Interview: Kristen O’Connor On American Idol & What’s Next

Kristen O’Connor became the first finalist sent home this week on American Idol and while she won’t be the last she might be the most upbeat about her elimination.

Kristen O'Connor
Kristen O’Connor performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

FOX Audio Central (FAC) caught up with Kristen backstage after being eliminated on Thursday night. She opened up on her experience, what she’s taking away from the competition, and what’s next for the nurse turned American Idol contestant.

You know, I really honestly feel like I have gained so much from this whole experience, like from the time of my audition. 

Like, you know, my whole life I’ve been singing, but this has been the first time in my life where I’ve gotten people to be kind of objective with me because people have always just kind of praised me and told me “Oh you did so good” and this is for the first time, you know, I’ve had people that, you know, have made it in the industry and they’re telling me ways that I can improve and, you know, just they’ve given me so much advice.

FAC also asked Kristen what advice the Judges gave her and how she plans on using that in the future.

Yeah, Harry, he was like, “Kristen, you, the way you handled yourself,” he’s like, “I can tell, you know, I can tell you’re going to go far and that shows that you’re really made for this and you’re going to continue on” and stuff like that.

Keith said, you know, to keep singing.  He’s like, you know, “I know,” he’s like “I feel like, you know, I don’t even need to tell you this because I know you’re going to because this is what you’re meant to do, like just keep doing it” and stuff like that, so… 

They were really encouraging and I’m really happy with, you know, the way I left if I had to leave

Apparently no word from JLo though. I wonder if she vanishes the second the show ends and her contractual obligations are met.

What are Kristen’s plans for the future post-American Idol and will she continue on in music?

I just got my nursing license, and but that was always kind of the backup plan for me. 

Music’s always been the first and foremost in my life, and I know that especially now, you know, with all the exposure that this has given me, this is I’m sure going to open up so many doors. 

I’m really excited to see, you know, where this is going to take me, and I’m definitely going to keep pursuing music.

Best of luck to Kristen. She’s a great singer and we’re sure she’ll have a lot of opportunities out there for her if she decides to pursue them.

Big thanks to FOX Audio Central for sharing their interview with Kristen!

Source: FOX Audio Central