Meet Chris Watson – American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers

Chris Watson on American Idol 2013

Chris Watson is another familiar face for fans watching American Idol 2013. Watson originally auditioned for season seven and received a Golden Ticket to Hollywood before being cut. Now he’s back and has allegedly, according to the spoilers, has made it on to the Season 12 Top 40.

Chris is 25 years old and from Dover, DE. He last auditioned in Philadelphia so if he’s still in the same area he probably nabbed his Ticket at the Newark auditions over the summer.

Below are both Chris’ original audition from several years ago on American Idol (look, there’s Paula!) and his 2009 release of “Still…” which was his first music video.

Last time around Chris Watson didn’t make it past Hollywood Week. Do you think this season will be different?




  1. I don’t even remember Chris Watson Matthew. But with the voters picking the winner. Who knows what can happen? An example. This seasons VOICE. They had two guy singers that were really good.Especially Terry McDermott. And Nicolas David was better than the insipid Cassidy Pope. If you do not believe me, go to itunes and listen to Terry. Then listen to Cassady Pope! Who the people picked. Even her mentor thought Terry McDermott was going to be the winner.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t listen to Chris first. Who knows what can happen? He has a pretty smooth sounding voice. That still doesn’t mean he will win.

  3. Hmm. Cute guy and nice voice. I liked the audition tape (no, I don’t remember him)! The slow song was kind of boring. But he does have talent. Like to see what he can do this season.

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