Paul Jolley Proves He Is More Than ‘Just A Fool’ On American Idol 2013

Paul Jolley on American Idol

I never really expected Paul Jolley to go far on American Idol 2013 but clearly he’s becoming a hit with the fans. Currently sitting at the top of our poll, Paul is looking like a lock for the Top 10 rounds starting next week back in Hollywood.

During Wednesday night’s Top 10 Guys performance show Paul Jolley opted against a meltdown and instead he impressed the judges and his fans with “Just A Fool.”

From the way the performances are sorting out, Paul could be the only close resemblance to a WGWG left in the race next week (he doesn’t play guitar too, does he?) which means a lot of pressure rides on him to disrupt production and keep that curse streak alive.

Watch Paul Jolley perform “Just A Fool” on American Idol 2013:



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  1. Are the judges deaf or something they let some good singers go last week and kept some awful ones. Are they prejudice? Keith seems to be the only one that is not. At least Paul and Lazoro sorry if I mis spelled his name are in the top 10. They should be in the top 3 along with the blonde the country girl singer.

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