Next Time On American Idol 2016 – Week 2: Auditions Continue

Next time on American Idol the auditions continue as the judges head to Philadelphia for week two of their search for the next and last winner of American Idol 2016.

Golden Ticket holder at American Idol auditions
Golden Ticket holder at American Idol auditions – Source: FOX

We’ve seen talent from Atlanta, Denver, Little Rock, and San Francisco but the auditions journey is far from over as the American Idol schedule has two more weeks of Golden Tickets before we head to Hollywood. Along with Philadelphia’s visit there will be another return to Denver and Little Rock in the second episode of the week.

As for schedule times, Idol will shift to only one hour on Wednesday starting at 8PM ET/PT while keeping its full two hour block on Thursday nights. We’ll see those days hold in the schedule through February before Wednesday drops off in March.

Now when it comes to the talent, we get a sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode featuring the third round of auditions for American Idol 2016 and that includes John Green. John just happens to fit that established category of Idol success with “White Guy With Guitar” but does he have what it takes to join the ranks of Golden Ticket holders? Watch his audition below and let us know if the judges should hand over a trip to Hollywood.

John Arthur Green performs “Somebody Like You”: