Kelly Clarkson On Her Return To American Idol 2015 [Interview]

Kelly Clarkson returns to American Idol 2015
Kelly Clarkson returns to American Idol 2015 – Source: FOX

Returning to the American Idol stage last night where it all started for Kelly Clarkson the contestants this year were treated to a great mentor with plenty of important advice. But what was this homecoming event like for Kelly? She spoke with FOX Audio Central to tell them about the experience and what it means to her to look back on this career afforded to her by American Idol.

“It’s very weird to be back in this form. Like just that everybody’s singing my songs and it’s been 13 years and now coming to Idol with my baby girl like, you know, and I’m married. It’s just like a very, very 180 since I was on the show at 19-20. So, it’s cool and I think, I don’t know, it makes me feel a little more proud, like coming back and being like “wait I’ve accomplished some stuff. That’s cool.”

What about picking her catalog and the message it offers to the American Idol 2015 contestants:

“There’s enough songs that people might know to sing, so that’s cool too and hopefully it’s a bit of a light to all of the contestants and that you can accomplish this. I know there’s a lot of winners. You know this is the 14th season. This is the 14th season and there’s been a lot of winners and it’s hard to kind of separate yourself out.”

After several seasons of seeing non-superstars emerge with the American Idol winner title, is this even still the place where stars are born?

“Hopefully they look at people like me or Carrie or Chris Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson and they go “Man I can do this, I can create a career out of this,” and it’s hard because there’s a lot of people coming from shows like this. So it’s hard and they just got to remember that this is the original show and this is where it first started. They can really, really create longevity from this.”

Watch Kelly Clarkson’s interview with FOX Audio Central below: