Who Is Going Home Tonight On American Idol 2014?

The American Idol 2014 Top 11 took to the stage Wednesday night to perform songs from the cinema and there were some standout performances. Some were even likely enough to take someone from the bottom to the top.

>> UPDATE: Click here for our full recap and results from this week’s elimination!


Let’s get down to business. As always, I’m going to predict how voting results will play out. Things might look differently this week, which is surprising. I don’t expect to exactly nail my predictions this week, but I’ll try. This is all based on polls, statistics from last week, this week’s performances and some personal expertise. There is no opinion here.

Who Will Go Home Tonight On American Idol 2014?

Definitely Safe:

  • Caleb Johnson. I’m pretty sure Caleb won’t be going anywhere for a while.
  • Dexter Roberts. I think he’s the only other sure thing this week. There are several people who did not so well last week ranking very well in polls this week. So we could be in for an early shock this week.

Most Likely Safe:

  • Alex Preston. I’m think with the shift in voting this week, Alex could be closer to the bottom, but I think I’m going to keep him as most likely safe.
  • Jessica Meuse. I’d love to know what America as a whole thinks as Jessica because she doesn’t do super well in our poll and some others I’ve seen. But I think she’s hovering around the middle right now, so will probably be safe tonight.
  • Malaya Watson. Again, Malaya could end up in the bottom, but I think she’s picked up some steam the past two weeks and might be able to ride that a little further.
  • C.J. Harris. Last week he was in the bottom, but when Ryan Seacrest revealed how Facebook was voting, he was doing very well. So he might just be safe this week.
  • Jena Irene. I’m nervous about listing her as probably safe because she’s been ranking in the bottom, but this week she had a great performance and is killing it in several polls.
  • Sam Woolf. He didn’t seem to be doing too well when Ryan showed us how Twitter was voting, but I think he’s OK for now.

Possibly the bottom three:

  • MK Nobilette. I think she’s going to always be in the bottom until she goes home.
  • Ben Briley. I wasn’t expecting Ben to be in the bottom this soon, but he doesn’t seem to be doing well with America at the moment.
  • Majesty Rose. This is where I get confused and want to close my computer. I don’t see Majesty in the bottom but most other people do. I guess it’s possible. But I think we could still see Jena or CJ instead? Ack! I don’t know!

Probably going home:

  • MK Nobilette. I don’t think she can survive another week in the bottom.






  1. Your never happy with jena are you?

    She did the best she’s safe. she was trending on twitter.

    • I don’t like Jena, although she did better last night and the crowd seemed to like her performance. It helped her that her brothers were there cheering for her, she seems really isolated and not personable, and that is more likely to have hurt her than her singing ability, which is fine.

      • I read your post and couldn’t have said it better myself. We see the samething at my house. Not personal and perhaps even arrogant.

  2. I would love to see alex go home, he puts me to sleep he should be a pro wrestler cause his sleeper hold aka his music. knocks me out everytime.

    • Alex is a great, talented musician. I just love the sound of his voice. Jena is a great singer too, She has a very distinctive voice. I can see her headlining soon. Both have talent well beyond their years!

    • Honestly, Alex is my favorite after Jena – and Majesty, back when she did her acoustic covers (in her audition and in Hollywood). Alex is the most talented musician of all of them, honestly, and I personally love his voice. Maybe not your taste, though. Still, I think Alex and Jena will go far after the show. Love both of them!

      • Haha…Majesty will stay because of her name (reminds of Jermaine Jackson’s son Jer Majesty!) and personality, not her vocals.

      • Would love to see Majesty go home, but I think it will be Ben, Jessica, or Jena. Or a surprise person in the bottom spot, and they might have to use the save earlier than they’d like.

      • Ben was pretty off last night and they rallied up the girls even when they didn’t deserve it. Time will tell.

  3. Alex is the most talented guy on the show! Jena by far the best girl! Don’t know why she never does well! Malaya, MK and Majesty should be bottom 3. I thought Ben did awesome last night. Don’t understand the judges sometimes!

