Keith Urban Clears Path To Join American Idol For 2013

Keith Urban has been a rumored potential new judge for American Idol 2013 and it seems like that may be about to come true.

Urban announced today that he will not be returning to Australia’s installment of “The Voice” due to other obligations like recording, touring, etc. It seems the “etc.” part is being a judge on another show.

News.Com.Au reports on Urban’s departure:

[Michael Healy of Australia’s Channel 9:] “We were really happy to have Keith as part of the inaugural Voice crew and of course he will always remain part of The Voice family in Australia. We are currently in negotiations with super star musicians to fill the coaching roles (next year).”

Urban, who has reportedly signed a $4 million contract to join a reboot of American Idol, alongside Mariah Carey, Nicky Minaj and Randy Jackson, said in a statement: “I’ve been so fortunate to have been a part of The Voice.

A $4 million contract isn’t bad at all, but it’s a quarter of what Mariah Carey will be earning. I guess we’ll be getting 4x the quality and quantity of judging from her, right? Oh this should be a fun season of Idol!




  1. This group will sink the American Idol ship. It is alright to have a country singer but the tried and true American Idol fans want Adam Lambert, not Minaj. If these are the judges, I will never watch the show again. That is, unless Adam is singing.

  2. judt read in today’s ny daily news that it’s a done deal with urban and minaj. bye bye idol. it was great while it lasted

    • Namesake…..all I can say is the only reason I watch AI is because of the young talent…..Remember….they gave us Adam!!!!! These judges are for the birds…..

      • Hi Phyllis: Adam was a phenom and I don’t see another star like him coming around the pike. We see the same country crooners, and little divas every year. Adam garnered the attention of people outside of the AI audience, now we just get his wannabes like James and Siobhan. With all the attention the judges get, it seems contestants hardly matter anymore. Boo hoo 🙂 I imagine it will still be a winter pass time for a lot of folks. Stay Happy!

      • Vanessa- Adam was good, but phenom? C’mon. And to dismiss James & Siobhan as Adam wanna be’s makes you sound like one of Jessica’s fans. James was obviously influenced by 80s metal bands. Guys like David Lee Roth (Van Halen), Bruce Dickenson (Iron Maiden), etc. Adam didn’t influence James one bit. How you came up w/ something like that is beyond me. Siobhan’s influences were harder to detect. It appears she’s got a pretty diverse interest in music though. I’ve seen a few interviews with her and some are pretty informative. Again, I doubt she was influenced by Adam either.
        I like the guy. Anytime I say he’s not the #1 AI contestant ever it feels like I’ve got to qualify the statement. He’s in the category w/ David Cook, Daughty, etc. He’s a good singer and I wish him well. I’m just saying it’s not like he’s revolutionized music or anything.

      • To each their own Danny. I stand by my opinion that no one since Adam has come close to his voice and stage presence. BTW, I am not remotely close to being a Jessica fan!

      • I never said you were a Jessica fan. I said you sound like one. Adam as your fav is fine. He’s good. Where you sound like a Jessica fan is disrepecting other good contestants as Adam Wanna Be’s. That’s where you sound like a Jessica fan.

  3. I like the signing of Urban. I guess if there’s a show in Australia he’s already been on, we can google it & see if he’s a good judge. Without seeing anything yet, I think he’ll do well.
    Nikki Minag? ugggh. Jennifer Lopez Jr. If these shows are about singing, why can’t they get someone who can sing if they’re going to get a singer as a judge? I get that Jimmy maybe can’t sing. Randy may/may not be able to sing. But they’re never presented as singers. If you’re going to have a singer judge a singing show, the person should be able to sing.

  4. This season is starting out not so good. These judges are horrible……I like Keith Urban and Randy but Mariah & Nicky M…I hope they really have a great group of idols otherwise this will probably be their swan song!!!!!

  5. wow! I love, Love Keoth Urban!!!! I have been to two of his concerts. and was he ever good !! And here I said I was not going to watch AI this year! You really know how to reel me in don’t you? If Keith is a judge you can be sure I will watch the show. Anything else on the night he is on will have to be taped. I can’t wait! Thanks Matt (GTB) Sherry K

  6. Sorry to come back so soon. But Mariah Carey, 16 million? for goodness sakes, she is not worth that kind of money!
    Sherry K.

  7. Keith was fantastic on the Voice here in Australia. I think he will add a lot of depth to the judging this year. That said I don’t know that his depth will balance out the shallowness of Carey and Minaj.
    I don’t hate their singing or anything in fact I think they are both talented but neither have ever pretended to be very bright or thoughtful – what are the producers thinking?
    Are they worried that we cannot connect with the talent so they need to have judges that will act out and carry on to keep us entertained? Please don’t insult us like that.

  8. Is Keith Urban coming on or not! If anyone knows please post it. Or Matt, or Branden please tell us! Thank-You to anyone who knows the answer to this!!! Sherry K

  9. Obviously no one at Idol reads any blogs as I have not seen one positive comment on the lip synching Minaj. And now we’ll have 4 judges to sit through instead of more singing?? No thanks,

  10. All four Randy, mariah, Nicki and Keith are going to be at lincoln Center in Manhattan Sunday and Monday for the judges’ auditions of hopefuls. So, the judges are locked in despite there being no formal announcement.

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