Did Kara DioGuardi Quit American Idol 2011?

Did Kara quit or was she fired from American Idol 2011? Just a month ago we were told that Kara DioGuardi had been let go by producers at nearly the same time that Ellen DeGeneres had backed out of her two-year contract. Now a source has told E! that it was Kara’s idea not to return:

“She went to Fox two months ago and told them she didn’t want to do another season,” a source tells me. “She’s ready to move on. She did two years and thinks that’s enough.”

So what happened when DioGuardi told Fox that she wanted out? “They said they’d get back to her,” the source said.

Well that’s a lot different from American Idol firing Kara from the judges’ panel. It also implies that Kara might not actually be gone from the show. Returning producer Nigel Lythgoe has only announced that a final decision on the American Idol 2011 judges will be revealed in the next few weeks.

While we wait for the official word, let’s hear more judge suggestions!




  1. I think she was fired, she is just saying that to save face. SO, Kara, not as hot or well liked as you think you are. To funny, I never liked her from the start. She was a camera seeker. She would say something then sneek a peek at the camera to see if it was on her. You are so uncool. Her bobbing snake like hip hop movements of her big head were annoying.

  2. Guit…Fired…who cares. Hopefully she will not be returning….would like to see Shania Twain or Faith Hill or Martina McBride as one of the female judges…think they would be good…JMHO

  3. Steve Tyler – over the hill

    Harry Connick would be GREAT! Class act and fair.

  4. @ Charles…I agree…they can do a lot better than Steven Tyler….I, too, have thought HC, Jr. would be great…still for a female judge…some country prespective such as, Shania, Faith or Martina would be great.

  5. I would like to c Shania twain be a judge. She was good as a mentor to the kids singing. So that's who i say.

  6. I have not missed a single night of Idol since it first started, but I'm afraid I no longer will be a loyal fan with Steven Tyler as a judge. He is all wrong for the show. My family & I vote for Harry Conick Jr. He is a class act & he is the perfect one to fill the spot. Please put Harry in the judge's seat!

  7. Shania is OK, but I think Cher would be a super choice. She's had hits in every decade since the 60s, has a new film and a new album coming out, she's fair and outspoken and not a media hog.

  8. I love Shania, but BRING PAULA BACK! I know she had her moments, but she was wonderful with the contestants. They need someone like her to keep it all centered!

  9. Either way….I'm glad she is gone…..I guess she didn't have Simon to hang on anymore….So she decided to leave….. Bye Bye…..

  10. Of course she got fired!!! This is a family show and she was all over Simon all season, not mentioning her flirting with Casey and who knows what else!! Her voice is a pain in the … and her advices for the contestants were b….t she just wanted to have the camera and whatever she said was stupid. She didnt care about the contestants, she put them down most of the time so what judge? TG she is gone!

  11. I still think Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser)did a fantastic job as a guest judge last season during auditions. He has the knowlege and background needed. Has a serious side but judges fairly. And for a female I think with all of her expertise, Celine Dion should be seriously considered. She would be the softer judge like Paula was. I too would love to see Paula come back, but with Simon gone, I don't see that happening. Seems like all the ladies want to hang all over Simon.

  12. I think Bret Michaels would make a great judge and for the fun of it I think Howard Stern might be interested for one year.

  13. @Donna Get some help. Bret Michaels and Howard Stern have no place on a family show with 15 year old contestants. Sleaze is not the order of the day.

  14. Calling all Casey James FANS on board! Underdog Casey James got signed with not one but two! Blissful news! Proved Simon and Kara wrong!!!

    """NASHVILLE, TN – Cool, TX native Casey James has turned his third place American Idol finish into record deal with Sony Music Nashville and 19 Recordings/BNA Records. """ – CaseyJamesblogspot

    Kara was head over heels for this blonde handsome cool talent from Texas. Simon can eat his words. This Texas Idol can be the next male Carrie Underwood, watch out.

