Majesty Rose Versus Jessica Sanchez: Who Did “Let It Go” Better?

‘American Idol’: Majesty Rose Takes On ‘Let It Go’

What happens when former American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez and a new American Idol 2014 Top 11 finalist Majesty Rose York happen to perform the same song within a few days of each other? Well, it means that we have to have a virtual sing-off to determine who did it better!


Majesty Rose took a big risk on Wednesday night’s American Idol Top 11 performances show by performing the Oscar-winning song “Let It Go” from Frozen. This song is a huge hit right now, and trying to fill the shoes of Broadway beauty Idina Menzel is not an easy task. We think the song ended up being a little too big for Majesty, although the American Idol judges gave her strongly positive reviews for the most part.

Just a few days earlier, former American Idol season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez also gave a performance of “Let It Go” at a charity concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Proceeds of the concert went to The Pinoy Relief Fund. While we think Jessica dropped some of the low notes in the song, we have to say we think she comes out as the clear winner in this sing-off.

However, let’s just be honest, neither of them really can hold a candle to the original. I mean, it’s Idina Menzel, who can really top her no matter how good you are?

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  1. The original by Idina Menzel, sucks. It’s all shouty and screechy and not pleasant to listen to vocally. Also, the original was done in a studio with 100 takes. The other girls did it live

    As far as Jessica Sanchez vs majesty, it’s not even a question. Jessica Sanchez OWNED that performance – and performed it FAR better than the original.

    • Idina sounded even better than the recording when she did it live at the Oscars. 🙂

      • She sounded really bad at the Oscars, she was more shouting than singing, and it looked like the nerves got to her. Majesty did a really crappy song performing this song last night, just all out of breath and fluttery, instead of making it into something worth hearing. Jessica sounds all right.

  2. Jessica Sanchez is literally FLAWLESS! She’s just I don’t even know. She’s even comparable to Majesty or Idina (who I love)

  3. Hard to compare when you can hear only a part of Magesty’s performance. I did hear Jessica’s entire performance and she was outstanding. The only negative about Jessica is she needs to work on her lower register. When she started the song she sounded as if she was losing a little control of her breathing. But once she got over that part, she owned the rest of the song.
    Could have been nerves though.

  4. Jessica Sanchez did this better than the original even. I think people have stopped trying to compare other singers to Jessica Sanchez. She is just phenomenal

  5. Jessica Sanchez is accompanied by the original co-composer of the song, Robert Lopez on keys. Her notes are spot on. This girl is going to be a legend someday. Killing the vocal game all the time!

  6. Jessica sounded a little sharp through this performance, but she still wins. She obviously is the stronger, more talented singer compared to Majesty. I like Majesty, but I think this song was indeed to big for her, though not too big for Jessica!

  7. Without a doubt, jessica sanchez hands down. I don’t know how long she practiced this song but it was just incredibly sang.

  8. JESSICA SANCHEZ hands down! The quality of her voice is far superior to all those who so far have sung that song, or any song.

  9. Not to be all rude but there’s no way on earth can majesty be better than Jessica Sanchez, to have them battle and ask who did better is effn hilarious. Majesty is cool, sounds cool when she does her thing with the guitar and all that but Jessica Sanchez vocals and technicality are on a league of its own. Idina Menzel studio version where great but I’m sorry her live verion was underwhelming, I was expecting more from her since she does broadway so singing Live should have been better to hear but boy I was wrong, but don’t get me wrong she’s still a Good singer but her and majesty can’t be compared to Jessica. peace out.

  10. Jessica Sanchez vs Majesty?
    Jessica did WAYY better than Majesty. Majesty wasn’t hitting the high notes, the song is too big for her

  11. Majesty was alright. I remember turning the channel on the oscars when the original singer of song sang. Did not like her voice at all!

  12. I hope Jessica Sanchez will be invited on IDOL to sing her new song this season.Oh we have missed her so!! THAT VOICE,is unforgettable!!

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