Meet Joshua Jada Davila – American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers

Joshua Jada Davila on American Idol

We’ve still got a few more names left on the American Idol Season 12 Top 40 spoilers list and today we’re down to Joshua “Jada” Davila. Joshua’s alternate name is Jada and that’s because he’s a transgender, according to the New York Post:

An eccentric, transgender singer is one of the show’s top hopefuls this year — advancing past the show’s famous boot camp, Hollywood Week, last week, on-set sources tell The Post.

And he has some “Idol” experience.

Before auditioning last summer, Josh Jada Davila was a semi-finalist in Chicago’s “Windy City Gay Idol.”

“Androgyny is everywhere we turn,” Davila, a 26-year-old cosmetics salesperson, told an LGBT Web site in June. “We just don’t see enough of it in the media. So, that’s where I come in.”

Davila had a performance posted on YouTube but it’s since been removed. I wasn’t able to watch Davila’s performance, but according to discussions on VotefortheWorst, they were not impressed. He must have been doing something right though to get through Hollywood to become part of the American Idol 2013 Top 40.

Since Davila is from Chicago we should see him as part of the Chicago auditions on Thursday night (January 17, 2013). We’ll know more then on just how far Davila could get on this season of Idol.




  1. Since Davila is from Chicago we should see Her not him. To refer to a transgender woman as a him is an insult. Just saying…wake up editor.

    • Im sorry, but if thats how HE thinks that thats how a female should look and act (hacking up phlegm and abandoning your group to go get food), thats an insult to females everywhere. You cant look like a man, sound like a man, act like a man, and have man parts and expect to be referred to as a she in society.

  2. you cannot be “a transgender” although you can be transgender. Again it would be she…as in “She is transgender”.

  3. Better watch for him on the guys night or you will miss him. I have seen him before…he was really good and beautiful!

  4. Please Please Please – if you’re going to present yourself in heals, makeup, and womens clothing – SHAVE YOUR FACE! Watching the clip from this last week was so aggravating to see you presenting yourself complete, put together, very attractive, and then distracted and annoyed with the hair on your lip and face. I own a business with both gay and lesbians working for me – so before everyone thinks I’m a gay hater – don’t. Just present yourself one way or another please. Eyeliner and shadow don’t look good with a mustache.

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