Nicki Minaj Discusses Her Role On American Idol 2013

Nicki Minaj on American Idol 2013

Nicki Minaj may be the most polarizing figure in the American Idol 2013 season, but in this new video from FOX she’s focused on her role in the series.

Nicki says she’s inspired by the process in meeting these Idol Hopefuls just before they become superstars. She sees her job as a supporting role in helping to mold their journey and make them a better artist in the process.

Minaj believes her own background in coming up in the industry helps her look for singers who understand the value in being told “no” and having to try again. Considering the incredible number of repeat faces in the 2013 Top 40 spoilers list I’d say this season of American Idol could be all about trying again.

Source: YouTube via American Idol Fandom




  1. I cant fvcking wait I haven’t watched AI in years but I going to watch every week hanging on to my seat to sEE what Nick says what she wears,and her place as well as her character on the show.Shes a gold minE so anything shes apart of is going to be the best.Im a barb and I know that her army of barbz and ken barbz are going to tune in.The naysayers and miserable fvcks will tune in just to judge everything she says and wears,they’ll be watching because they secretly like her and to tear her apart.Its like NENE even though you cant stand her your still googling her.

  2. My family and friends have watched every year. This will be the first year we won’t be watching. Don’t care to watch Nicki as a judge and the voting system is not fair. I don’t think leaving it up to the judges will be fair either. They need control over how many times you can vote.

    • Wow stop watching a show you’ve watched every season just because Nicki Minaj is on it? That’s the dumbest reason to stop watching a show

  3. i’m still hoping that the judges don’t make it about THEMSELVES as opposed to the contestants. the voting system is absurd as we all know. but as we also all know, real talent will get signed. you don’t have to win to be the next big superstar. just ask adam

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