Meet Your American Idol 2012 Top 12

American Idol 2012 Top 12

Meet your American Idol 2012 Top 12! After last night’s not-surprising-at-all results where Jeremy Rosado was eliminated from the competition the finalists pool was whittled down to the season’s final twelve singers.

Despite Jennifer Lopez’s complaint during last night’s show that America got it wrong, I think we’ve got an excellent group of singers left in the race to become the next American Idol. Of course if these polls continue on in this direction then production can just hand the crown over to Jessica Sanchez right now.

American Idol 2012 Top 12 Finalists:

  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Colton Dixon
  • Heejun Han
  • Jermaine Jones
  • Skylar Laine
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Shannon Magrane
  • Phillp Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Elise Testone
  • Erika Van Pelt

No word yet from American Idol production on next week’s theme, but what we do know is that this crowd of finalists and their judges will be looking good. Idol has hired on Tommy Hilfiger as the season’s “Image Advisor.” I’m not kidding. FOX says, “Hilfiger will mentor the contestants to define their performance identities and help guide their style transformations as they fight for their chance to become the next AMERICAN IDOL.” Hopefully that doesn’t include filmed segments to be mixed in on the live shows, but you know how American Idol loves filler content.

Are you excited for these American Idol 2012 finalists?




    • I disagree she deserved to stay she made it far and square last week jeremy didnt just wait i think shannon is a possible winner from the start she is better than half of the boys already

      • First of all, It’s f a i r, not f a r. Second of all, start using punctuation please. You aren’t doing shannon any favors by typing with no commas or periods. Third of all, she proved she has a LOT of work to do on her voice on Wednesday.

      • shannon is NO WHERE my favorite but I think she is talented. Do I think she deserves to win? NO! do I think she should have gone home? NO! she deserved the bottom 2 spot but she is better than some other contestants now.

    • I disagree i think she is very talented and has enough pull to at least make it to the top 8 she needs to come back next week play it safe a more updated song

      • she may be talented on your point of view but still whitney houston songs aren’t her cup of tea.

      • I agree that she has a lot of talent but what the latest round showed is that she still has a lot of shortcomings as a singer and she better work on them fast if she hopes to recover from that setback. No. great is not a word I would associate with her  singing skills at this point.

    • shannon, damaged one of the bodyguard movies’ soundtrack…
      if you listen to all other competitors, she sounded differently and out of tune.

    • Oh, stop being mean. Since when was knowing proper spelling and grammar required in order for one to have an opinion. The way this was written has no impact on the contestant on the show. That was just a mean spirited reply. You better be on top of your game because I am going to be inspecting all of your comments from here on out for misspelled words and proper grammar. I will let you know if I find anything. BTW I do agree with you about Shannon.

      • Easy , easy my friend LOL , how are ya, you’ve been staying quiet lately?  I noticed that here at Idol theres’s a lot more crap going on than when we were at the “X”, I missed our regular friendly chat.  Picked a favourite yet??  I am staying on the outside looking in with no clear favourite, seriously not one among the twelve that I really like at all.
        It seems everyone here is convinced that this season is the best season.
        I must be going insane or just stone cold insensitive this year.  With all due respect to the twelve singers, they are all good but I have to be honest to myself , no one yet have given me anything to holler about, not like when we were head to head with Josh and Melanie, LOL.

        No one stands out this year , one guy who thinks he is the next Dave Matthews, nothing wrong with that , I know, but unique, I don’t think so.  Two ladies that are potentially will be great singers but unique? no
        Am I starting to be too picky like you my friend? Frankly I am bored out of my mind with this years Idol.

        Still I can’t stay away from watching Idol, like I do every year, I don’t know why?  I am  more excited watching the Voice even though it has some flaws also but at least there are more singers that offers a variety of singing styles so a more dynamic show to watch, justmy opinion.

  1. I think your right, Jessica Sanchez should win the competition, just hope that she doesn’t get too confident and too comfortable that she will loss her concentration. Jessica has got the whole package, but there are still a long road ahead of her. Let’s all wish her luck and hopefully she will win this competition.

  2. Does everyone see that the only one not smiling in that pic is the sour grape Elise? She is this year’s attitude queen.

