American Idol 2015: Qaasim Middleton Hollywood Week Performance [VIDEO]

Qaasim Middleton performs “Give Me Love” tonight on American Idol 2015 as part of the Hollywood Week competition, but will it keep him safe to move on? Watch his performance here and decide for yourself.

Qaasim Middleton on American Idol's Hollywood Week
Qaasim Middleton on American Idol’s Hollywood Week – Source: FOX/YouTube

Surprisingly, Qaasim was not selected as one of the most memorable Idol auditions to participate in the first round of Hollywood performances last night on American Idol. That pushed him in to the latter group of contestants where half would be immediately eliminated from the competition.

Qaasim’s performance of Ed Sheeran’s song reminded us of why he stood out during his Kansas City audition. His unique style and entertaining stage presence should keep the 18 year old Brooklyn native on the Judges’ short list when it comes time to make the decision on who goes home tonight on American Idol.

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Watch the sneak peek of Qaasim singing “Give Me Love” and see if you’d put him on through to the next round or if his time on Idol should come to an end.