    • i think she will do great for now on, haley always was in the bottom 3 and one week she blew everyone away and instantly became a crowd fav

    • Smh @ angie…..another tone deaf person has spoken! Lol! Malaya is the best vocally on the show….her performances are undeniable! My favorite season 13 idol! Majesty Rose is very good too….she just needs to work on her high register control! Hope she survives the superficial tone deaf voters who base votes solely on appearance! Lol!

      • I completely disagree. Malaya is too strong and shrill, and Majesty is too weak and empty. Neither has a career in music ahead of them.

      • I know! He just named the two worse singers on the show, especially Malaya…no offense to her personally.

      • You might be right. I like them both as personalities though. Majesty needs to learn song choice that suits her voice and Malaya would have been better waiting a couple years.

      • You are the tone deaf person! Malaya is a screamer and she gets applause for that, but it is NOT a pretty sound. She should’ve been the first to go home. Majesty is OK.

      • And as for voting on appearances….Alex and Caleb are getting my votes for the male singers. Need I say more?

      • Exactly. She reminds me of Mikalah Gordon [I forget which season she was on]. Lots of confidence, but not a headliner.

      • I don’t agree with the comparison. Mikaela was loud and semi obnoxious, but an interesting character. Jena is pleasant and only somewhat confident IMO and doesn’t have a stand out personality.

      • Remember she’s only 17( Now the youngest of the 11) and she’s got 3 originals on youtube!

      • There is a reason that Jena was in the bottom and it isn’t her lack of talent. I still think she lacks the X factor. We’ll see if her good performance last night helps her.

      • you suck. she’s great and she got number 2 last night. and it was within 5 mins. she probably got the most votes last night.

      • Jena doesn’t have a personality that attracts fans. She had gotten some votes from one voting channel, during the time of the show. Jena is still at risk, although likely not this week. She looks like she had a lot of coaching for this week’s performance, but it doesn’t make her appealing or someone with a big fan base due to who she is. Her singing has been kind of hit and miss, last week’s song choice was terrible.

      • Malaya is the youngest, not Jena. Jena is 17, as is Sam. Malaya was 15 at the auditions, and turned 16 in the past month.

      • What an insult! Jena’s voice is 1000% better than Mikalah’s, period! When Jena gets behind that piano, magic happens!!!

      • It doesn’t sound magic on the West Coast when they play it for us after the edits, but good for you if it sounds like that in South Carolina.

      • I totally agree. Jena has a very strong voice and wonderful pronunciation when she sings, which is a great thing. I guess everyone has their own opinion on what they like and dislike. Majesty can sing, but last night her song was all over the place. I was shocked when the judges didn’t say much. Maybe they didn’t want to break her confidence, but it is what it is. Simon would have been honest with her. I like majesty, so I’m not just trying to bash her, her song was not good.

      • Jena has talent and has the “it” factor! She sounds so different than any if the other performs. I would go see her in concert any day!

      • Well she is a nice girl who does nothing for me, but if she continues with good performances, I have no problem with her. I might go to see Alex, CJ, Caleb, maybe Jessica and on CD might buy Sam’s music.

      • Alex and Sam put me to sleep. Talk about not having the “it” factor! Their personalities are blah, blah, blah…..

      • Alen and Sam where both boring last night, it was song choice but I have to admit Alex voice reminds me kind of like Adam Sandler’s when he sang that song in Mixed Nuts.

      • That is a very strange comment. What are you saying? I am an adult who happens to not be that impressed with Jena. What is the big deal? Never mind. No answer required.

      • Really? She seems more high school talent show. Maybe when she’s older, it could just be that.

      • Seems to have zero personality. She isn’t a singer that people will rally behind with their votes. She’s more the one they will forget to vote for. She also seems to have some attitude, which isn’t making her likable.

      • Sounds to me you have a problem because she is not only talented, but very pretty also.. I see jealousy here!! Same thing happened with Haley Reinhart. All the girls hated her because she was so darn cute and good sing her socks off You sure are quick to judge someone that has had very little tv time. This happens every year. So petty!!

      • A little heavy on the drama here. “Guest” just doesn’t find her that likable. So what? She was in the bottom twice for that reason. If Guest has had little time to judge, then the same applies to you because you are so enamored of her which is a judgement also.