    • I would not have saved her for her attitude alone….Jeremy had such a terrific attitude and much more of a team player than Elise. Attitude is half the battle and Elise has one real poor attiture. Cannot wait to see her go. I would have kept Jeremy

      • No Jeremy may have a good attitude but he would be in the bottom 2 next week if they didnt he never really made it in the first place

      • Your opinion and spelling both display your ignorance,and this isnt a team sport.

      • To Rockit—-who gave you the right to make rude comments on our opinions and for our spelling???? Come on now, there has to be something more important in your life than to criticize the way two people spell….people like you make me want to leave this site and never come back and I am appalled that the person who runs it  will allow such a low blow comment. We all have a right to express our opinions, just as you do. We just do it in a more polite manner.

      • Kathy_From_PA… are 100% right.  Who the hell does this Rockit think he/or she is?  This is a comment blog of our opinions.  If we misspell a word, who cares…..If it bothers people than don’t come on this site…..Don’t give up just because of one Arrogant person….I enjoy your comments or I should say I respect your comments.

      •  At  Rockit
        Who appointed you spellcheck police.   Have some respect will you.
        If you can’t stand people’s opinion, you know where to go.

    • Totally agree… I can feel much of bitterness or insecurities (maybe? IDK). It just shows in her aura…

    • Templar, whats with the attitude comments already? First live show and we gotta go there? I didn’t see any attitude when the judges were critiquing (spelling) her performance.Now we are gonna have all the teenybopper girls saying crappy things about someone they don;t know for the rest of the season. Maybe just maybe that is how she smiles when she gets her picture taken. Just sayin!

    • Hi Templar, I can not disagree with you more..She is not sour grapes  but very disappointed with herself and what has happened to her. The look of concern on her face will disappear when she is more comfortable with the situation.

  3. yes,Shannon still need more experience, the contestant look great tonight,especially Ms.Jessica’sstraight hair,camera love’s focusing her face and thank you for not covering ur mouth with ur hand-ur gorgeous

  4. Jessica has probably been the best lone performer so far, but she did not do very well with the “group” concert last night.

    •  The big group numbers are always terrible. Even if you put all of the best contestants ever together to do a group number it would still be terrible. I always hit mute when they are on.

  5. Everybody stop comp[laining jeremy went off fair and square
    im sick of everybody gaining up on shannon ya’ll some be ashamed for attacking a young girl ya’ll never seen or anything she is great but like every year someone says i hate this i hate phil or lee or david and the bottom line is you should not hate any of them you have no reasons to.

  6. @Jimmy2222, I certainly never attacked shannon, I’m just saying she is not ready. Her voice needs to mature more. I also never said I hated her. I don’t HATE anyone.

  7. Guest, stop making multiple profiles. It doesn’t change the number of supporters Shannon has.

  8. Everyone seems to forget but Shannon was voted in the Top 10!!!!  Jeremy was a wild card……Eventually they will both be gone with 10 others….LOL

  9. Jessica and Deandre are the only two who can actually sing,the rest of them just scream and growl.

  10. In my opinion it is better for a contestant not to be the winner. There are very few “winners” that are ever heard from again. Where is Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, Taylor Hicks, David Cook, Kristopher Allen and Lee DeWyze? Some of the winners have gone on to greatness like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks and still riding high from last season Scotty McCreery.

    • 6 of the top 10 bestselling artists from american idol have been winners. It certainly is not the kiss of death some make it out to be.
      1. Carrie Underwood
      2. Kelly Clarkson
      3. Chris Daughtry
      4. Clay Aiken
      5. Fantasia Burrino
      6. Ruben Studdard
      7. David Cook
      8. Kelly Pickler
      9. Jennifer Hudson
      10. Jordan Sparks
      You see? Winning is oftentimes actually good.

      • Kris fell off the face of the earth. These are the album sales added up for all the contestants, for all of their respective albums. Scotty has only had one album, so that is why. He came very close to Jordan though.

      • really kellie and jennifer cant beleive that
        cant believe adam lambert aint on it

  11. Many of the contestants are very young and not experienced and polished yet, INCLUDING Jessica.  I think Jessica is overstated and not as good as she thinks so and others may view her as.  Elise on the other hand is a very unique singer.  You will see…she will be a “star”.  She was just “bamboozled” with a last minute change of the song to sing as well as the choice of her song NOT suiting her unique voice.  No matter what happens, she will shine through because she is so talented.  She needs to stay in the competition because she deserves it.  I really enjoy listening to her sing much more than the others.  From the guys, I like Philip and Colton.  I think they are unique as well.  The others guys are just mediocre singers….definitely not up to par with even all the girls. 

