance to judge them properly. Certainly Joshua & Jessica will out sell many more records and concerts then PP, he’s okay but I wouldn’t watch him on stage, he is like a bad play on a stage where you fall as sleep because it’s boring

    • Somethings unfair when women who like younger men are just called “cougars” and usually just get a wink and a grin but men who like younger women are called “perverts” and are impeached if holding office at the time. What’s up with that?

      • When is a cougar not a pervert, cougars normally go after a younger man because her mate at home cannot perform as well as a young highly strung young man high on testosterone. But are old men cheering for a 16 year old perverts yes they may want to chase after some as young as that but the body want respond. There has to be another less obtrusive name then perverts for old men wishing to support a younger girl. Yes the white dress she wore the other week was provocative, but if she felt comfortable in it then it doesn’t matter what anyone thought. I sometime find American very naive and yes I am not American I am a limey living in Asia. I find it hard too understand America sometimes when you condone somethings but allow street walkers to walk around free in other states along a public street.
        Still as the saying goes; Nowt queer as folk!!!!

      • Huh? I don’t know what point you are making other than suggesting America is the only country with hookers.

        Hey, baby. You got girlfriend Vietnam?

        Well, baby, me so horny. Me so horny. Me love you long time. You party?

      •  Let the man have his share of  intellectual opinion! This is quite refreshing….actually enjoying the exchange of thoughts…. level of maturity as well for a change of scenery.

      • I was actually agreeing with him. All the older women voting for him because they think he is “sexy” and even JLo saying that is just disgusting if you ask me. But if a 30 year old man said Jess looked sexy in that dress they would be castrated and bamboo shoots driven under their fingernails. You think?

      •  Ha ha ha , Taymaro that is really too much. I am glad I chose Elise
        as a favourite, Imagine if I have picked Jessica or Hollie, ouch that would hurt. LOL

        Hey Tony , just for the record, “Cougars are not always married but can be single , remember you are in Asia not the USA.   And perverts comes in all ages and all packages keep that in mind. LOL

        Reality is – old men that chases young women are called “Dirty Old Men” but older women that chases young men are called – Women with class – heh heh think about it pal.

  10. I am a concert goer but never been on Idol tour, not a fan of the show because of the format. I watch performaces every once in awhile until this season came. I was glued on tv and start voting myself that never done before. Just always waiting for  Jessica’s performances and love it. I think she is amazing! The truth, We are planning to watch the tour in Worcester, MA. If  will enjoy it, maybe watch it again in Providence, RI.

  11. I do find it odd that 90% of the posters disappear when it comes time to spend a little money on Idol — I guess that might explain quite a bit.

  12. shannon should be there she made it to the top 13 fair and square.
    while erika didnt.

  13. Phil Phillips should sing “Daughters” by John Mayer.  He would sing it beautifully. 

  14. JOSHICA for FINAL 2! Jessica fans, vote online instead (facebook), there’s no busy lines, so its sure that every vote will be counted! Texting is also good.

  15. Why is there no concert scheduled for North Carolina when last year’s winner is from North Carolina.  There are more then adequate venues in the Raleigh area for a great concert, think they should re-think that.

  16. It figures…when they get to Seattle, we’ll be in San Diego at a family reunion!

  17. I would be blessed to see all 10 Idols in Dallas Texas but Phillip Phillips is the bomb

  18. I would love to.see Skyler in San Jose CA!! She is awesome!!! thank you for this.opportuniy, I have not.gone to a live concert and I hope this could be my first!! Thank you!!

  19. we at home really hoped that jessica would win this season on AI. Yet we bow to phillip winning the title. may i just say that top 2 are so exciting to watch, coz they both have their style. . .  jessica was not even hoping to become top 2, & was shocked when she got the first position in the finale. then joshua was eliminated, i believed that joshua should be eliminated because he is no longer singing, he is screaming in every performance . . i could just imagine, AI finale without jessica in top 2, it would have been boring. .i mean, just watch her perform, she is just very cool and adorable, despite being young, yet she could perform like a pro. . .i really enjoyed watching AI finale night. . .thanx American Idol. . . til next season. . .

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