American Idol 2016 Premiere Night 2 Recap: Judges Search For The Best

American Idol 2016’s two-night premiere continued Thursday night as the judges continued their strict search for the perfect singer to “bookend” Kelly Clarkson as the winner of the last season of American Idol.

Tristan McIntosh auditions for American Idol 2016. Photo: Fox

And once again, I was impressed. If American Idol had just found this kind of magic a few seasons ago, this might not be the final season. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the standout auditions from Little Rock and San Francisco.

Cameron Richard. What a sweet kid. There’s something very intriguing about him. His voice is very nasal and I’m not sure I could listen to his audition song much, but I think there’s a right song for him that he would be able to make pretty special. The judges were into Cameron Richard and his passion and sent him onto Hollywood.

Daniel Farmer. This guy had a lot of smoothness and soul, but he was the kind of guy who would get about 8th place on American Idol if he were to make it to the voting. So he’s perfectly well-talented, but I don’t see anything about him that’s going to take the show by storm. Daniel Farmer got his golden ticket, though, so we will be seeing more of him.

Dalton Rapattoni. Unlike Daniel, this is the kind of guy who could take the show by storm. He’s unique, he’s got a lot of character and his version of The Phantom of the Opera was pretty great. He does need a new hair cut, but I like him. And so did the judges. Dalton Rappatoni is off to Hollywood.

La’Porsha Renae. Pure talent. Effortless. Fantastic. This one is a contender. We are going to see much much more of her. The judges put La’Porsha Renae through to Hollywood, obviously.

Trent Harmon. OK, this guy did not sound how I thought he was going to sound. Just like the judges I expected to hear some harsh country, but that wasn’t what we got. We got this amazing and unique pop vocalist. We are going to hear some great things from him. Trent Harmon got three very easy yeses and left with a golden ticket.

Olivia Rox. Well, she’s got the right name for stardom but does she have the rest? That would be a yes. Her version of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” was one of the best audition performances I’ve heard in a long time. She gets her ticket to Hollywood so we’ll be seeing Olivia Rox again.

Melanie Tierce. Another strong vocal from a unique artist. And she’s off to Hollywood. This group is definitely shaping up to be a strong one.