    • Stop making excuses. She didn’t do good on her performance. That’s what matters to the american public. Also, Jessica, Hollie, and Skylar are all EXCELLENT. How can you say Jessica and Hollie are not polished? Be realistic.

      • Just a question not hatin here but how do you know what the American public wants or likes? I like different and unique talent. I prefer it over the “same o same o”. I agree Jessica and Hollie are great volcalists but same o same o. Skylar is good but not always great and definatly not excellant or perfect IMHO. Just another question. Can you sing Whittney Houston or Stevie Wonder anywhere near as good as any of these contestants? 

    • Shannon and elise better bring it i think they wont be in the bottom 3 if they do good
      my dream bottom 3

      • Shannon and Elise both gave up frontrunner positions. They are among  Jermaine and Erika as bottom of the pack dwellers now. Sorry.

      • if they do good they will be brought in the mid remeber haley she ended up number 3
        shannon is great just a rought night i hope she makes it far.
        elise may go home i cant think of who would vote for
        jermaine or elise cuz they wont get no votes from young people maybe house wives

      •  Hi Ncstar,
        Usually when you dream or wish for something it is about something good, like “I wish or hope such and such singer wins the competition.
        Well,  everybody is different,  I’ll have to accept your dream of  doom for those 3 singers. LOL

      • How can you have a bottom 3 when they haven’t even given their next performance yet? Singers are only as good as their last performance, so see what they have to offer first, then make your judgment.

    • you certainly DONT have a TASTE. you may go back to your mother’s womb. NOW!

    • Precisely. Many of these contestants are young and not polished yet, but look at what they can already do.  Can you imagine what a few years of polishing can do to their potential?No singer is instantly superlative or perfect.  So let’s give them time to grow and not nitpick on every mistake that they might make.

    • I agree with you. I love Colton from the guys and Elise for the girl. They are very unique. I would buy their CD, especially Colton. He already has songs he has written and they are amazing.  

  12. I don’t think Jessica should win. Sure, shes good, but shes young, and she can only sing ballads. She cant sing Stevie Wonder well, and i doubt she can sing rock any better. And for me, listening to ballads all the time is BORING! I think its Phillip and Colton for the top 2 this year! They can sing rock AND sing ballads, they put their own little twist on it. 

    • Last week she didn’t sing a ballad. If you can handle a Whitney houston ballad, you should go for it. Phil and Colton top 2 isn’t gonna happen. The winner will be Jessica or Hollie.

      • Phillip and skylar “My least fav girl” and Colton “the worst of singers”
        may have a chance not that i like all of them but america does

      • agreed KC.  I have a feeling that even if PP gets the most votes, this time they will just give it to jessica or Hollie to stop a guy from winning. 

      • You know, SalvX, I almost feel guilty saying this, but I HOPE that they give it to a girl. I mean, america usually doesn’t vote based on talent anyway, and come on, it’s been 5 years.

      • Yes, KC… you’re right! But we can make it happen. If we vote for the most deserving talent. We have the tough job to make the best wins…

      • I agree with you on Jessica being in the finale, but I don’t know about Hollie. She definitely deserves to win, but she doesn’t have as many fans as she should. But you never know!

      • It is a modern soul ballad. let the momentum continues this time a three-time standing ovation from the judges and audience! break a leg jessica!

    •  Hi Olivia,
      Jessica did not sing a Stevie Wonder song, the guys did!  I wonder what song did you hear?  Although I agree that in order for any of the singers to have a better chance in winning, they have to be versatile and should have more than one singing style in their pockets.

    • hey, listening to ballads all the time??? this is her first ballad in top 13 performances. I wonder if you’re not getting bored too listening to rock performers phillip or colton (at least trying to be rock)?

    • I don’t think I Love You I Do is anywhere near a ballad and if you can check out her songs on Youtube you will see that she definitely sings songs that are not ballads.  If she can not sing Stevie Wonder’s songs then so what, he’s a guy after all.  However, I have a feeling that she can also do Stevie justice.  Somehow boring is a word that I can not associate with Jessica.

    • Jessica can only sing ballads? I disagree! For sure on the coming weeks, Jessica will surely surprise us again, and this time singing an up-tempo songs… 

    • ” Love u I do ”  is a ballad … !!! Rock , I bet she will rock the stage ang u will see , As a singer and a performer .