    What Kara and Simon did was they selected the top 10 and later, instead of alleviate them they would crush them with some unkind critiques that were not helpful at all for the Top 10's future career.

    Anyway, regardless of those unhelpful critics, one cannot crush their talents and vocal like the underdog Casey James or Siobhan Magnus whose talents and potentials have been downplayed by the Judges.

  15. She was fired!!! The only reason why that was said, is because her king sized ego was bruised!

    She tried to pull an Ellen, it didn't work for her because people aren't buying into it including me!!

  16. I have never cared for Kara…and the way she behaved last season…no comment! I say good riddance to her. I really like Shania for the female judge spot…she's very cool and brings alot of experience to the table. Plus, I think she is well-liked…I'm undecided about Steven Tyler…have to see him in action before I decide about him. My picks were Brett Michaels and then Harry Connick. It's going to be interesting to see who is sitting at the judges table this season…can't wait!

    @Fanz, yay for Casey James!!!!! My friends & I met him after the Pennsylvania show and not only is he talented, but a real sweetie too! Luv him!!

  17. will NOT be watching American Idol any longer -have been a LONG Time fan – as Steven Tyler will now be one of the judges..what were you thinking!!!!!!

  18. Hey guys, it just came across my mind. How about Prince, ah?? He is long standing talented singer artist and low profile and disciplined. Yay,to Prince, the next Judge.

  19. Not sure what to think of latest news that Kara wasn't fired. Either way it doesn't really matter now-she's gone. Have been a huge fan since the 1st season & not only watched, but voted & kept a journal w/judges comments, contestants song choices & # of votes that I called in each wk. Being a very devoted fan, I was disappointed in this past season most of all. I am sorry to see Simon go; even though at times he a had a love/hate relationship w/fans & contestants. Look forward to see what Nigel coming back to produce will do for the show. Not sure what to think about Steven Tyler as a judge-no question he is a hugely talented man-not sure about the fit w/him & Idol. Time will tell. Would love to see Harry Connick Jr as a judge! He was terrific as a mentor last season & gave very sound advice. As for a woman judge-I also think Shania Twain would be a great fit! Will be an interesting season comin up. Hope the show's ratings stay high & the quality goes back to what it was a couple seasons back when David Cook won!! Let's show our support fans by watching & voting!!

  20. @ Jo…agreed. It will be interesting to see and hear what the coming season will bring…tune in and find out.

  21. Someone suggested Prince as a judge, I think that would be unlikely. Prince is a musical phenom, definitely, but is actually uncomfortable with prolonged media exposure when he isn't performing. Not his thing at all. Someone else said N P Harris. He has said he has too many irons in the fire now, Idol would be too much of a grind. Steven Tyler IMHO is a mistake and a serious one. He makes everything all about himself and is as narcissistic as Kara. We need to focus on the contestants, not the judges, And, please, limit the voting per phone number. Why does no one address that?

  22. I think Howard Stern would be a mistake. There would be people who would just not watch it because of his reputation. Bret Michaels sounded like a sound choice. He knows his music and is liked by the public. Whoever it is needs to be very familier with the music business to give the show creditabiliy. This is a show I do not want to see go away. The last season was not what it should have been. I am sure there are many good choices. I hope they don't try to find a person like Simon. He was not replaceable..but find someone who can bring the show to a new level and maybe a different direction. This is a singing contest.

  23. For goodness sakes stop bashing Kara, she's not the devil!!!! Too bad Ellen's gone but she's not really a music expert so whatev. And even though Simon is a pain wityhout him it will be a LOT DIFFERENT and probably not as good. I think to replace Simon you really need someone mean and harsh, a say it like ait is kinda person ( like Simon). And then for the third person someone sweet, kind and a little more reserve in the things they say,maybe someone pretty young would be good too someone the age of the contestants who can relate more. My personal pick would be Selena Gomez but that's only because 'm a HUGE FAN. Anyway they better decide soon!!