      • I didn’t enjoy Caleb, not once, until last night. He sang Skyfall really well, and I did not know his voice was that good, because he usually screams and carries on like crazy. He has also had a really bad attitude about the judges and their advice to him, seems beyond arrogant. Last night was the first time he came across as a singer instead of just a performer, and a former Idol reject.

  4. Caleb is awesome. Meatloaf reincarnated. Love Jessica. I would send Malaya or MK walking. Jennifer giving them standing o’s was foolish. This isn’t a boy/girl thing this year…there are no good looking guys. It should be a contest of the best singer, not the gender of the singer.

      • Guys like Lee, Phillip, David were nice looking. The guys this year are not eye candy! Jlo was angry last week that there were three girls in bottom three. She did it season before last, gets mad when the girls leave. (She did like Scotty and he is obviously country).

      • She liked Pia over Scotty that’s why she’s not gonna save anyone unless it’s her favorite, I remember Jlo getting real upset and saying vote for the girls when Pia was sent home and Lord knows they were pushing Jessica at us and saved her. . Scotty was not her pick.
        I do not be Phillip won because of his looks.

      • Pia was sensational. Everyone was shocked she got eliminated so early. But there are no “Pia’s” this season imo. I did not like Jessica at all and her fans were dreadful online. Phillip was part of the WBWG, his looks didn’t hurt. I still like him and listen to his music.

      • Who? That little kid Sam?! Maybe if you’re 12, he seems hot otherwise not for realz!

      • But why? What am I missing…I don’t see cute in him….just young and white the right combo for the tweens I guess.

      • IMO Pia was horrid. Unlikable in the extreme. She was the Regina [Lana Parilla on OUAT] of Idol.

      • At the time I thought she sang great and was pretty. Then she pulled out the Mark Ballas card and seemed totally desperate. She’s disappeared now!

      • Pia was awful, and she stood like a stick while she sang. Agree that JLo was shocked when Pia didn’t get the votes, they had used up the save already. Pia’s now worked her way up in the music biz to singing the national anthem at a hockey team’s games.

      • JLo doesn’t know country music, but she likes it if there’s a good song of any sort.

    • MK sang well last night for the first time all season. Not impressive until now, not at all. But last night she sang, and seemed to have listened and implemented the judges’ advice from last week. She can be proud of her effort this week, and parts of it were lovely, recordable.

  5. I believe MK has the best pure voice of the group. I just think her personality needs to shine more so that people will remember her. I do think some people won’t vote for her for her sexuality, which is terrible!!!

    • I voted for MK last night b/c she proved that she deserved to stay in the competition. I don’t think it’s enough to get her out of the bottom three, unfortunately, and will most likely mean she will be leaving tonight (even though ben or majesty should go home).

      • I hope MK goes home, she has zero personality, and they keep trying to make her look for feminine…which is not her at all.
        I hope she is booted off tonight, so we can move on to the real talent

      • MK sang well last night, she sounded good, and her performance was greatly improved. I would listen to that singing – she only blew one note early on when she didn’t have enough breath to support it, but otherwise she really improved, must have had very good coaching this week. She did everything Harry told her she needed to do in order to improve, and I am impressed by that alone. I have not liked her at all, thought she was there to make a point instead of sing, and then last night she sang, and sang very well.

    • I could care less about her sexuality but I have to disagree with you about her having the best pure voice of the group. To me, she doesn’t have any strength behind her voice at all and I find it very wobbly. I don’t know how else to describe it.

    • Jena could go because she didn’t get a personality transplant in time. Her singing was fine, but still boring.

  6. I was gad to see songs from movies last night, it was so much better than last week. I think MK will be going home, I can’t see her making it another week. I never liked the caps she was wearing and glad to see her not wearing one last night.

    • All the caps, faded jeans, and pastel colors were gone this week. Big improvement in the stylists’ efforts. They have looked like bums.

  7. i think it is going to be a female that goes home the guys are better this year looking at my picks top three caleb dexter and jessica

  8. I’m thinking Ben and Jessica will be the bottom two – not that Ben should be. I’m looking for Jessica to go home.

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