      • Wishing Jessica to sing “One of Us” (1996) by Joan Osborne for her birthsong theme.

    • A standing ovation from the judges and audience twice in a row…is that what you call boring?? common! deal with it!!!

  13. Jessica is getting boring she aint near as good as she is brought out to be she wont win i can tell you that i would bet a hundred dollars on the line to anyone. she will follow pia maybe not 9 more like 5

      • hey ncstare thanks for stealing my name
        i think i take your name with a e at the end how about losere

    • letme get your account number so i can send you the money and purchase as many EARS as you can. 

    • At least you can still remember pia… let me guarantee you also, that whether she will make it or not, you can remember jessica for the rest of your life.. more than you remember pia. the rest of the contestants you will soon forget.. LOL!

    • I don’t think so. Jessica is a versatile performer, and I never got bored watching her and listening to her voice. Furthermore, her performance singing I Will Always Love You on YouTube reached almost 3 million views. Nevertheless, I respect your opinion though. Lets see what happens on the coming weeks 🙂

  14.  Well I agree that Shannon should have been the girl with the lowest votes, but she wasn’t so I’m moving on from that. Do I think that Jeremy should have gone? Well seeing as he and Elise were the two with the lowest votes I tend to agree. Elise just had an off night as were Jeremy was rescued last week. I also don’t think there should have been a guys bottom 3 and a girls bottom 3. It should have just been finding the one guy and one girl with the lowest votes. Like Joshua being in the guys bottom three. If it were a straight up bottom 3 he wouldn’t have been in it. If it were a straight up bottom 3 then it would have been.

    Well that’s my thoughts.

  15. You top 12 are all great!!!  Best of luck to each of you!!!!  Such talent! 
    I will be voting weekly!  love Janni Cassara

  16. Shannon has been so good up to this point though.  She had a terrible night, by just about all standards…audiophile included. 

    In my opinion Jeremy was even worse. 

  17. Audiophile rankings from thursday night. 

    Believe it or not, we keep rankings for more than just current American idol stars.

    Lauren Aliana’s preformance last night:  8.5
    Her ranking stands pat at 9.1

    She is such a diva.  🙂

    Mary J Blidge’s preformance 6.7

    Her ranking stands pat at 9.0

    Mary was not Mary tonight.  Definately not. 

    This may come as a suprise to you…but remember the more data we have on the singer…the stronger their ranking becomes.  Its like batting average. 

    Career batting average is harder to go and down than season batting average.

    • Have you ever done a ranking on the two singers whose voices were once said to be two greatest instruments the world has ever known; Frank Sinatra and the one and only Ella Fitzgerald?

    • Well, next week they sing songs from their birth year.  My choices for my faves are:
      Hollie – ’93  Expose’s “I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me”
      Josh – ’92   Bon Jovi’s  “Keep The Faith”
      Colton – Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”

  18. I think Elise should have went home. I didn’t like the way she sang but her attitude is going to be an even bigger negative in coming weeks.

    • Don’t get it. wheres the attitude problem?I haven’t seen any attitude from any of the contestants at all. Just don’t get it. why people hate on others they don’t know.

    • Go adam lambert 2009 go siobhan magnus 2010 Go james durbin 2011 go colton 2012 next year we may have a jenny craig

  19. Shannon needs shania twain it could not her back up where she was
    perfect pretty young song could even show a country side to her

  20. Whos gone next im expecting a twist kinda see joshua since last week
    but if he goes the judges will use the save

  21. For song choices:

    Shannon: I’ll Stand By You by the Pretenders
    Jessica: Fantasy by Mariah Carey
    Skylar: Come to my Window by Melissa Etheridge
    Deandre: I Swear by All 4 One
    Hollie: What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes
    Joshua: Black or White by Michael jackson
    Colton: Losing My Religion by REM
    Phillip: Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi
    Heejun: Listen To Your Heart by Roxette
    Jermaine: Dancing On the Ceiling by Lionel Richie
    Erika: We Belong by Pat Benatar
    Elise: Every breath You Take by The Police

    These are the choices I would like them to sing, but I’m sure a lot of them aren’t going to go with these.