  24. Several thoughts from me include:

    1. Paula is missed and the show is a wreck without our in-house lovable wreck.

    2. Do we really need Randy? He should go.

    3. Can't we get Quincy Jones to judge?

    4. Quintin Tarrintino was a marvelous guest judge one year. We could use him for sure.

    5. Use one of the winners of Idol to judge or even a second runner up to give input. I would not mind it one bit if Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood judged based on their experiences.

    6. Can we get Missy Elliott to judge? That would be kind or wicked cool.

    7. Don't you think that Mick Jagger would totally oblige? Certainly he must need a break from all the touring and yet he may just be the Brit we need on this one.

  25. I think they should bring Paula back she was great for the show. I also think Steven Tylor is a mistake.

  26. Harry Connick, Jr. was totally perfect last season. In fact, he may have been the ONLY perfect thing in an otherwise disappointing season. Forget Steven Tyler, his "vibe" is wrong. As for a woman, how about Cindy Lauper??? She's not doing anything, right?

  27. Maybe revolving or guest judges would be a nice change? I agree with Vicki, Stormy and Jo, though. no matter what, there are young viewers and young contestants so KEEP IT CLEAN. No wild or "out there" judges, please. One of the things we loved about Idol all these years was the softness of Paula, the brashness of Simon and the heartfelt honesty of Randy. A perfect blend. To change that type of blend and add "wild, bad boys" with mouths, well, that's just asking for low ratings, in my opinion. keep it clean please.

  28. I think that Shania and Harry Connick (sp?) would have been excellent choices. I think we really need to get judges on there who are either still in the recording business or have been recently. I think they both have a wonderful handle on the pitfalls, a good ear for music, aren't into the "crazies" and understand that real musicians need to "catch a break" in the business. I think they both get it and are also empathetic and would give great feedback. 🙂

  29. Like who really cares if Kara is gone? Maybe Simon will be missed but KARA? She was so phoney and obnoxious! Again, Who cares?

    I am still watching American Idol!!!

  30. Last season was a disaster because the judges did not take the selection of the original contestants seriously. They picked many people just to make them feel good. Most of the final 25 were pathetic when you look at the fact they had hundreds of thousands to choose from. That is why viewership was down by millions. Kara was meaningless to the show with all of her “you need to become the song” drivel, flirting with contestants, and playing around with Simon. Ellen contributed nothing to the show. Randy is Randy – he is the foundation and I’m thankful he’s still with them. Simon was the star, but stars move on.

    I believe Jennifer Lopez will contribute more than Paula, Kara, and Ellen combined, but that is yet to seen. Steven Tyler has VERY SUCCESSFULLY run an enterprise (Aerosmith) for THIRTY YEARS!!! He has been in charge of everything from song selections for albums and concerts to the finances. He is a seasoned, wise, talented, and humorous individual. I guarantee you, without Steven there would be no Aerosmith. I believe he is an intelligent selection for the panel and a smart replacement for Simon.

    One more thing, it is shallow-minded to be upset that “your favorite” was not selected. My favorite has been selected about 35 – 40 % of the time and I’m surprised it’s that high. Think of all of the different tastes people have in music, not to mention how much the contestant’s personalities play a part. With the exception of last year, my wife and I have looked forward to every show. It’s generally entertaining from the first to the last show. It’s real simple… stop whining or stop watching.

  31. i was an american Idol fan from season 1. they should bring paula and simon back. I love simon! he knows his stuff.

  32. Why would Steven Tyler be a mistake? He has years of experience and the most amazing voice. J-Lo also will be a great Judge. I'm really looking forward to this fresh input! Good riddance to Kara and, I love Ellen but she was a mistake for this show. Roll on the new season!

  33. Your all ridiculous. Get involved in politics. I'll support the now changing (needed) show. Maybe it will acquire more intelligent fans.

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