American Idol Predictions: 2014 Top 8 – Who Will Make It?

Tonight on American Idol we’ll find out who gets voted off when the results show returns and host Ryan Seacrest dims the lights at 9PM ET on FOX. Keep in mind that this week’s schedule brings a new, shorter version of the results show lasting just thirty minutes instead of a full hour.

* UPDATE: Find out who went home in our American Idol Top 9 elimination results show recap!

Caleb Johnson on American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Before we get to the official results, let’s check out your votes here in our unofficial poll to see what we might expect come tonight.

Leading the poll this week is Caleb Johnson with an astonishing 28% of your votes. Wow! No big surprise though with his awesome performance last night. Then you’ve got Jena Irene behind him at 18% for second place in the poll from her Evanescence performance. Rounding out the Top 3 is Malaya Watson at 13% who continues to hold a steady position in the finals.

In the middle pack you’ll find Sam Woolf at 8% followed by a tie between Alex Preston and Jessica Meuse at 7% of the vote. All of these artists had a great showing last night and I’d expect them to be safe even if we see them get a surprise slip in to the official Bottom 3.

Down at the poll’s Bottom 3 we’ve got some usual suspects. Dexter Roberts has 6%, Majesty Rose is holding on at 5%, and CJ Harris is at the very bottom with 4%. I’d tend to agree with the voters here that this could be the real Bottom 3, something Branden predicted earlier today as well.

So who will it be going home tonight? The most likely girl would be Majesty Rose and the most likely guy would be CJ Harris. Both are great singers, they wouldn’t be here otherwise, but CJ has struggled in recent weeks and Majesty just never seemed to take off in popularity as I thought she might. I don’t think the Judges will use their one and only Save in either of these situations.

Who do you think will be voted off tonight’s results show?

We’ll be live blogging what happens tonight on American Idol with the voting results, so keep checking back here starting at 9PM ET for the spoilers!




  1. Since next week they will each reprise their audition songs albeit with the band, I may skip watching and just read the recaps. That doesn’t sound at all appealing.
    More to the point, I’m hoping that either CJ or Dexter is eliminated, but I think it may be Majesty.

    • I don’t know, the theme sounds kind of fun. We get a chance to see how far (or how little) they’ve come along since they first audition. Should be very interesting to compare between the two events.

      • The part that sounds kind of interesting to me is that Alex, Caleb and Jessica sang original songs. And with the band fleshing out the sound that may give us some idea of what they might contribute to music beyond their voice.

      • Well there you are Matthew! Hope this year finds you doing great! Branden too. I thought the two of you were gone. It’s nice to see you are still here!

    • I like it when they do this, it reminds us what we heard initially, and often it has gotten better if the singer has gained confidence. Shows if they have grown any from the experience of being on the show, having the vocal coaches and stage staff work with them.

  2. My bottom 3 are CJ, Majesty and Dexter and I can’t imagine the judges using the save on any of them. I think they can only use it for 2 more weeks so I think they will wait to see if something crazy happens like Jena or Jessica or even Caleb being in danger of going home. That may not happen but I think they will save the “save” for just that scenario.

    • I think they might use it on Dexter, I could be wrong, but tonight might be a shocker because mum’s the word.

      • What do you mean it by “mum is the word?” I don’t think they will use it on Dexter. I think they will only use it on someone they believe has the chance to go really far.

      • Where I go to find out who is at the bottom isn’t up, I have never seen it down before. I looked at another site it says Dexter, CJ, Majesty or Sam at the bottom…. Sam would be a shocker.A judge is usually harder on the ones they think will go far.

      • You are right. I had forgotten. Sam could very well be in trouble especially after last week. He definitely isn’t connecting with the songs he is singing which in turn makes it hard for him to connect with the audience. I’m guessing the teenyboppers don’t care though. LOL!

  3. Off point, but does this photo of Caleb make him look like Timothy Spall who played Nathaniel in Enchanted and Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter films?

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