Meet Johnny Keyser – American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers

Johnny Keyser

Heeeere’s Johnny! Again. Johnny Keyser returns for American Idol 2013 after making to the Las Vegas rounds in the previous season. You may remember him as the guy who kept singing after his teammate collapsed on stage. Yeah, it was easy to see him cut after that. But here he is again to make another go at it and clearly it was worth the effort as he’s made it as far as the Top 20 guys this time around if the spoilers are true.

Johnny is 24 years old and originally from Florida although he’s now living in Nashville in pursuit of his musical dreams. In the past year since being cut from Idol he’s released an EP entitled “From Where I Stand” with samples of those tracks on his website.

You can follow Johnny on both Twitter and Facebook where he seems to have a penchant for citing “Dumb and Dumber” so he earns points for that.

Check out a few performances of Johnny Keyser below and then get ready for his return to the American Idol stage.

Video – Johnny Keyser performs “Early Morning Rain”

Video – Johnny Keyser performs “From Where I Stand”

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    • Don’t think he plays the guitar and even if he did he doesn’t have the wgwg personality type.

  1. Idol likes to waste tickets on same ol’ same ol’ – I have seen a lot of the same this year like a lot of contestants with “3rd time will it be their year this year?” Um NO!

  2. He is a wonderful singer, and the reason he kept singing last season was that he wanted to encourage the girl, and yes maybe it wasn’t the best reaction, but he was under pressure and wanted his group to do well. He is a good guy so stop saying mean things about him.
    Also, he plays piano and the bongo, not a WGWG, his voice is pure and he does deserve to make it on this show! Go Johnny!

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