New Promo Released For American Idol 2013 Premiere

American Idol 2013 January Premiere

We are less than two weeks from the premiere of American Idol in January 2013 for the 12th season! To help get you excited FOX has released a new promo for the season with lots of fast shots of singers grabbing their golden tickets and getting ready for a trip to Hollywood.

If you can’t wait to find out who is making it on to Hollywood and beyond then check out our list of the Top 40 spoilers for this season. There are a lot of familiar names on that list so get ready to see some singers from the past few seasons get a second chance after not making the cut the last time around.

The American Idol 2013 premiere is on FOX January 16th and 17th with back-to-back night episodes. Are you ready? Join us on Facebook to get all the latest news and updates all season long.