American Idol Looks To Copy X Factor On Voting Results Reveals

American Idol results

One of the cool things we saw on this past season of X Factor USA was the reveal of how each singer ranked in the week’s vote. It seems like we weren’t the only ones who liked it.

American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has indicated Season 12 of Idol will be giving out more information than just which singers fell to the Bottom 3 each week. But if this little activity looks familiar to X Factor’s decision then it’s only because Idol thought of it first but just never got around to doing it.

Lythgoe says he likes the idea of not only revealing the contestant with the fewest votes each week but also ranking the singers by their vote totals, much like The X Factor has done. In fact, Lythgoe says, he has wanted to do that on Idol for several years.

“Now it looks like we’re going to be copying them,” he says. “I thought it was a good move from when we first came here. … We’ll still discuss it. I’m not sure how we’ll do it.”

Gotta love Nigel’s approach to competition. Personally, I don’t really care if they copy that move or not. It’s a lot of information and will help fans channel their votes as they watch their favorites rise or fall through the season.

Do you think American Idol 2013 should include the vote rankings or just stick to the Bottom 3 each week?

Source: USA Today Idol Chatter




  1. I think it can go either way, (1) people are sheep and will automatically vote for the favorite or (2) people will automatically vote for the underdog. Either way, it’s hard to guarantee that voters will not be influenced by the results next round.

  2. I don’t like this idea, I didn’t like it on X Factor either…I think it influences the votes way too much…instead, it should be one vote per phone

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