    • Rankings i like all except colton and heejun
      i want heejun to leave that joke is to much to handle.
      Shannon would do great and could come back i was hoping shania but pretenders are great to.
      phillip should go first this week that would play it safe but
      he needs to do that until he is in the bottom 3.
      joshua could do it but maybe the judges will start complaing on him.
      hollie whats up lol i thionk it could fit her

      • Why don’t you like Colton? Have you heard the songs he writes??? He is AMAZING. But I guess everyone has their own opinion.

    • No way Jessica is gonna sing Fantasy . She knows how to play her cards. I think she is gonna sing :
       ( Des’ree – You Gotta Be   or   TLC – Waterfalls ) , and I think she might the song a lil bit .

    • Wishing Jessica to sing “One of Us” (1996) by Joan Osborne for her birthsong theme.

  22. So far, Jessica is very good at singing.I know this is the song contest. However, the singer of her  class there are many others too. For example, Melanie Amaro
    the winner of last year usa  x factor.  I am now  just tired of hearing good singar it self now.
    where are   the past winner of american idol . I think American Idol for the future, rather than just good singar but something need more.

    • Jessica wont win she needs to go soon
      all of the judges make to big of a deal with her im fed up
      and soon everybody will be.

      • if you are fed up already then stop watching AI and you are the one that needs to go…. BITTER!

      • Who says jessica is boring?? Are you kidding me??? A twice in-a-row standing ovation from the judges + audience…common! Deal with it!!!

      • everybody that comment this i all i have to say is i got 2 likes
        i think 2 more people arent jessica worshippers.
        all of you remeber she is getting stale and plain and boring.
        colton would have never made it he is like james no talent but made it
        cuz the judges over hypes them. so listen
        standing ovation and audeince the audences always stand
        and the judges listen to nigel who says put down 5 or 6 people and over hype about 4

      • How could someone be bored & fed up with only two performances so far (and notably great performances)???  You’re just intimidated by her talent! 

    • Jessica is a singer and a performer . As much as I love Melanie , she is not a performer and if she was , she is not near Jessica at all .

  23. The best is shannon and if you comment with disagree save your time and dont you cant change my mind.

  24. Colton will have a rough night cant think of one song that is in his year ah shuckssssssssssssss

    • As I posted above, I think Colton would do very well with Wicked Game.  The teen girls would go bat s**t!

  25. I am so overwhelmed of people posting hate comments and bashing other contestants here but doesnt even know how to differentiate, to and too, your and you’re, who’s and whose, and many more… Guys, im begging you, if you want to be believable, learn your GRAMMAR!!! we live in US and our mother tongue is english yet we dont know how to express ourselves correctly and in proper ENGLISH. Jesus, even your spelling. c’mon! 

  26. i saw on wikipedia that it’s “the year they were born’ theme.. hmmm.. goodluck with that.. 

  27. My favorite is Colton. He is amazing. I have listened to the song he sings and the songs he writes. I hope he wins this yeah and no one can change my mind. My other faves are Elise and Philip. Those three have very unique voices. I can’t wait to hear what they perform Wednesday. 

  28. Wishing Jessica to sing “One of Us” (1996) by Joan Osborne for her birthsong theme.

  29. Jessica Sanchez have more than 4million views already on youtube for her performance of I will always Love you! Wow its spreading even on twitter and facebook. She indeed now had a large followers! FTW!

    • Seems a similar thing was going on last season with a certain contestant and that contestant did not win. The voting for this contest does not show who the real talent is. It only shows who is popular with the tweeners. MHO

    • 3 days ago >> 4,379,350 ….
      I don’t care about  any other reasons , Talent prevail at the end .

  30. Please continue to vote for Jermaine.  His voice is the only one left which has a beautiful deep baritone quality to it.  His personality is gentle and all he needs is the right song to suit him and guidance as to how to present it on stage.  I love this man and he should not be voted off – not just yet.  Give him a chance to show us what he can really do!

    • He will be voted off soon because he cannot take constructive criticism and people don’t like that. 

    • Jermaine is the worst singer in the show he has never had a moment as being even decent jermaine is bad.
      also cant take construtive critism like someone just said.

  31. Do not write off  Skylar she has a sweet metallic voice that is original. Not to say I do not love Jessica, Why art thou be so shy? when God has given u such a musical talent? and Josh give it all u are uniquely talented

  32. It would be so interesting if the last/top 2 remaining idols would be colton dixon and jessica sanchez.  Both are very talented and different.  Both also have tons of fans who will support and vote for them. 


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