Meet David Oliver Willis – American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers

David Oliver Willis on American Idol 2013

We’ve already seen a lot of names off the Top 40 spoilers for American Idol 2013, but David Oliver Willis might be my favorite so far. As an added bonus, David is not a returning singer from a previous season as this seems to be at least his first time making it this far through the process.

David Oliver Willis is a student at Florida Christian College out of Kissimmee, Florida studying to major in Music Ministry, according to his Blogger profile.

David’s YouTube account has a few songs, half of which were uploaded in the past week, including a performance by his wife, Olivia Willis. Both are great singers, but since this profile is for David we’ll just share a few of his songs below.

Video – David Oliver Willis performing “In The Silence”

Video – David Oliver Willis performing “This”




  1. Someone asked me a pretty fair question. They asked me if there are any other reasons why I won’t be watching other than the fact that Nikki Minaji is a judge. So I had to think about it for a bit and I remember last season the only reason I kept watching was for Phillip Phillips, if he would have gotten eliminated at any point last season then I would have stopped watching. So I decided to state other reasons why I won’t watch this season other than Nikki Minaji.

    1. The voting system. There is no indictation that the voting system is going to be changed. The idea that the producers come up with the change things to make it more fair to all of the contestants is to give the judges more power. I think that it not the right call to make. They don’t seem to understand that the biggest problem with the show is the voting system and how people will call in or text in their votes over and over again. I don’t think they want to change it because they like having Ryan Secrest say that they got over 70 million votes getting people to think that 70 million people watched the show.

    2. It seems to be becoming more and more about the judges. Think back to when the show first started with the original panel. Nobody had heard of Simon Cowell, or Randy Jackson. Paula Abdul had a sucessful music career in the early 90’s but she hadn’t been heard from in quite a while. Now the constant hiring of celebrities to be judges so they can promote whatever they are doing and have the spotlight on them and not the contestants is annoying. They should have a couple of judges that work behind the scenes in the music industry and maybe one judge that had a bit of a successful music career, but isn’t currently a chart topper. I think Mariah Carey’s agenda on the show will be her own agenda.

    3. There were things last season that just plain irritated me. Like the Tommy Hillfigur styling sessions I thought were a complete waste of time I only care about what the contestants are going to sing and could care less about what they are wearing. The fact that the judges would go on and on on their comments making the length of their comments longer than the actual performance. There were other pointless time wasting filler crap that they should just get rid of and maybe perhaps then the contestants could sing a full song.

    4. The results shows. Ok well this goes for the X Factor and the Voice as well. Have only 30 minute results shows. I can live without the Ford Music videos, things the contestants did for that particular week, and the godawful group performances. Just have maybe one or two guest performances and results. I know that they won’t ever reduce the results show to 30 minuetes, but it would be nice if they’d consider it.

    5. Cut back on the audition episodes. One thing the X Factor seemed to do well is only have two weeks worth of audition episodes before moving onto the next phase of the competition. Idol seems to drag the autitions on and on before going to Hollywood. And focus more on the auditioners that are good and not the train wrecks, sorry but I have no desire to make fun of a delusional person. Just have one or two bad auditions per audition episode to show that not everybody gets a golden ticket and that’s it.

    6. Show more of the contestants that actually make it to the live shows during the Hollywood/Vegas rounds.

    7. Raise the age limit to 18. Sorry I’d rather watch a more mature adult try for the competition than I would some 15-16 year old who clearly isn’t ready for it, or listening to a 17 year old contestant say they dropped out of school to try for the show. This goes for X-Factor and the Voice too. I think however like my argument about the voting system this is something that will continue to fall on deaf ears.

    Those of are some of the reasons why I am not tuning in this season. Nicki Minaji being a judge is just the icing on the cake, because if she weren’t there then I might tune in at some point, but now I won’t watch at all but just wait for season 4 of the Voice to start.

    • If Nikki not watching is something that is going to make you not watch, then that’s just dumb. You hate that the show is more about the judges, but you won’t watch because of a judge? Makes absolutely no sense. DON’T LET A JUDGE GET TO YOU.. it’s just soooo dumb and to me says you don’t really care about the contestants

  2. I read everything that Shawn wisely posted. He put a lot of thought in to his post! Thank-You Shawn for putting out there what a lot of people would like to say. That are like me and cannot talk that good. I read every word you wrote. It took time and effort to do that. And my hat is off to you.Maaybe they will take some of your advise? Have a great week end.

  3. Ooh this one has me excited, he’s got a good look and an amazing voice (as long as it wasn’t touched up) I think as long as he can handle uptempo songs he may have a good shot at winning this.

  4. Okay, this is the place for comments about David. Give him his due. Here are mine: Lovely sound and seems like a nice guy, but I could get bored easily by his voice. Could be his song choices, though. Want to see something besides this slow stuff.

  5. David is the worship leader at my church! Let me tell you, this guy has an AMAZING voice!

  6. I went to school with Dave. I think it is wonderful that he has come so far, especially since we really didn’t have much of a chorus program at that school. Then it was completely snuffed for color guard. That didn’t stop Dave from visiting the music department on a regular basis, always singing (his voice needs NO editing, btw) and smiling

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