Jimmy Iovine Dissects American Idol 2013 Top 6

Jimmy Iovine - American Idol

It wouldn’t be a satisfying week of American Idol 2013 without the biting, but accurate commentary and critique from Jimmy Iovine. He remains the most honest mentor who is dedicated to actually helping these Hopefuls develop in to some real talent so we’re glad to share Jimmy’s review of the Top 6 performances.

Jimmy Iovine recaps Angie, Kree, & Lazaro:

Jimmy Iovine recaps Janelle, Amber, & Candice:

I completely agree with Jimmy on Amber Holcomb. What is going on with her repeat appearances in the bottom ranks? If she had been voted off last night over Lazaro Arbos I’m confident the judges would have used their Save to bring her back.

What do you think of Jimmy’s review of the Season 12 Top 6 performances?




  1. Now that I thought about it, maybe the 3 judges had been briefed by jimmy first before the start of the last idol competition?–which explained why the “hated” Lazaro Arbos didn’t receive a constructive & objective critiques but more of HARSH BULLYING, A CRUEL ATTACK WHICH MADE HIM ONLY A LAUGHINGSTOCK on live tv. Lots of people lost respect for AI producers, first they used the poor boy’s backstory for the show’s ratings & then used the back experience of human cruelty & bullying to cut lazaro out from the competition. Tsk tsk. This time I give my “sympathy votes” all 50 of ’em to the 3 phony judges & to mr jinny lavine. Did I say jinny?fits him more coz he sure talks like a girl. God I’m so glad lazaro’s out! Good riddance!

  2. Jimmy’s comments bite, yes; but they are far from accurate. Every week, he tries to force his favorites down viewers’ throats by giving them praises and no critiques. His neutral pretense is so evident it’s disgusting.

  3. To say jimmy doesn’t know what he is talking about is just wrong. The man has been producing and signing artists for decades. And producing huge hits no less. He knows what it takes. A lot of AI viewers are not even knowledgeable about the industry nor the judges or mentors on the show on what they have achieved. Lazaro honestly isn’t that great of a singer. He is good but there are so many better than him and the current top 5 proves it. The dude doesn’t know songs and doesn’t take the time to learn. Unprofessional and arrogant.

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